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Why are you like this. How do you act and why? Is it an inside or outside behavior or is in through and through. Your instincts are strong but the beast inside may be stronger. You and your clan have studied the beasts that roam the land. You’ve gained abilities from these studies and used them. Control the beast and you will control your fate.

Skill Proficiencies: Perception and Nature

Languages: Sylvian or Primordial

Equipment: Black cloak, rope, a momento from your past, and a pouch with 10 gp

Feature: Tracker[edit]

You can study an item or person by their scent. This ability can be used to keep track of party members or track down a target. These smells are imprinted in your mind if you study the scent for 10 minutes and you don’t need to restudy the item or person. The scent of the item or person allows you to track them, even if no tracks or clues where left.

Feature: Temperate[edit]

You’re acclimated to your habitat, You’re naturally adapted to cold or hot climates.

Alternate Feature: Feral[edit]

You can understand a beast's speech, and can decipher their noises and motions. Most beasts lack the intelligence to convey or understand sophisticated concepts, but a friendly beast could relay what it has seen or heard in the recent past. This ability doesn’t grant you any special friendship with beasts, though you can combine this ability with gifts to carry favor with them as you would with any nonplayer character.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

d4 Personality Trait
1 You prefer to be alone. Large crowds are a bother.
2 Protecting your allies is the most important aspect to your life.
3 You tend to be rude to people who enter your personal space.
4 You treat your friends like they are your family.
d5 Ideal
1 Beast. I’ll protect who I love, at any cost (Good)
2 Human. Not everyone has to die (Neutral)
3 Mighty. The strongest beast will survive (Chaotic)
4 Pacifist. The beast won’t take over my soul (Lawful)
5 Hunger. I must feed on something, regardless friend or foe (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 I won’t fail the people that believe in me.
2 I don’t quit even if it means death.
3 Risks? If I don’t take them who will.
4 My goal comes first. I have a duty.
1 I make dumb choices. I’m a little quick headed.
2 My temper is way to short.
3 Very...Very antisocial
4 Not really a team player.

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