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Beckoning Hand Level 5 {{{rarity}}}
Many false magicians use this item to make themselves seem more impressive. However, anyone who pays enough attention will see that it is really the glove doing all the work.
Level 5 380 gp

Item Slot: Hands
Prerequisite: Must spend a minor action to attune the glove to a specific object the size of or smaller than a dagger. (Each time you attune an item to the glove, the previous item is no longer able to be used with this item's effect.)
♦ +1 Item Bonus to the attack roll of an attuned object which is thrown by the gloved hand.
Power (Arcane) ♦ At-Will (Free Action)
A thrown item that is attuned to the glove may be returned to the equipped hand during the next round as a free action.


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