Beastly Baker Balrog's Flame Proof Oven Mitts (3.5e Equipment)

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Requirements: Level 25+, Strength 20+

Cost: 3,410,024gp

Weight: 5 lbs

Armor Check Penalty: -0

Max Dex Bonus: 10

Arcane Spell Failure: 5%

Base AC: 1

Enchantments: These enchanted mitts slide over your gloves easily, but prevent proper use of your fingers. Once in place however, luminous strands of magma red light unfurl, rippling over your forearms and cascading over your body. Fire cannot touch you, and attacks involving heat of any kind take a penalty of 1d10+ 1/10 times your constitution.

Special: Once per day, you can crouch down, reach forward, and draw a great steaming pie from an invisible oven. Eating this pie takes four standard actions, but if you can do so without being interrupted, your ac hp and attack damage double for the rest of the encounter. This can be done only in combat, otherwise it is just a tasty pie.

Penalties: While wearing the mitts, you take a 50% penalty to anything involving dexterity. Additionally, you cannot wield any weapons save for your fists, and weapons worn on them (such as brass knuckles). Additionally, if you are around a kitchen, cookfire, or anywhere food is prepared you have an overwhelming urge to bake (DC 19). If you fail to resist that siren call, you set about baking for the next two days.

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