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Beast Binder [Binding][edit]

Allows a Binder to bind Magical Beasts
Prerequisite: Knowledge (Arcana) 4, Elemental Binding Class Feature
Benefit: At level two, Magical Beasts of 1 HD or less. Level five, Magical Beasts of 5 HD or Less. Level ten, Magical Beasts of 10 HD or Less. Level fifteen, Magical Beasts of 15 HD or Less. At level twenty, Magical Beasts of 20 HD or Less. A Magical Beast gains the Sunken Soul Template if their soul is used in the following class features: Apparatus Binding, Constructive Binding, Soul Merge, or Aura Binding.
Normal: Normally a binder can't bind Magical Beasts that haven't been summoned via a summon spell.
Special: Can be taken by a Binder as a Bonus Feat.

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