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(Hi everyone, I'm in the process of transitioning Beachblush into a full campaign setting rather than an environment, since it's becoming a little unwieldy to edit. Right now, this is still the best way to see information about the country, but over the next few days while I'm figuring out how to move everything you may want to start checking Beachblush (5e Campaign Setting), Once everything's properly formatted, all actual content updates will be moving to that page, thanks for the support!)

Beachblush is a water-locked, coastal country to the Northwest of Uplar. It has a population of approximately 2 million inhabitants of various races largely concentrated in a few large cities, with a smaller grouping of people in 31 towns across the region. Due to its geographical placement, Beachblush has very diverse terrain. From its Southern regions, which boast fair, almost tropical weather, to its northernmost islands, mountainous, cold and sparsely populated.

114 years ago, the former king of the country, Matías Santiago, a tyrannical King, was killed by his son, leading the country into a golden era, at the moment, the country is in the throes of technological revolution, cultural diversity and an overall happy population, but the threat of a new tyrant is always present in these newly uncertain times.

Until the former king was killed, he and the hundreds of Kings before him had practiced complete isolation of the country, both externally, and throughout the cities and towns, meaning that the cultures of the different towns developed almost completely separately. However, once Matías was killed, the new King, Luca Santiago took over, and with the help of the neighboring country of Greater Illromov, was able to establish efficient trade routes and help set the country on the path to a golden age.

With that said, not everyone approves of the new king's methods and more peaceful ways, and over the last century tensions have been slowly rising. While most people are happier under King Luca's rule, rumours of former military members starting gangs after leaving the military, conspiracy theories of plots to usurp the king and other unsavory stories are beginning to take hold in the nation, and who knows what the future holds?

While Beachblush is the name the country is most commonly referred to as, the official name of the country is Y'alathar, coming from the illusive Qu'Raavi people who inhabited the country before the current population's ancestors had arrived. While Y'alathar is typically used on documentation and Beachblush is typically used in speech, both are accepted and known by the people.

Geography and Climate[edit]

Beachblush is caught in the middle of two temperature fronts that cause the climate to shift much more suddenly than usual. At the southern edge of the country is a warm front, this makes that area hot and beachy, and to the Northeast is the cold front, which drastically lowers the temperature to near-constant sub-zero degrees, and the meeting of the two fronts to the Northeast creates weather so unendingly harsh that nobody has even been able to properly chart the area, this is known as the Impossible Range.

Geographically speaking, the southern end of the country is mostly flat, but gets more hilly towards the lower center and Southwestern areas of Beachblush. It's here that you'll find most of the forests too. The Impossible Range is snowy and mountainous, the front creates a miniature tree line so nothing naturally grows. The furthest anybody has ever been able to live is the town of Winterhelm, a small group of intrepid explorers who settled there in the last generation. To the Northwest, the snow remains, but the land is much more forgiving, while still not densely populated, the area around Vared is cold, but workable.


Unlike the rest of the world, Beachblush uses its own calendar system, which includes thirteen months, all twenty eight days long (barring Quellhas, which is 29). This was introduced in the time of King Materra Santiago (Lucio's great, great, grandson) as a way to seperate the country from others, While the dictatorship is no longer in place, generations of citizens have now grown up with this system, and it has not yet been adjusted. It goes as follows:

Months: Mornhas, Driehas, Trehas, Pichas, Florhas, Faunhas, Rayhas, Tenhas, Vulhas, Jarhas, Redhas, Kenhas and Quellhas.

Days: Eindes, Toudes, Trejdes, Vierdes, Fundes, Sedes, and Endes.

Weekends are two days long, and occur every Sedes and Endes.

Notable dates include: New Year's Day: 1st of Mornhas, Legion Day (which celebrates the current monarchy and is celebrated on the Monarch's birthday): 5th of Driehas, Earth Day: 16th of Pichas, Harvest Morn: 1st of Florhas, Klug Day (celebrated only by goblins): 4th of Faunhas, Liberation Day (celebrated on an unofficial level to commemorate the death of the previous King): 9th of Faunhas, Harvest Noon: 14th of Tenhas, Luca's Leave, (all the schools close for 2 weeks): 24th of Tenhas, Hunter's Moon (a country wide hunting tournament to catch the biggest beast): 15th-20th of Vulhas, Harvest Dusk: 28th of Redhas, Spirit Day: 3rd of Quellhas, Year's End: 28th of Quellhas.

Beachblush does, however, use the same year system as the rest of the world: The year goes up by one, as standard, but starts from zero as part of a new cycle every 1000 years, and all the cycles are named after the fundamental forces of the universe: Light, Darkness, Elements, Arcana, Life, Death, Madness, Sanity and Faith. Often abbreviated as the first letter of the cycle, in lower case. For example, the information on this page is designed to reflect Beachblush as it exists in 245e.


Officially, people from Beachblush are called "Y'alatharans", taken from the native Qu'Daah term for the country which was used before the first of the people came to the country after the war of the Gods had ended. However, those looking for a derogatory term to insult them could find, "shy-guys" taken from the "blush" part of the name.

Comprised of approximately 30% humans, 20% elves of various natures, 15% genasi, 7% dwarves and 7% gnomes, 6% Halflings, 4% Tieflings, and 7% others. It boasts a moderately diverse population by all conventional standards. The residents of the country tend to get darker skinned the further North one travels, with the people in Casanova often being fair skinned with light pigmentation and hair, and the people closer to Vared being considerably darker, with dark brown hair. Blue eyes are the most common eye color in the country.

The people of Beachblush have been said to be fairly La-li-lu-le-loic, and often serve time in their country's government or military in the goal of bettering their homeland. They are largely accepting of different cultures, beliefs and traditions and believe that diversity in culture is a blessing.

Approximately one third of the people of Beachblush have the ability to control water to some extent (see the classes, "Water Bender" and "Water Bender (variant)" to find out about the specifics of this ability) and as such, most inhabited areas are built around large bodies of water, or have man made lakes inserted into the area.

Standard naming practices are commonplace in Beachblush. This is practiced in all major areas of the country except for the North surrounding Vared, in which the inhabitants are mononomous.


Beachblush was recently freed of a dictatorship only 114 years ago, and while the country is making swift improvements and rapidly becoming more peaceful, the outside world is slow to change its judgment. By and large, Beachblush is still seen as a very troubled country. Among the more civilized areas of the world however, Beachblush is looking increasingly like it has the potential to be a major player in global events, and is beginning to gain its respect back.

Travel Encounters[edit]

Throughout Beachblush, a wide array of colorful characters can be found traveling to and from locations, or making their mark by becoming travellers and adventurers, the following section is dedicated to some of the situations and people that the group will run into.

Traveling Merchants[edit]

Mr B's Mobile Outfittery and On-The-Spot Tailoring[edit]

Mr B can be seen in an exquisitely made burgundy suit, with a dark brown waistcoat, from which hangs a silver pocket watch, and a white shirt. He is an early 30 something human with a jovial personality, who is passionate about the art of tailoring and who enjoys making people look their best. Inside his suit jacket (of which all the pockets are enchanted to have more room) he keeps spools of thread, rolls of fabric, scissors and other accoutrements, and most importantly, a collection of ten enchanted needles (which he calls Needlemites) that follow his commands to the best of their ability, and have 6 tiny legs on which they walk around, with their help, he can tailor even the most complex articles of clothing in mere minutes. He is an artificer, and as such, is able to weave certain enchantments into the clothes that he makes.

Pelton and Finn Traveling Pet Shelter[edit]

Abner Pelton and Imvith Finn are a both firbolgs, husband and wife, respectively. Their horse-drawn carriage is actually three connected carriages, all of which have different animals that they have rescued from different situations, whether out in the wild or from abusive domestic situations. While neither of them are fighters, Finn knows a few spells that keep her and her husband out of trouble: Charm Person, Command, Sleep, Tasha's Hideous Laughter, Animal Messenger, Suggestion and Fast Friends. She has max spell slots (in order of level) 4, 3, 3, 3, 1. Pelton is more skilled in the survival aspects of the traveling life, and can easily start fires, find food in herbs and mushrooms, set up camps, and has a wealth of enthralling stories. Both Pelton and Finn are very kind and good-natured, and will offer for any group they come across to spend the night with their camp. They are willing to sell animals to anyone they deem trustworthy and good, and have the following animals with them: A baby red dragon that was magically shrunk to the size of a cat, and had its aging process halted, it mostly behaves like a house cat and is quite clingy, it has no combat ability but can light small fires whenever required, it is semi-trained: 600GP. An untrained Quivler (5e Creature): 315GP. A few domesticated dogs and cats of all ages, 10-100 GP. A Tiger Lily. Not for sale. An egg with two legs sticking out of it. Not for sale until they know what it is. A baby twig blight. 800GP. A sea otter. 80GP. A Feyline, a small fey cat, with long features, and calico patterning, and a set of dragonfly wings, it enjoys hunting and is trained. 500GP.

Stumpy O'Cley[edit]

Stumpy O'Cley is a world renowned cartographer, his maps are known for their impeccable quality, unerring accuracy, and... remarkably high prices; while any map from Stumpy is guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality, his prices reflect this. A map from Stumpy will cost in the neighborhood of 200-600GP depending on the size, density of information etc. But while he drives a hard bargain, Stumpy is mostly kind-hearted and willing to aid the wondering adventurer should they require it. Stumpy's life is mostly a mystery, but according to himself, he has seen all of Beachblush, even the innermost areas of Pixie Hollow, he even claims to have completely chartered the Impossible Range, but supposedly keeps his map hidden in his 'private collection'. Unlike nearly all other merchants, Stumpy walks on foot, equipped with only a backpack and walking stick, though his travel routes are unknown, and those who run into him are often unable to find him as soon as he leaves their line of sight.

The following information is not something that players will readily know: Stumpy O'Cley is a member of the highly secretive Pixies, while he takes the form of an old dwarf, his real form is 1'2" tall, and while he is still old, he is still very physically capable. He uses a combination of pixie dust and wizard magic (20th level, school of enchantment) to disappear and seem as mysterious as he is.

Axewood Brimstone's Multi-Faceted Elixir[edit]

Axewood Brimstone is a very animated and optimistic salesman, he is the creator of the Brimstone Elixir, capable of the following effects: Fully healing whoever takes it, adding proficiency to any skill check for an hour, erasing the consumer of the potion from anyone's memories as soon as they're out of sight (the effect lasts for ten minutes, but what's forgotten remains forgotten) or granting the effect of a wild-magic effect (roll on wild magic table). He is the only one who know's the recipe, and many business competitors have tried to steal its elusive formula sheet. He is a Gnomish Alchemist and former door-to-door salesman in Docacea.

Drodovir's Potion Peruser[edit]

Drodovir is a merchant of potions, he collects them from various distilleries throughout Beachblush and Greater Illromov and sells them at a cheaper price than most shop owners (about 10% less). He has everything from healing potions to spider-climb potions to draughts of strength and will happily sell to whoever has the money.

This can be found out through a DC 20 Investigation check: Drodovir is a snake-oil salesman, and all his potions are merely colored and dyed alcohol.


The following events are activities designed to promote short adventures, side stories or just general world building, feel free to consider them canon or non-canon, and use them as much or as little as you like, they exist only to help DMs tell their stories.

The Sturdy Rock Tavern[edit]

The Sturdy Rock is an enchanted tavern run by Varedian Elves and Forest Gnomes, it is built into the body of a tree and teleports every now and then. It can be found by the players rolling a DC 15 Nature/Investigation check, or a DC 20 passive perception, and manifests itself in whichever tree it chooses by creating a metal doorknob on the bark of whatever tree they're in. The Bartender is an old, jolly Varedian Elf called Ethylwyn Yohan, whose assistants, mainly Forest Gnomes take care of the catering. The specific musicians he employs depends on where the tavern is located, but Yseldan the Minstrel is a common choice because of his upbeat love songs. In most ways, it is a standard tavern, where one can sleep, eat, drink and take on the occasional bounty job or fighting match. However, it's magical nature is further revealed when someone decides to leave, at which point they must speak the name of wherever they wish to go (within Beachblush) and be let out into that area. If they attempt to open the door without stating a location, they must make a DC20 strength check. If that check fails, the door won't open, but if they succeed, the door will open to a random dimension. It has been known to only appear once in a lifetime to every two thousand people, but rumors say that a keyword exists to summon it at will.

The March of the Ages[edit]

As part of a display of power against the ne'er-do-wells of the world, 500 soldiers from each district are marching across the entire country, via the central highway, any travelers they run into will be searched for anything illegal and taken with the group to be deposited at the nearest prison if anything is found. While the soldiers aren't hostile inherently, the fact that they are numbered at 2000 is typically a fairly good sign that tangling with them is a bad idea; with that said, despite the massive amount of guards, the security on their cages at night is fairly lax.

Metamorphoise Migration[edit]

Herds of gigantic tortoises known as metamorphoise are in fairly consistently in travel across the land, they travel in herds of 15-20. When moving, they appear to be large tortoises roaming, but when resting, they bury into the ground until only the top of their shells are visible. These shells appear to be large, segmented rocks unless investigated closely. Metamorphoise are docile unless one of their own is attacked, but with the use of magic and modern weaponry, poaching for their shells is beginning to endanger the species.

The End of Bending[edit]

In a misguided attempt to gain more powerful bending abilities than anyone else, a tyrannical pirate known as Reaper Tom travelled to the underwater temple where the sources of water bending lay. He smashed the primordial crystals, leading to the immediate destruction of all water bending, naturally, this caused a huge upheaval among the citizens. People who relied on bending for their jobs were displaced, crime rates soared amid the chaos, and distrust of the crown and confusion among the populous about why this happened run rampant.


These aren't specific adventurers, but more so average models of personality, build, backstory and gear from which you can base your own NPCs.

Apprentice Muscle Wizards[edit]

The final test for the Muscle Wizard's Academy is a pilgrimage, during which time the apprentice Muscle Wizards are expected to train their body, their mind, and their character. During this pilgrimage, they take it upon themselves to help the citizens of Beachblush and wherever else they travel, this might include rebuilding after raids, protection, escorting travelers from place to place, or simply fighting monsters for the common good. This pilgrimage would traditionally last for two years, or until a significant deed, known as a, "Feat of Justice", offers proof that they are ready to become fully fledged Muscle Wizards (in the case that a significant deed is performed, Muscle Wizards will be given the option to continue their pilgrimage to completion if they wish). The policies regarding an apprentice's clothing are lenient, so while some will dress in their training garbs, many will wear simple traveler's clothes.

Grand Muscle Wizards[edit]

The duties of a fully graduated MW are many and varied. Where some might stay in Docacea and work within the organization, others will work as traveling emissaries of justice, as political advisers to the ruler of an area, or as ambassadors to other places. Encountering a travelling Muscle Wizard isn't uncommon for many, especially in inns, on highly traveled trails, or in places of government. They can be characterized by their distinctive blue robes, and of course their stature, tall and well built from years of strict adherence to their regimen. Most Muscle Wizards are known to be passionate, and out-going, although naturally, there will be exceptions.

Standard Traveler[edit]

Travelers are commonplace in Beachblush, as the diversity of the country, and the newly established freedom of its people, tend to drive its inhabitants to see it all, and often try to help if they can. But in the wake of the destruction of the dictatorship, for every well meaning traveler, there's a bandit, thief, highwayman, or crook waiting to take advantage of these new times. Race, age, gender, personality and motive will differ from person to person. However, that doesn't mean that they're impossible to identify, travelers can often be seen wearing near comically sized backpacks, pouches or holsters, to carry the equipment needed to tackle the various harsh conditions of the country. Additionally, a traveler's guild is in the process of being established, members can be identified by either a signet ring or pin, they are offered one upon joining the guild, and given the other upon a significant aid to it. Both of these have an identical design, a Quivler with a gem in its right eye, and a Tiger Lily with a Gem in its left (both side views, the Quivler facing right, the Tiger lily facing left).


There are 4 major cities in Beachblush, Casanova, Vared, Città Centrale and Docacea. Additionally, there is one underwater city, Attmoore, that is not officially part of Beachblush, but is located in the surrounding waters, and trades most commonly with Beachblush, for simplicity's sake it will be included here. All of these cities are outlined in considerable detail below:


Casanova (Ka•sa•no•va) is the capital of Beachblush, the largest city by population at about 60 000 residents, and second largest by size. It boarders the country's Southern ocean and has distinct architecture, full of bright colors, and usually composed of stone, which is, more often than not, rendered and dyed in bright colors, especially in the richer areas. The terrain has been terra-formed into two flat rings: the outer ring, which houses a majority of the shops, manufactories and abodes for the poor, and the inner ring, which houses a selection of the more wealthy restaurants, the housing for the rich, and the Royal Castle, which stands on the northernmost point section of the inner ring. The city also has a river which runs through the middle, called the Unificador river, splitting the city into two semi-circle shaped pieces.

The public transportation system is well designed, with long, underground boats designed to transport up to 12 people at a time through the intricate canals below the city that are piloted by a water bender at the back, who controls and shifts the currents to steer. These underground gondolas are known as "the waterways" and are built directly at sea level, to naturally provide water.


The two rings of the city are divided by a river flowing out into the sea that acts as a dividing point of the city. Casanova is therefore split into a total of four districts, the East and West outer rings, and the East and West inner rings. Although there are exceptions, the bulk of the commercial and industrial buildings are on the west side, while houses, as well as certain restaurants, inns and taverns are in the East. The River curves around the royal palace, which is located directly in between East and West rings, and is the northernmost building in the inner ring, with a view of the northern outer ring and surrounding farmland and terrain.

As far as broad strokes are concerned, real estate for all buildings become more expensive inside the inner circle, because of it's proximity to the palace, and beyond that, the closer one is to the center of the city, as it represents the most convenient location to live/trade.

Notable Shops[edit]

The Light Bowl: A tavern run by an older, female Earth Genasi called Trefern Pennywink. Costs 3 SP a night. The Precious Voyage Pub: The Precious Voyage Pub is a coastal pub and inn that caters to sailors making port for a while, it serves a lot of seafood dishes and oceanic drinks. It costs 4 SP a night. The Grumpy Curtain Decorators: The Grumpy Curtain is a furniture retail and on-site interior design company, they sell everything from basic stools to high end, imported rugs. Run by a couple, Esther and Meryl Kipling, an elderly human and middle aged elf, Esther manages furniture, and Meryl does the decorating. A Wrench in the Works: A shop selling all manner of mechanical devices, from weapons to trinkets, run by a young male Fire Genasi, Gaemon Kibbleson, from Docacea. It's a new shop, but it is building a good reputation for quality mechanical work, repairs are also offered. The Dapper Ghost: A tailor's shop run by a middle aged female High Elf of unusual humility, soft spoken and fast working, hers is one of the older shops in Casanova, and has a fantastic reputation. The Early Pepper: A bizarre take on the Dwarven bar, selling non-alcoholic drinks to help its clients wake up in the morning, while the drinks aren't known to be particularly pleasant, they wake the customers up and keep them up. Run by veterans, the elderly Dwarven husbands, Dmitri and Marvin Stormbringer, known to be quick to anger but overall pleasant people who fought in the civil war against the previous king. The Praying Plum: A refilling station for clergymen of all faiths, offering authentic holy water, various beads, and materials for rituals. Run by Mother Nonogon Genady of the Red Unicorn faith, a young Wood Elf who recently took over the business from her late father. Hunter's Delight: A hunter's shop that sells equipment used for hunting all manner of creatures, has a deal with Elathazar the Inquisitive to provide certain enchanted equipment at a slightly reduced cost. Run by a young, well-dressed Sky Tiefling called Sekaf Yel.

Organised Crime[edit]

The people of Casanova are for the most part diligent and kind-hearted, with a reputation of working hard to play hard. Most of the crime in the city is performed on an individual basis, with thieves, pickpockets, and drug dealers being an unfortunate reality to those in the city. In the years after the Kings death, criminals took advantage of the resulting chaos and, like all of the cities in the country, pushed it to the brink of collapse, in the last few years however, the King Santiago and his council have been able to turn their attention to the crime in the city, and have been lowering it steadily.

While crime in highly populated areas like Casanova is still an issue, it is slowly regaining order, order that recently, is being disrupted by a small percentage of the people in the area fall into one of two groups of organized crime, two powerful gangs who were able to unite the various individuals or small groups under cohesive banners:

Los Dragones: A group of powerful mafia that have worked their way up the food chain by selling drugs, information brokering, pickpocketing and hired hits. However, they also have a strict moral code, not to sell anything to anybody under their race's age of minority, and that any non-gang individuals injured, killed or affected by gang activities be compensated in the best way possible. They are lead by the reclusive, "Geco". They are the closest to honorable thieves in the city, but honor can only take people so far, and while civilians are rarely the targets of any large scale attacks, they can often be caught up in the crossfire in gang wars, which can sometimes rage for multiple days.


Plaga de Cinco Dedos: Colloquially called the Condos, are a deranged and violent group of thieves, murderers and lunatics that are only barely organized enough to form a gang, the lynchpin in their operation is Takeya (tah•kay•ah) a former mercenary with the charisma and charm of a bard, and the violent streak of a Barbarian. Known for torturing whoever she feels like and bribing whoever is most convenient at the time, this Water Genasi is feared throughout the city. Recently, however, Takeya has stopped appearing in public, and rumours of an early death, illness or injury are beginning to work their way through the city, and causing tension and in-fighting in the gang itself.

Business, Exports and Reputation[edit]

Casanova is primarily famous for its business in the fishing and agricultural industries, the country is the world's largest exporter of fish, with 34% of seafood having Casanovan origin. The local guards known as, the Halcoñeros are highly trained and highly disciplined (a bi-product of centuries of dictators), making them a very formidable guard by any standards.

The King of the country (who was born and lives in Casanova) is Luca Santiago, who's castle is located in the northern inner ring, has gained a reputation for being fiercely driven to improve his nation, and for trying to find peace in what has been a chaotic and unpredictable time for his country. However, Santiago was also the one who killed his father, while this ended the dictatorship that the country had been known for, it also sparked rumours that Santiago may be unhinged or potentially violent, with some rumours even going so far as to say that he's a serial killer.

Being the former capital of a dictatorial country, Casanova has a reputation for being militaristic, oppressive and grim, with a very prominent hierarchy of power. However, the King has been working to adjust this, and slowly but surely, people are slowly beginning to change their opinions of the city to something much more positive.

Notable Casanovan NPCs[edit]

King Luca Santiago: A tall, tanned half-wood elf, half high-elf with brown eyes and hair. Limber with a dark complexion and often clad in green or yellow robes. The King is kind-natured and understanding, but can also be firm in his punishment and stubborn. He succeeded the throne from his father, who was a tyrannical and largely disdained ruler. Santiago has made it his mission to improve the county he rules over and the people in it. An ideal monarchy, the King has gained a fair amount of respect from nearly everyone, including, to a degree, the local gangs, who he has recently begun to try and remove.

Takeya: The Water Genasi leader of the Plaga de Cinco Dedos, Takeya is young, ruthless and unhinged, often acting on impulse. Her gang, though composed of a vast array of different criminals, always fall in line however due to Takeya's merciless punishment of those who displease her. However, she is very good to the people on her side, offering wealth, power and people to those who swear allegiance to her. It's rumoured that she never forgets the birthdays of gang members. Recently however, she has stopped appearing in public, and despite the Plaga insisting that she is okay, rumours are starting to spread.

Geco: Geco is a rare example of a goblin with integrity, honor and character, warped though they may be. The 45 year old leader of Los Dragones, Geco is surprisingly kind and level-headed, much to the surprise of many who meet him. Although his natural Goblin hunger for power can still occasionally get the better of him, he does his best to remember that he got to where he is through thinking logically about his path to success. His particular brand of honor and loyalty are very black and white, and while those he likes and those loyal to him are often granted riches, supplies and power, his punishment of those he deems traitorous or problematic is often swift, brutal and painful.

Elathazar the Inquisitive: A local artificer who does contract work for a few businesses in the city. She is an eladrin of middle age, and a slim build. While she doesn't leave her tower often, choosing to send her autonomous servant on errand runs, the few people who are permitted into her abode are met with a generally happy, inquisitive individual. She is mostly kind-hearted, but decades spent sheltered in her tower mean that her social skills are somewhat lacking, and she has a tendency to speak without thinking. She will forge enchanted items for players, if they are able to convince her to let them in her tower (cost still applies).

The Aberdeen College of the Performing Arts[edit]

Casanova is home to one of the finest arts colleges in the world, its students are taught all manner of different techniques ranging from musicality to acting to the fine Arts. In addition, those gifted with arcane abilities who attend the school are also taught new ways to channel their energy into their abilities. Those who spend even a few months in the college have been said to have their abilities expanded tenfold.

The Aberdeen College has a strong reputations for turning out some of the most renowned bards, minstrels and actors of the last few years. While arts as a medium are struggling to gain mainstream appeal as a potential career path to those in Beachblush, those who are interested are lucky to have such a fine college in their country.

Some are surprised that Beachblush would have an arts college at all, given its conservative history, and usually it wouldn't, but for the last few hundred years and until just under two decades ago, the college had been producing artists specifically for the crown. Given what might be called a "high turnover rate", the erratic Kings and Queens of Beachblush often had need of new entertainers. Despite the lack of job security, however, the glory and gold, not to mention the shoulders of all kinds that one gets to rub with in such a high position, meant that positions were always filled. The college now has a much higher student count, in the mid 400s split between near all different art forms, and students are required to take a test to be granted entry, but what the test is, or whether it's even the same for all students, is something that has never made it to the public.

The Casanovan Royal Guard[edit]

The term "Royal Guard" in Casanova refers to the city watch, the guardians of peace and enforcers of the law in the city, not just the specific guards assigned to protecting the Crown. The Royal Guard were, before the current king, a violent, authoritarian force to be reckoned with, after the new king took over, he made sure that they were trained not to kill every starving father who stole a loaf of bread for his family, but instead to try and understand the situations that lead to the crime, and find a solution that doesn't involve bloodshed. This isn't to say that they're any weaker than before, however, the King has survived multiple assassination attempts and attacks from those who would see the more violent history of Beachblush return.

The Royal Guard are highly trained to the extent that it's said their swordsmen can cut the wings off of a fly without killing it, the pike wielders can piece a bag of sand and lift it above their heads without spilling a grain, and the archers can shoot between the plates of an armored suit and sever it's straps from two-hundred paces without harming the person wearing it. While these are likely hyperbole, it goes to show the intense training that the Royal Guard go through, and the faith that the city puts in them. The downside to this is that the criminals who do operate in the city are usually smart, brave or strong enough to match.

The Royal Guard, and are required to undergo both combat training for the immediate apprehension of high-risk criminals, as well as social and de-escalation training if a non-violent solution is deemed possible. Their uniform consists of a thick plate armor, over which a red, quilted surcoat with sleeves that extend to the elbows, fastened with both laces down the middle, and a belt that doubles as a holster for different items that may be required. They also have a brown half cape that covers the left arm unless brushed back, and a highly structured cap for general patrols, which can be swapped out for a highly polished helmet similar to a Coppergate helmet for combat situations, their is a clip on the belt to hold whichever head gear is not in use at the time. This is only a general pattern of clothing, and the specific outfits will be catered for the weapon being used.

Città Centrale[edit]

Città Centrale (See•tah Sen•tra•leh), or Central City to the outside world, is located roughly in the middle of the country, making it not only the midway point for travellers exploring Beachblush, but also a convenient point for businesses because it makes it easier to transport goods to all the other cities. Because of this, Città Centrale has had the opportunity to become both the largest and wealthiest city in the country. The city is also the most ethnically diverse of all in the country, once again owed to its business convenience, with 40% of it's 45 000 inhabitants not being Human, Elf or Genasi. Central also has the highest number of dragonborn in the country.

Being located in the center of Beachblush, Central City also has very variable weather depending on the seasons. During summer, highs of up to 35° C can be expected, however during winter, temperatures as harsh as -20° can be commonplace. These conditions mean that the people of Central have had to become highly adaptable and versatile, with everything from their buildings to their clothing being designed and perfected for these conditions.


From an architectural standpoint, the city is known for its large, white stone buildings, often laden with pillars rather than walls, with thick tarps being suspended like curtains for when winter arrives. And it's system of above-ground canals similar to those of Casanova have given the city an air of romance, and a popular honeymoon destination.

Central is roughly shaped like a triangle, with one point heading towards Vared, one towards Docacea, and one towards Casanova. The Casanovan point acts as a Residential District, while the other two serve as a Commercial/Industrial District. The architecture of both districts is very similar, with tourists often not noticing when they accidentally switch districts. However, the residential buildings typically have buildings longer than they are wide, and the commercial buildings are typically the inverse. The city has a very high number of inns and taverns, upwards of 300, which many say are a result of the high numbers of tourists.

At the very tip of the Varedian point is the Court of Justice, a massive stone building that houses nearly all of the legal goings on in the city except for jailing, it's where the Council of Regalia reside, where new laws are passed, a majority of court proceedings take place, and where immigration, public housing matters and general city governing take place. In contrast to the usual tarps or fabric covers around the pillars of the building, the gaps in between pillars are filled with a thick, green tinted glass, giving the outsiders a distinct point of interest and reference in the city, and people inside the building say it gives the entire building a vibrant, naturalistic glow. At night, the ceiling if the rooms respond to an enchantment that causes them to look like a beautiful night sky, with galaxies in the distance, shooting stars and moons to gaze at, as well as glowing orbs that give it a yellow glow in contrast to its daytime green. This beauty can seldom be appreciated fully though, as the Court is often bustling 24/4, with dignitaries, government officials and ground level employees being busy taking care of the dozens of matters that the Court attends to.

Located almost exactly in the center of the city, bisected by a wide canal, is a massive roofed bazaar, with merchants selling everything from fruits and fabrics, to pets and real estate, even, if you know where to look, people and drugs. This bazaar is called "Rich Man's Heaven" after the fact that if you can afford a spot in one of the stalls in it, you're guaranteed to sell whatever you have hand over fist. The bazaar being located directly around the main highway of the canals makes it incredibly popular with tourists and locals alike, it also makes it easily exploitable, certain organized groups have recently been masquerading as tax collectors and conning the shop owners, while others have been forcing people to pay "protection money", some have even been setting up fake shops to launder money or goods through. The once thriving market is becoming progressively more shady, and both the civilians and the local government are beginning to fear that unless something is done, the market won't survive more than a few years.

Notable shops[edit]

The Horned Helmet: a brothel run by a Half-Elf called Rykin Redstock.

Cliff Face Tavern: A multi story, middle class Inn and restaurant run by the Genasi Gyurin Doro.

The Marbled Maiden: A large, extravagant, high class hotel and restaurant, the centre of the foyer has a marble sculpture of the founder.

The Half-Empty Tankard: A cheap, lower end Inn run by an old, angry Elven women called Irmid Dandyr.

The Veiled Vagabond: A shop for magical items, run by an Aarakocra Who looks owl-like, and his fiance, an eagle-esque Aaracockra, Olfie and Serena respectively. Stock: Cloak of Many Fashions, X2 Enduring Spellbooks, a small box of different Ersatz Eyes, a Feather Token taking the form of a hairpiece, a Hat of Wizardry, a Mystery Key, a Veterans Cane, a Booming Glove, and 2x Immovable Rods.

The Colosseum: Every Endes, gladiatorial contests are held, the price of admission is 6 Silver per match, but those under 10 get in for 3.

Fancies and Frocks: A custom tailor's shop, run by a female Earth Genasi called Kaulderwyn Aspeth.

The Troubling Toad: A spell components shop, they mainly sell to the Fort Lola Academy and the Huxley Society, but also operate a business out of Central. Run by Ytri Borgunheimer, a Rock Dwarf who made the surprising decision to become a Wizard.

The Dragon's Breath: A high-end glass restaurant built near the gardens, there is a strict dress code, and it will routinely serve royalty, and high political figures. Owned by the Arch-Chef Corentin Étienne Laurant

Business, Exports and Reputation[edit]

Central's climate has made the people who live there very effective at tailoring to the exact needs of the people and the city. Thusly, some of the most skilled tailors can be found in Central City, and most of them from around the country trained there. In addition to this, the cotton fields surrounding the city yield soft, comfortable and versatile cotton used in clothing all around the country.

From an external perspective, rumours of a cult known as the New Religion that have appeared over the last 5 years have cast something of a shadow on the city, with graffiti, kidnappings and occasionally murders being attributed to this group, who are said to be stoic and agile, and who wear wine red robes with smooth, white masks with only an eye hole. While this hasn't caused tourism to slow down much, the amount of people moving permanently to the city has decreased significantly. However, other than that, the city has a mostly positive reputation, with foreigners praising the wealth of variety of activities and the strong economy that the city possesses.

Notable Centralian NPCs[edit]

The Red One: The Red One is the leader of the New Religion, an underground cult of people who believe that it is their holy duty to bring back the goddess Disgust from her prison. Luciano Cabaldo, a middle aged High-Elf standing at 6"1' and often dressed in light blue robes in public. He is a straight talking, no-nonsense individual who takes his job seriously. The New Religion hold meetings on the second evening of every week underneath the Northern Cathedral.

The Council of Regalia: the Council of Regalia are Central City's highest power. A group of 6 elders from the city who have been granted decision making power on a city-wide level, they act as a local law-making authority, as well as a court who judge suspected criminals of a highly ranked enough level of crime. They are obscured by magic and addressed by number.

Rendo Delandi: The head of the Centralian branch of The Loyalty Clan, working closely with Docacea and it's members, she is trying to help spur on a revolution to dethrone the current King. However, the Centralian branch only has 12 members so far, rendering them offensively useless. Their main goal is recruiting at this stage. Rendo is easily distracted, and wavering on whether or not she is doing the right thing and can be swayed to leave the group with a DC 19 persuasion check.


Docacea (Duh•kay•sha•) is by far the most advanced city in the country, if not the world, a perfect storm of high quantities of natural resources, a newly established governmental system, a branch of the Muscle Wizardry Society taking root, and companies and scientists flocking to the area have drastically improved the quality of life for all its 40 000 inhabitants.

Rudimentary steam engines are in the process of being developed in Docacea, with a (currently government only) carriage making constant rounds of the city, people suspect that a number of civilian engines will soon be unveiled. Additionally, the amount of coal and the surrounding forest give a wealth of combustible energy that is being harnessed in factories, homes and schools.

Additionally, and out of necessity, Docacea has the most advanced legal system out of any of the four cities. Such a quick burst in population, coupled with space that can't be developed as quickly as it needs to be, mean that the population is densely packed. This has lead to a fairly dramatic rise in crime, specifically in the youth of the city, as unregulated, profit driven factory work means that many of the workers are either killed, or maimed in such a way as to no longer be able to provide for their family.

History and Architecture[edit]

A massive and devestating fire 126 years ago destroyed almost all of the buildings of the city. After this event, the local government tried to find a better flameproof and more reconstructable way of building. It was at this point that the MWS forcefully entered the country to offer help, against the wishes of Former King Matìas. But knowing that he stood no chance against their forces, he begrudgingly let them in.

Consequently, with the help of the government forces and the MWS, the city was restored, and built back largely out of red bricks, lined with cobblestone roads and built in an ergonomic and easily memorable grid-like pattern. It's very common for buildings to have gears, pistons or pipes extending behind the commercial buildings, as a way to operate mechanical equipment like doors, coolers and factory equipment.

The people of Docacea are incredibly varied and diverse in all aspects, given that it was the first are in the country to allow outsiders (the MWS), and while it was only one group, it primed the populous to be more readily accepting of foreign influences, swiftly rocketing the city into a cultural hotspot and intellectual gold mine. Such a pronounced presence in the country has resulted in the city being a spiritual second capital of Beachblush.

The Muscle Wizardry Society[edit]

The Muscle Wizardry Society, or MWS, have a very strong presence in Docacea. Along with raising funds for the rebuilding of the city, they own a public fight club for sparring that practices honorable combat of all sorts. It costs 6 silver a month, half of which go to the society, and half of which go to various charitable causes across the city.

Their local schooling division has 40 professors, 132 students and practices the society's usual intense training regimen and admittance test. Given that Muscle Wizardry (or kinetisism) is so difficult on the body, so much so that it could kill or severely injure an unprepared individual within weeks, as is standard for the MWS, the teachings of the school are kept completely secret for the safety of the public.

However, the charitable side of the Society is much more open. Meetings are held regularly and open to the public as long as seating is available, where topics such as fundraising and new projects are brought up and respectful discourse is open to anybody present.

Notable Shops[edit]

The Gunman's Perch: A military supply store that sells crossbows, bows, munitions, medical supplies, camping gear, and food and drink. One of two permits are required to buy, a mercenary's permit or a military permit (military gives access to certain higher tier objects, and wartime restrictions don't apply). Run by a surprisingly friendly veteran Red Dragonborn called Kleltheleduar Qelkris. The Spilled Tankard A fairly cozy, fairly cheap tavern/hostile. Instead of rooms, there's a hall with 12 bunk beds (24 beds total). Both the food and the lodgings are cheap, but lacking in privacy. Run by a kobold called Rob, who will always offer "kobold surprise" but never explain what it is, it costs 10 gold.

Business, Exports and Reputation[edit]

The primary exports of the city of Docacea are metals, minerals and medicines of various degrees. Through proper infrastructure being developed, trade with their various materials has largely contributed to the immense wealth of the area. On top of this, the coal, wood and materials that are so abundant in the area a primary factor in how the city was able to advance at such a quick rate.

Given that the city has such a varied group of inhabitants, the businesses that it supports a varied and abundant. However, many o fthe working class will have factory jobs, these will often be daylight hours, and breaks are seldom permitted. With all the legal advancements in the other parts of the city, this has lead some people to believe that the owners of the factory may be paying off the police and even the larger government. It is nearly impossible to find a private construction company in the city due to the city's strict laws on the construction of buildings and structures. Thusly, anybody who is interested in buying land, constructing a house, or expanding their property must go through the official government construction company or face significant fines or even jail time.

Externally, the perception of Docacea is mostly positive. The fact that the city has historically been open to foreigners, even if to a limited degree has helped the outside world develop its perception of the city more than most of the other's in the country. The people of Docacea have a mostly untrue reputation of being abrasive and rushed, however, other than that it is a fairly popular city, especially for the academically inclined.

Noteable Docacean NPCs[edit]

Bradley Armstrong: Bradley Armstrong is the elderly human headmaster of the Docacean branch of the Muscle Wizardry Society. He is fiercely driven to do what he feels is right for the city he has lived in since he was a boy. After being accepted into the muscle wizardry school, he was determined to rise through the ranks so that he could aid the people of his home town. He is noble, caring, and a terrifyingly powerful muscle wizard, but has been criticized for his tendency to covertly break the rules in certain acts of vigilante justice.

Jonathan Havarti: Jonathan Havarti is the current mayor of the city, a Wood Elf who was born in Central City. However, when he was 84, his parents, who were trying to start a rebellion against the dictator, were killed, leaving him and his sister to fend for themselves, a family friend in Docacea took him in and he has spent the rest of his life in the city. Now at the age of 654, he considers himself to be spiritually a Docacean. He has spent his life working up the ranks of the government, partially to gain power for himself, and partially to help lead his people and continue to advance his city. He is a pipe smoker, who will often smoke from a very ornate pipe.

Casey Middleton: Casey Middleton is the Genasi leader of a group of activists known as the Arcane Expressionists trying to establish a hierarchical system that places the most powerful magic users on top. She believes that trying to people's ability to use Magic is directly tied to their relationship with the gods, and that the chosen few have a duty to rule over the masses. In the past, all of the protests that she has organized have been peaceful and orderly. Unfortunately, tensions are beginning to rise in her group and with the rest of the city, over the last nine years, she and her group have started to resort to more violent means of getting people's attention. Rumours that she's working with city officials to destabilize the city and seize power have recently begun to take hold weight among the general populous. With that said, the more innocent child that was sucked into the Arcane Expressionists hasn't completely disappeared, Casey is notoriously good with children and will often use illusion magic to try and cheer up sad youth by creating images of animals, and storytelling. She also has a sweet tooth and her time can be bought for a bag of boiled candies.

Ellie Wolfe: The chief of police in Docacea, Ellie Wolfe was the earliest female officer in the city (a male only rule was in place until the destruction of the dictatorship), allowed into the force as an exception when she showed bravery in the face of danger after rescuing the head of the MWS, Bradley Armstrong, who, by way of repaying a life debt, was able to "strong-arm" the weak-willed chief of the time and have her excepted 10 years before any other female officers had been permitted. She was able to quickly rise through the ranks, and became the chief of police after only 18 years, and has been managing the city for 6 years now. She is a centaur with short cropped, orange hair (beginning to grey on the sides), green eyes and freckles dotting her face. She joined the force at 22, and is currently 46 years old. While fundamentally optimistic, her years of police work are beginning to wear on her, after a recent violent protest by the Arcane Expressionists, she is losing sleep, and becoming increasingly irritable. For DM's eyes only: This irritability is the result of a curse placed on her by a member of the Arcane Expressionists that, over a period of about a year, will slowly cause her to lose sleep until she dies of exhaustion. The right spell or check will allow the party to notice this.


A city located to the Northwest of the country, Vared (vah•red) is sometimes referred to as the Polar Palace, due to its large ice walls protecting the city, it is fairly small in population (having only 8 000 residents) and while still being grand, it is also the smallest city in the country. The circular city is divided into two sections, located just inside the wall and covering the circumference of the city is the commercial area, filled with everything from blacksmiths and libraries to magic shops and taverns. And in the center of the city, the residential area, class seperation is minimal in the area, since the conditions of the city make having a tight-knit community essential.

The people of Vared use their water bending to great effect, with all but the taverns in the commercial area being meticulously designed igloos, however, due to the building laws of the city preventing dwellings from being made of ice or snow, all the residential homes and inns are largely made of wood, and are all fashioned after traditional, cozy log cabins.

The agricultural portion of the city is located just outside the walls of the city, it mainly focuses on animals like, Quaggoraths (who have to be kept in igloos due to their extreme light sensitivity), Bison, and different types of fish. A few herbs do grow so far north, however, like the hardy Frostroot, and the Da'n (a grain that tastes and acts similarly to wheat, but has a faint hint of spice.)

Residential District[edit]

The residential district of Vared is built on top of a naturally forming hill at the center of the city, at the top of the hill is the Government House, a long, wooden building that keeps track of any filing and paperwork, and serves as a house for both the Mayor of the city and the local Lawmaster. The only prison in the city is located 3-18 floors below the Government House and has 200 cells. While the city has a sizeable population, the crime rate is astonishingly low with only about half the cells full at any one time. A recent government study showed that the residential area of Vared is the safest place in the country.

Commercial District[edit]

The commercial District lies directly outside the residential district, and is divided into 9 smaller sections for each type of business, going clockwise these are: Culinary, Furniture, Construction, Banking, Adventuring, Inn/Tavern, Public refuge and Events (the event district also houses and sells sporting equipment. While this system is highly regarded for being well organized, the frustration of needing two things on opposite sides of the city has birthed the phrase, "You're going from cooking to fighting." when somebody is taking the longest way of doing something or have a monumental task ahead of them that they may be unprepared for.

Outside the home of the Chieftain of the city, Hakoda, is a massive stone wall measuring about ten feet tall and thirty five feet wide known as the, "Leaders' Plaque". Each chieftain has their core goals for the city engraved into the stone, and the sigil of the city is engraved next to their name when all of the goals are completed. The wall is about two thirds full, and another will be added when it is completed, with the first going into a museum. The first was installed after the toppling of the dictatorship, symbolizing the ringing in of a new era.

Business, Exports and Reputation[edit]

Vared is highly regarded for for its first and wools, the local sheep have been bred specifically for a perfect combination of soft, strong, and long-lasting wool, and it's not uncommon to find clothing made with Varedian materials.

The Chieftain of the city is Hakoda, an old leader known for her wisdom, kindness and her advice. In addition, she is also an expert cook. Every 6 months on the solstice a large festival is held throughout the city in the Public and Event sub-districts, and Hakoda's cooking is always a favorite of event goers.

Notable Varedian NPCs[edit]

Hakoda: The Chieftain of Vared, Hakoda is an elderly human woman standing 5'3" with shoulder length white hair, usually adorned in furs and skins, with a pipe in her mouth that she bought on a visit to Casanova. She is widely respected, but her age means that she isn't able to be as active in the community as she once was, something she has trouble getting over.

Tacoma: The daughter of Hakoda, she is a 31 year old human woman, strongly against smoking she will often attempt to pull Hakoda's pipe out. While she usually keeps a level head like her mother, she can sometimes be easily irked by other people's actions. She is in line to inherit the position of Chieftain from Hakoda, and is very active in the community. She likes children, and is a gifted storyteller, although she hasn't inherited her mother's cooking ability, and often rely's on her husband, Lars (from the town of Winterhelm) to do the housekeeping.

Dadeh: The Lawmaster of Vared, Dadeh (dah•day) is ruthless in his persuit of justice, and because of the supremely low crime rate in Vared and high number of local guards, he feels that his talents are wasted in Vared and is waiting for a promotion. He is a (comparitively) young high-elf, who typically dresses in ceremonial garb so as to distinguish himself. He is a big fan of pastries and can often be seen eating something while patrolling. His keen mind allows him to use the plentiful guards at his disposal to full effect, and the city's title as safest place in the country is largely attributed to him, a fact he is immensely proud of.


Both a city and a sovereign nation in its own right: Attmoore (At•more) is a sprawling underwater sanctuary for the aquatic species of the world. While a couple of ocean settlements have been discovered in other parts of the world (and explorers theorize that their may be more), Attmoore is by far the largest and most populous. With a population of approximately 70 000 residents, almost none of whom fall into the standard above-world demographics: As far as permanent citizens, the city has a very unique spread of races from the ocean, among the more common races (approximately 20-30% each), one can find Sea Elves, Triton and Merfolk with a fair regularity, in the lower percentages of the demographic range (approximately 5-10% each), lie various humanoid-aquatic hybrids, Cecaelias, and Sahuagin, there are a smattering of other races mixed between these. Permanent above ground races are estimated to be in the low to mid triple digits, among these numbers, however is an additional group of explorers and merchants who can add another few dozen at any given time.

Attmoore is protected by a massive ring of arcane fences, which create a protective barrier against the strong currents of the surrounding ocean (which act as a natural defense outside the ring), this ring is called the Halting Reef. While the waters in the city are calm, they still can't be breathed in by land-folk, and the immense pressure of being at the bottom of the ocean still effect creatures who haven't been conditioned through generations of living in the depths. It is for this reason that there is only one way for land-folk to reach the city, the Sinking Bell (often referred to as just "the Bell") is a massive, bell shaped submersible Gondola that acts as a moving hotel for those travelling to and from the city (see "The Sinking Bell" for more information), which deposits its passengers in a special medical station which offers various magical items to aid those who want to visit but don't want their lungs to explode. For either a rental or a purchase, this station sells both "rings of protection from pressure" (100GP to buy or 10GP a day to rent, these rings take up an attunement slot), and a herb called Drowners' Dream, which, when consumed, sprout gills in the user for approximately 24 hours at a time, Drowners' Dream costs 7GP a day (and is usually purchased in bulk at the beginning of a trip to save having to go back to the station every day) and lasts indefinitely until consumed.

History and Architecture[edit]

The sea is home to as many if not more varied races and people as the surface, but for a long time, at least on the surface, it was thought to be impossible to create permanent settlements there, a combination of strong underwater currents, fragile and constantly shifting sand, and crushing darkness meant that for a long time, neither the peoples of the land nor the sea were ever able to establish a long lasting habitat. This changed with the advent of a group known as the Sundry, a group of 10 mages and artificers from different aquatic races, who were brought together in their desire to create a unified city to bring all the varied and eclectic people of the sea under one banner and put a cease to the endless territorial squabbles of the then prominent gang-like schools. Their mission began approximately 1000 years ago, but it wouldn't be completed in one life time, over generations, the idea of the Halting Reef would be born and take shape. Ultimately, it wouldn't be until 500 years after the group's inception that the Halting Reef would be completed, a mission handed down to the children of the original Sundry, and to their children after that. The Halting Reef is seen by almost all to be the greatest arcane achievement in history, and a testament to the power both of the arcane, and of persistent work and a unified goal.

From an architectural standpoint, the city consists of many dome and bubble shaped buildings, largely made out of different pearlescent materials ranging from blues to dark pinks to white, gold and black in the richer areas. The city can be highly disorienting for land-folk as many of the buildings float in the water, kept in place only by thick chains mooring them to the ground below. This additional dimension of space to navigate isn't a problem for the citizens, who only need to swim there, but many travelers find themselves getting lost easily. There is a method to the madness of the city, however. The city is divided loosely into 25 districts, there are 12 on the ground, circling at approximately even intervals inside the Halting Reef, and another 12 placed above them in between the vertical clearances of each other. This way, should a disaster occur that causes any districts to ever sink or float away from where they should be, they miss the surrounding districts. In the center of the city, equidistant from all the other districts, is the Hub. A megalopolis housing almost all the the government buildings, as well as most restaurants, hotels, and other amenities. Dotting the water in the city are orbs of golden light, illuminating the pitch black darkness of the surrounding waters and giving the city a glow that is is both tranquil and vaguely ominous in equal measure, these lights are most common in the Hub, where they create enough light to replicate a late afternoon sun, in the more residential areas they more closely mimic a sunset.

The Park of the Sundry[edit]

The Hub was designed to serve as the backbone of the city, where all people from all districts could meet as equals, and no place exemplifies this spirit better than the Park of the Sundry, a mesmerizing patch of underwater plant life located in the very center of the city filled with kelp forests as tall as the eye can see, natural formations of coral in colors and quantities unheard of in the rest of the world, and a sanctuary for the animals of the sea to live life free from predation. At the center of the Park is a statue of the original members of the Sundry, gathered in a circle, as if casting the final incantation to bring the Halting Reef to life along with their descendants. The park stands as a true monument to the power of the shared vision of the city.

The in addition to its cultural value, the Park also holds most of the communal events of the city, and is host to a wide variety of venders at a market located near one of the entrances known as the Marillé Market, which sells everything from food to clothes, and if any merchants are in foreign goods and occasionally magic items.

The Sinking Bell[edit]

The Sinking Bell is the only official way for land-folk to get to Attmoore, a multiple story, bell shaped, moving hotel, that descends into the water from an elongated port via a system of gears and vertical tracks that lower it down without getting rid of the air inside. The hotel has two different prices for the types of stay:

Entry which costs 10 Gold per round trip, and gives you a small room with a bed and a shelf, and access to the lower floors, mess room for recreation, and a viewing port to see the ocean outside.

Elite which costs 30 Gold per round trip, includes a premium room complete with a queen sized bed, bath and water heater, shelves and a cupboard, all the lower floors, the dining hall, the theatre, and the Lounge (with accompanying bar service).

Regardless of which service you buy, you are given a travel brochure for Attmoore that gives a rundown of various sights to see and local customs (due to the nature of so many aquatic races not necessarily having the same extremities as land-folk, a small bow is usually preferred to handshaking), as well as a sending stone that reports to the Captain's control room, to report any complaints or possible security risks (the stones are returned upon exit). The journey to Attmoore takes about 2 days, assuming there are no problems on the way down.

Notable Attmooran NPCs[edit]

The Sundry: Revered heroes of the sea, the Sundry are a group of 10 individuals, all of different nautical races. The current rotation of the Sundry are almost all the descendants of the original group. With a few exceptions for the people who have no direct descendants. While this much is known, many of the specifics about the group remains hidden. The Sundry were public figures at one point, but when one of the original group was assassinated due to gang warfare outside of the city, for their own safety, the identity of all but one of the members ceased to be revealed in the future (this member was the first king of Attmoore, King Nautilus Arvastan) . While this appears to have worked (as far as the public is concerned, at least) it did cause a chink in the armor of their reputation. While they still work to bring the oceanic peoples together, and assist the city and the throne, they now do so covertly, reporting to the throne as a council of advisors.

Queen Nautila Arvastan: The current Queen of Attmoore, Queen Nautila Arvastan is the leader of Attmoore, and the only member of the Sundry who's identity is public. She is a middle aged Triton who has been ruling for about 30 years with her wife, Princess Revalia Arvastan. Queen Nautila is a triton of a lean but fit build, who maintains a certain grace about everything she does. Her ruling has had its moments of controversy, like marrying the captain of the guard, the disappearance of her first daughter and the general pushback that she received as the first Queen of Attmoore, but she has handled the pressure and come out of it all the better, earning her the nickname, "the Pearl of Attmoore". Through tough leadership, compassionate dedication to her country, and a perseverance to see her will enacted, she has become a highly lauded Queen. With that said, the disappearance and presumed death of her daughters only a few years apart, Princess Araminta and Princess , has weighed heavily on her, and she seems to have lost a degree of the vigor that she once had. While she still leads with her trademark tact, she now rarely appears at royal balls or other public events, keeps her speeches short and is generally more inclined towards reclusivity. It would be wrong to say that her subjects have lost faith in her leadership, but her more dour nature has caused some to wonder whether it would be best for her wife to take over.


There are 31 towns throughout Beachblush, ranging from the northernmost points of the country to the southernmost, excluding the Northeast because of the near impossible terrain. They will be organised into the surrounding areas of the city from top to bottom to give prospective Dungeon Masters an idea of the culture that all of them share.

Casanovan Towns[edit]

Bleach Water[edit]

114 years old, 425 people

Bleach Water is almost on the line between the Centralian and Casanovan boarders, and as such, it's culture has been heavily influenced by both. After the boarders between the districts were lifted, Bleach Water was the first new settlement to be created, and it was decided it would be a blend of both districts, taking the architecture from Casanova, and the signature white stone from Central, making it look like a "bleached" version of a Casanovan town.

The Mayor of the town is a young Half-Elf called Juan Savannah. He is sociable and laid back, and often seen as a very approachable Mayor, however he doesn't often fit in with the other Governmental bodies.


348 years old, 1500 people

Carlyle is the result of strong currents flowing from the southern sea, which carved a creak down up the country, and created a bountiful source of inland water. The heat from the southern front is also funneled through, giving the town a localised more tropical atmosphere.

The Mayor of Carlyle is Alejandro Quinn, an elderly human man who until recently was hateful of foreigners and missing a leg, but an experienced adventurer from Gangala, Greater Illromov was able to bring it back using magic, which eased his opinion considerably.


256 years old, 7130 people

Named by the discoverer of the area, Quinlan Faras (tiefling), Almost was named because it was "almost" near the ocean. This odd positioning was chosen when Quinlan's group was attacked on their way to establishing a new oceanside settlement. A group of Gnolls took the group by surprise, killing few, injuring more, and stealing almost all. With nowhere near enough supplies to return to their starting point of Carlyle or to make it to their ideal location, Quinlan made the decision to immediately halt progress and use what remaining supplies they had to establish a temporary medical base. While the injured members were being treated, Quinlan and the remaining healthy members of his crew found themselves having to build new locations for storage, temporary housing and other purposes. By the time the injured travelers had healed, the settlement was essentially already in place a day and a half of travel on foot before it was supposed to be. The King, Matías Santiago, ordered Quinlan and his group of "traitorous gnolls" to be executed for disobeying his orders, but the newly healed and armed travelers protested, and were able to hold off eleven waves of enemy soldiers sent to collect them, until the King begrudgingly 'allowed' them to keep their town. As the town expanded, their focus on healing maintained throughout its development, with the original healing hut positioned directly in the middle of the town so that all it's residents can be equally in reach of treatment. The town has also attracted a large number of healers, many of whom are highly skilled, and houses a very prestigious Medical University called "the Quinlan Faras School of Aid". Today, likely owing to both the mighty efforts of Quinlan's original group, and the high number of healers in the city, folk tales about Almost's healers have run rampant, with some claiming that they can heal any ailment, and others saying that they have tinctures to enhance their citizens' strength a hundredfold, that lie in storage, waiting for a new tyrant to try and take over the town.

The current leader of almost is a wood elf in her late fourth century called "Wensith Charming", or Wenzie to her friends. She was a close friend of Quinlan and among those who were injured in the original attack, it was his expressed wish that she take over after his passing. Although she didn't want to be a leader at the time, she has stepped up and become a very respected member of the community.

The town is home to most of the shops and amenities that one would expect from a large-ish settlement, general shops, restaurants, taverns, inns, and of course, hospitals. In addition to these, the town is also home to an alchemist's shop, which sells all manner of potions and a fair selection of spell components. Run by a young, beautiful wood elf named Mysah Whitetree, the shop is called the "Notion of Potions", and has been attracting quite a bit of attention from the larger world in recent years.

Notable Locations[edit]

The Statue of Quinlan Faras: A bronze statue of the founder of the town, Quinlan Faras. About fifteen feet tall, and posed to look like he is helping a nameless civilian off of the ground after falling, representative of the healing capabilities of the town.

The Bridge of Thither: A massive bridge that starts at the western edge of the town, and extends to the sea, where Almost was originally going to be founded. The bridge is made of grey stone about fifteen feet wide, and has a small guard on each side, about two feet tall, also made of the same stone. The bridge takes about two days to cross on foot, and those who cover it are welcomed with a beachside inn at the end, built on the exact coordinates that Almost was meant to be (See The Red Candle). The bridge serves many purposes, it makes a popular tourist destination, and a common camping ground for those willing to venture a bit off of the bridge itself (although a small lodge known as Quinlan's Rest is present at the half-way point, it has no food, but it does have a fire-place, and 20 beds), it's main purpose is to make delivering supplies easier to the mainland, so it's common to see travelers, merchants, and deliverymen on their way to the main town.

The Red Candle: Originally this was just the name of a warehouse and transportation hub, built by Quinlan to keep the original purpose of the town going, but after a time, a few other buildings popped up around it, and now when people hear the Red Candle they usually think of the Inn that was set up a few years after, initially to house the sailors that needed to take a break while their cargo was being set up for delivery. The name "Red Candle" was picked because during the evenings, the sun setting on the horizon colors the entire sky red. The Tavern was specifically built with large windows on the west to allow for as much of this light in as possible. The tavern itself serves a wide variety of seafood, and also has a selection of rums, ports and beers. It's owned by a halfling called Malva Foothill, who does all of the cooking and bartending, the waiting, cleaning and other assorted tasks are handled by a team of twenty unseen servants. While the food is always delicious, and the beds always clean, people who have been to the tavern occasionally report strange occurrences, like the layout of the rooms feeling completely different, and the sunset lasting longer than it should. Despite these few curious happenings, the Red Candle area has a very good reputation, and is favorable among the sailors and merchants who travel the area. On top of the warehouse and the tavern, the Red Candle is also home to a dock and a fairly sizeable garden and vegetable farm. (Despite the distance between the two locations, the Red Candle is still considered a part of Almost.)

Fort Lola[edit]

436 years old, 2750 people

Fort Lola was established by the monarch 5 kings ago, the King of that time named it after his newly born daughter. It was originally a defense outpost, but as the guards began to adjust to their new lives, a town was built around the original structure. Given that almost everyone in the original town was a guard, the traditions of combat training are still taught in the local school.

The town's main standout point are : The Hermit's Bazaar, where all kinds of traders from the country come to sell their wares, the Bazaar is held every Trejdes and typically attracts over 1000 people weekly.


The Fort Lola University of the Arcane: The Fort Lola University of the Arcane is a highly reputable university that is known throughout all of Beachblush. It is known for its high rate of accomplished graduates, and it's headmaster, Jeremiah Cromwell, a High-Elf who is wise, good natured and energetic, and known to buck the trends of Elfdom.

The current Mayor of the town is Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" O'Neill, a stern elderly man trained in an array of combat techniques, and although he has a gruff exterior, he has a soft spot for dogs, and owns 3.

Turnow's Keep[edit]

4 years old, 74 people (all goblin)

4 years ago, the King was ambushed by goblins, as an attempt to overthrow him. Instead, King Santiago suggested that he make one of them the executive-vice-King of their own town, the goblins agreed, and Turnow's Keep was created. Although the degree of stability that it has afforded has been shocking to everyone. Now that this group has formed a real civilization, goblin attacks have gone down exponentially.

Turnow is the leader of Turnow's Keep, he is easily distracted and forgetful, but somewhat good natured, and very good at deboning and cooking rats. His best friend and "co-King" is his sister, Wonrut.

In the four years since the town has been running, the goblins have developed a knack for fermenting food as a way of preservation, as well as somehow being able to reliably pick world class mushrooms, but whenever asked about the secret for their foraging, they simply say that it's a "goblin trade secret"

None of the buildings in Turnow's keep have bathrooms instead their is a large "town outhouse" of sorts that serves as the lavatory for the entire town.

Firehouse Grove[edit]

3300 years old, 4060 people

Firehouse Grove is one of the oldest surviving settlements in Beachblush, it was hidden from the former King, "Lucio the Tyrant" by the Tiger's Den, an allegedly magical jungle, during his attempt to destroying all the settlements in his country to rebuild them in his ideals. Many of the houses in Firehouse Grove are constructed with still living trees around them, the people of the town try to disturb the jungle as little as possible, and in return, the jungle keeps them safe. The people there are notoriously kind and generous. The town is also home to the largest druidic circle in the country, the Circle of Concealing Vines, who tend to the naturalistic aspects of the town and give spiritual guidance to townsfolk and travelers alike.

Firehouse Grove has a council of eight druidic leaders, one for each five hundred of the civilians (approximately), the Council of Eight meet regularly to discuss the town and how to improve it. It is the safest town in the country, in stark contrast to the many dangers of the Tiger's Den.

Pixie Hollow[edit]

Nobody knows how old, nobody knows how many people

The pixie race are a shy people, so shy that until recently, Pixie Hollow was little more than a traveler's rumor. However, 2 years ago, a particularly curious pixie was found by someone in Almost and followed back to its hideout, a civilization in the trees of the Blooming Acres boardering Turnow's Keep.

As soon as anybody tries to get close and make contact however, the lights of the city go out, and everything goes quiet. A traveling merchant known as Stumpy O'Cley claims to have not only known of the town for decades but to have visited it on several occasions, these claims cannot be verified however.

Matìas' Honor[edit]

112 years old, unknown population

Matìas' Honor is a walled fortress of aggressively dictatorial people who seek to dispose of the current King and expand into an empire, they are highly paranoid and sceptical of travellers, so much so that only a few people have ever been inside. Those who go in often leave swiftly.

The leader is a humanoid in robes known as The Apostle, they rule with an iron grip, and are said to employ tactics like torture and slavery to get what they want. Every now and then, a body drifts down the current to Casanova that is expected to be from Matìas' Honor.

Traveller's Way[edit]

112 years old, 643 people

Traveller's Way is a recommended stopping point for those newly arriving in Beachblush. It has good quality inns, fine food, and finer people. It is mostly run by a gentle group of Firbolg, but other races are welcome as well.

The Mayor of Traveller's Way is Jeremiah Sol, an Illromovan Firbolg who moved after the boarders were lifted to try and help ease the transition for the country, he is tall, even by Firbolg standards, and calm to the point that it's said he has a relaxing aura about him.

Centralian Towns[edit]


348 years old, 253 people

Winterview is the only town that's managed to survive so close to the Impossible Range. Encapsulated in an endless winter, the town's residents have become tough and versatile.

The Capo of Winterview is a Firbolg called Calyssa Trihadste, who embodies the spirit of Winterview to a T. She is strong, resilient, and can hold a drink with the best of them.

Fairy's Peak[edit]

630 years old, 3400 people

Located to the East of the Fey Woods, Fairy's Peak was originally created by a few escapists of the Docacean district who were able to use the woods to cross the district boarder rather than chance the walls, when the dictatorship was still in place. To this day, they mark the only known people to ever cross the Fey Woods.

The Capo of Fairy's Peak is an Elven woman called Sahira, who's youth and radiance combined with her leadership skills and sense of humour have earned her the immense respect of people from all over the country.

Fort Attenzione[edit]

114 years old, 7900 people

Established by king Luca Santiago once he attained the throne as part of his act to keep his citizens safe. Fort Attenzione is a town that doubles as a defense post for those foolish enough to try and get to the Impossible Range, the only people permitted past are those with licenses from the Royal palace are permitted through. It is the only way through the Wall of Repulsion, and the only reason that even that entrance is there is so that those from Winterview aren't cut off front the rest of the world.

Being so close to the Impossible Range, the Fort gets a lot of snowfall, and a snow golem competition is held every year on the final Fundes of Quellhas, in which people try to make the largest snow man that they can, either by themselves or with a team of up to four people. Water benders and other magic users aren't allowed to use their powers in this competition. The prize usually consists of 1000gp and a mystery wonderous item of uncommon to rare.

It is directly overseen by a branch of the Halcoñeros.

Notable Locations[edit]

The Gate of the Range: The only official way into the Impossible Range, the frigid and mostly uncharted frozen wasteland to the North East of the country. To pass, one must present a license to the guard's constant watch. Like the rest of the Wall, the Gate is made of thick, grey-blue stone, but with the civilization in the town, around the entrance is a mural depicting various famous explorers who have tried to chart out the Range.

The Hunter's Mark: A shop that sells a wide array of different weapons, armors, ordinances and ammunitions. The icy climate wearing down on the guards' uniforms and equipment more quickly lead to the founding of this shop. Run by Ulan Ironcoat, a half Hill-Dwarf, half Fire-Genasi veteran, he has thick muttonchops, and wears a horned helmet and fur/plaid coat, he has two prized axes hanging behind the counter that were allegedly used in his battles.


846 years old, 9730 people

Bivio is located to the North of Città Centrale, it is often the butt of a joke because of a book written that portrayed it as uncultured and harsh. However the reality is more complicated, parts of Bivio are very high culture, while others live in a dark ghetto. The exact origins of such a massive class disparity are unclear, as the libraries in the town are kept in the gated and guarded "Prime Ward", a small section of the Southwestern portion of the city that is exclusive, costly, and home to the rich. While the wealthy dine and party, the everyman is forced to live in squalor.


The class structure of Bivio is a matter of great debate, seeing as social mobility is borderline unattainable, only those at the top seem to know how it's laid out, and those at the top have no interest in sharing their wealth. One thing that is certain is that the heavy divides of the town have been a double edged sword. In the days before the new King, the rigid structures already in place meant that Bivio was payed less mind than other towns, with the king once being recorded as saying "they're doing my job for me". This meant that while many of the working class lived in squalor, they weren't subject to the government military, excessive taxes and imprisonment imposed by corrupt officials. Now that reform has taken place, however, the people are left with only the bad effects of this divide. While King Luca is trying to amend the city, the people in charge of the city have been very resistant to change, with rumors even floating around that they've repeatedly organized attacks on his life.


117 years old, 1480 people

Borgogna was established by a group of Elves who didn't feel welcome in Central, due to the King at the time having a hatred for all creatures of Fey lineage. While the town's success is notable, some of its inhabitants begun to harbor a grudge against humans for the way that the King acted, which can mean that humans can sometimes be charged extra at shops, or denied certain luxuries in the town.

The Capo of Borgogna is Yeldor Basmati, a middle aged Elf who harbors a distrust of humans, and while she's against the unfair treatment of any race, she likes when human stays in her town are brief. She is straight to the point, and doesn't get a lot of jokes, consequently, her relationship with Sahira is somewhat strained.

Harbor Town[edit]

2500 years old, 8390 people

Another of the few towns that was able to survive Lucio the Tyrant's Crusade, this town survived because all the different races were able to use their unique strengths to fend off his military. That idea of unity resides in the town to this day and is often remarked on by travelers. Harbortown is on the cusp of becoming a new city, and in almost all ways except name, already is. Because of this, it has a very wide selection of shops, and even a mage, who will sell a small selection of enchanted items.

Harbor Town has a communal leadership, however because of the size of the population, not everyone can attend at the same time, so the meetings are divided into quarters, with one quarter of the population having their own day of the week when they meet. The groups of the quarters are changed yearly.


94 years old, 1280 people

Beachside is a tranquil, relaxed place, highly regarded for its local spa resort. The diet of the town mainly consists of local fish and produce, and although it's a fairly simple place, the people are happy and accommodating.

Beachside's Capo is a former pirate called Jim Handon, after getting sick of not having a home, he left his group when they docked and hasn't looked back. He's laid back and polite, and he gives lessons on sword technique for 2 silver a lesson.


8 years old, 15 people

Less of a town and more of a small settlement, Starron is the result of a family working a tavern who decided to try and set up on the road. There are only 5 buildings, the Starron Tavern, the Starron Inn, a Saloon, a carriage repair shop, and a basic herbalism shop.

Thus far, no real leadership has been required, since it's not really a full town yet, but if there were leadership, it would be the Starron family: Silas, the Elf father, Suttern, the human wife, and Sharon, the half Elf daughter.

Docacean Towns[edit]


475 years old, 1130 people

Frostshine is the coldest of the Docacean towns, being close enough that on a clear day it's inhabitants can see the Wall of Repulsion. During Autumn and Spring, dew collects on the ground for the better part of the morning, giving the whole town an almost mirror like sheen, it's a highly regarded tourist attraction.

Frostshine's Principal is a half Elf by the name of Silvestri Giniah, a middle aged woman with dark features, who often dresses in wine red robes. She once was in a relationship with the current King.


1015 years old, 5600 people

Hemdren was the first town to be rebuilt after Lucio the Tyrant's attempt at destroying all the cities and towns in Beachblush. As such it has had a lot of time to develop and has become a hotspot for merchants and travellers to meet up.

The Principal of Hemdren is a Beachblush Warforged called Commander, who was appointed by King Lucio himself, but after Lucio's death, a rebel faction found Commander and convinced him to work for the betterment of the people, since then it has been his mission to grow Hemdren into the 5th city of Beachblush.


352 years old, 3270 people

Feygrass was founded when a group of people discovered that the soil around the Feywoods was so rich in nutrients, stone free, and easily malleable that it made for perfect farmland, this and subsequent settlements nearby are responsible for a huge amount of the produce found around the country.

Given their similar goals, the towns of Feygrass, Willowstock, Huttah, Civil and Shorden all act within a counsel comprised of two elders from each town, they meet every month on the second Endes and are known as the Council of the People.


119 years old, 650 people

The town of Harshton is a sister town to Lushville, it was created at the same time as part of a bet between King Mathias Santiago and his chief adviser on who could make a better town (Santiago lost, and the chief advisor was killed). Even though given its geographical location, Harshton is warmer and slightly more tropical than Lushville, Lushville has a slightly higher population which many think is because of its more inviting name.

The Principal of Harshton is a an elderly human woman as Marybell Swender. She was originally reveared in Harshton for her curry making skills, however she also showed immense skill and leadership and through her guidance, the town, as well as its sister town have grown well.


351 years old, 1280 people

Willowstock is one of the other towns created of the the people of Feygrass discovered the local soil's properties. Like all the towns created by the residents of Feygrass, its leaders are a group of the Council of the People and are rotated out on a semi-regular basis.


63 years old, 1480 people

Seabreeze is located above and to the west of the Docacea. It is a beach town that catches the last of the warm front from the southwest, and has made a popular destination for those looking to escape the bustle of the Docacean city life. It's close enough to Docacea that people with family there can still visit, but has a more tranquil, relaxed environment, and is surrounded with fields of flowers both intentionally and accidentally grown.

The leader of Seabreeze is Beasley Bonel, an eloquent half orc who manages the city from his family estate. When he's not working for the city, he channels his passion for adventuring in his oil paintings of fantastical lands, hoping one day to go out into the world and see it for himself.


348 years old, 973 people

Huttah is one of the town's formed from Feygrass. It's positioning next to so many other towns gives it an advantage in trade and export.


336 years old, 690 people

Civil is one of the towns involved in the Council of the People. It's people are known to be hard workers and strict individuals who follow the rules of the region to the letter. As such, it is often considered a death wish for people with bounties on their heads to try and seek refuge there.


325 years old, 452 people

Shorden is the newest Town involved in the Council, although its population grew more slowly than the other towns, it is now reaching a point where some of the townsfolk are considering leaving and beginning a new town. It is an anomaly in the area because of its high amount of cloud coverage.


132 years old, 950 people

Wellfest is one of the more stand-offish towns in the country. While not necessarily being the farthest away from civilization, it's people never fully got on board with the new monarchy, and prefer to keep to themselves. Travelers sometimes find this attitude unwelcoming and cold, and as such it's just not get as much tourist activity has some of the other town. With that said, the town is located on very fertile soil, so the crops it grows do have a well-known reputation.

The Principal of Wellfest is a Drow known as Tavorka Shintop, a refugee from Hishtoroth, Greater Illromov who escaped through stowing away on fishing boats. She is a somewhat enigmatic leader who struggles to fully gain the trust of her people.

Varedian Towns[edit]


527 years old, 1430 people

Crestfall is located to the east of Vared, and shares much of the city's design structure, however, the wooden cabins of Vared aren't present because the climate is too harsh not to destroy them. Thusly, the Water Benders of the town will routinely fix any damage to the igloos if and when it occurs.

The chieftain of Crestfall is Hacoma (not related to Hakoda), an elderly half Elf woman with a very strict way of running things. She lost her son a long time ago to a blizzard and has since been highly cautious to try and make sure none of her other residents meet the same fate. Curfews are employed, the local guards are constantly guarding the perimeter, and it overall has a more militant atmosphere.

Gonar's Landing[edit]

≈2000 years old, 1400 people

The local Legends of Gonar's Landing tell of a hero (Gonar) who was able to strike down Lolth using his tactical mind and military might, and then take her place as a God. Whether the legend is true has been debated since time immemorial, but some say that Gonar watches over the town to keep it from harm, and that that's why it's lasted so long.

The chieftain of Gonar's Landing is Kahadi, a middle aged male halfling. He is relaxed in most situations but fiercely passionate about the legend of Gonar, which is partly the reason he was sworn in. He declared every Endes a holiday where people are to drink to their heart's content, it has been met with slurred, positive feedback.


220 years old, 150 people

Isolation is so called for exactly the reason that one might expect. It's located in a Valley that makes it near impossible to reach unless you take the one road that diverges front the main highway. Unfortunately, most of the people have moved out of the town, and the remaining residents are beginning to wonder about officially leaving. The town has a council open to all residents, rather than a specific leader. They meet on the second week of each month to discuss the town. The town's small population allows effective change to be made even with this system, however with recent worries about the future of Isolation, recently, the discussions have been on the negative side.

Isolation is formed at the bottom of a colossal frozen lake, in a location where the massive ice sheets blanketing the land have been split open in a canyon type fashion. While the ice has historically held strong without leaking or crumbling, it is also only a few feet thick, and at night, the residents are treated to fantastic views of fluorescent jellyfish and other nautical creatures swimming through the other side, dimly lighting up the town with hues of blues and pinks for a few hours every night. While Isolation as a town has struggled to stay afloat recently, the night migration is considered by many to be an essential wonder of the world, and tourists, adventurers and the like are known to stop by frequently, providing a valuable boost to the economy.

Additionally, Isolation has an unusually high population of deep gnomes, about 1 in every 3 residents have a majority of deep gnome blood.


119 years old, 860 people

Created originally as a government stopping point during the time of the previous King, Lushville's name was partly ironic. However, it is the warmest place in the Varedian district, and the only major civilization in the district to be below the tree line, during the summer, there are 1 and a half months where the snow has melted, and the people celebrate this time with a carnival full of different sporting events. Not many crops grow in Lushville, but Frostroot, a tough plant with a quick growing period is the primary vegetable that doesn't have to be imported, they also have fluffy cows and cow-bison like creatures called Quagoraths.

Lushville is built roughly around the central government building of the town (which doubles as barracks and training grounds for the younger guards), after that are a collection of shops, and further from that are the houses of the villagers. A few minutes West of the town proper is a dock in an inlet of the ocean, and a few minutes South is the boarder that connects the Varedian district to the Docacean district. These days, it's not typically difficult to get through the boarder, and travelers only need to submit themselves to a quick check for any unreasonable weapons or contraband, and be of an "unsuspicious air and full physical and mental capacity within reason".

The Chieftain of Lushville is called Tanrak, a middle aged half-elven man. Tanrak is a skilled hunter who doubles as an experienced field medic. He used to work for Matías's Army, but once Matías was killed, he left and joined Lushville's community.

Factions, Guilds and Notable Organizations[edit]

Being the capital of the country, Casanova has a wealth of both businesses and social circles. Formal guilds were outlawed until the new king took over, but seeing as unions and partnerships had already been made behind closed doors, it didn't take long for public guilds to take root. While many of the guilds operate throughout most or all of the major cities, Casanova being the capital, many of them primarily house their members in this city.

The Underground Guild[edit]

Can be found in Casanova, Docacea and Central. The underground guild is the oldest guild in the city, having been started around 760 years ago. While guilds were illegal until the end of the old king's reign, that didn't stop this collection of thieves, smugglers, highwaymen and the occasional hired sword from coalescing into a more or less functional society.


Casanova: Centralized in secret stopping points in the under-ways, the hideout for the underground guild is a converted noble's bunker that the founders were able to "negotiate" from its previous owner, after they found out about some of his less savory business dealings. For that reason, it is surprisingly elegant, and once you step through its inconspicuous doors, a large foyer stretches out with multiple rooms to the sides and back, and a central stairway leading to a second floor, the first floor opens to a gambling room/tavern, a lodging area for some of the guild's permanent residents, a planning room and a closely guarded supply room.

The second floor is for high ranking members only, and while very few people are allowed entry (thus, very few people know exactly), it's rumoured to contain quarters for the 3 leaders of the Guild, a higher end tavern/brothel, and a vault for the coin collected by the Guild.

Docacea: The hideout in Docacea is the only one that isn't actually underground. Located within an abandoned warehouse left to the guild by a very "co-operative" individual, who decided to share some of his land after the guild found evidence of some of his criminal dealings. There is an an enchantment on the warehouse that makes it look and feel like an empty space, rendering everything and everyone inside it invisible and intangible to anyone who hasn't said the unlocking phrase inside the wall, the phrase is the oath of the guild, "With my hand, I shall be swift and decisive. With my mind, I shall be cunning and clever. With my heart, I shall be loyal and secret. With my gold, I shall be with the guild." Saying these tenets allows you to see and touch what is in the warehouse, but can't be done by just anyone without risk, the guild always knows if they're expecting a new arrival, and someone who enters without the guild's say-so is likely to be met with extreme suspicion or hostility, depending on who's in at the time. Additionally, breaking any of the oaths sworn to during the oath is sealed away from the enchantment again, and cannot get back in, even if they do repeat it. While it looks, decrepit on the outside, on the inside it gives off the feelings of a lavish chateau, with a central foyer leading into a small but well stocked inn, a bunking area for any members of the guild who are travelling through or living there permanently, as well as quarters for both of the Hands and Aldwin if he's in, and a treasury for all the gold given.

Central: The newest hideout of the guild, and consequently the smallest, the Centralian hideout of the guild is located underneath Rich Man's Heaven. Specifically, underneath a hidden trapdoor in a stall posing as a fresh fruits stand called, "Underground, Overgrown". While they do sell fruits, most of their business is in criminal dealings, selling drugs, or arranging meetings. The hideout inside is unfinished, and resembles a cave system, it has a network of warm magical lights that lead through the caves, the color of the lights tells you where they're leading (green=common areas, yellow=meetings or guild payments, red=initiation). While the hideout has all the basic amenities of a guild base (bunks, a meeting room and quarters for high level guild members, and food), it lacks the polish and finesse of the other hideouts, and is frequently under construction.


Anyone who wishes to join the Guild must first be able to either find the Guild, or be one of those selected for potential recruitment, once that's done, they must pass a test of courage and a test of loyalty, while the test of courage varies from person to person, the test of loyalty involves severing one's left little finger, the blade they are provided is intentionally blunt and rusty, those who survive the tests are granted access into the Guild for a monthly payment of 5 gold pieces, as well as 15% of any gold gained from guild funded exploits.

After a year of faithful service, you become a 'Knight of the Underground Guild', are given full access to the facilities of the guild and an item called the "Finger of the Thief"


Standard text is stuff that is public knowledge or information that players could figure out through spying or rumours, italicized text is usually reserved for backstory or closely guarded features of the characters.

Aldwin Bostel: The leader of all branches of the underground guild is Aldwin Bostel, a human in his early to mid 50s, seemingly jovial upon first meeting him, but those who've known him for long know that he's always three steps ahead of the competition. A skilled gambler, Aldwin is a man of tanned complexion, somewhat portly, and often dressed in a thick, fur lined coat, with a belt strapped around his shoulder containing a myriad of thieves' tools. He often travels around the four big cities, checking in on each branch of the Guild. Aldwin Bostel used to be a naval captain, and one of the four members of an anti-piracy group in Beachblush, skilled in torturing, strategy and manipulation, he alone quickly thinned the scourge of Pirates taking over the waters surrounding the country. But his questionable techniques began to draw unwanted attention to this secret group, and when the navy told him to either step down or face prison, he chose prison. But on his transport, he was somehow able to escape, and killed all the 28 guards sent to escort him, without leaving any hints as to where he'd go next. When he came across the underground guild, the leader at the time, an elderly gnome by the name of Wozniak Pauper took him in and groomed him to be his successor, a role he was more than happy to take.

As well as a central leader, each branch of the Underground Guild has a Left Hand and a Right Hand, two leaders who are in charge of different aspects of running their city's criminal underground. The Left Hand's job is to oversee dealings with the nobles and their less-than-noble deeds. To that end, a Left Hand will often run any high level drug trafficking, make sure to be forging connections with the right kind of people, and "negotiating" with businesses and nobles when those connections begin to fray. The Right Hand of the Guild deals with street level crime, ground level surveillance, district management, organization of heists, crimes or general ne'er-do-wellery all fall under the umbrella of the Right Hand.

Casanova: The Left Hand of the Casanova is a young adult Triton. She has long, navy blue hair, and emerald green eyes. She can often be seen in simple yet elegant dresses, concealing a myriad of weapons and thieves' tools, and in public, an incredibly ornate crown made of different corals and shells, with a few precious gems thrown in for good measure. She is soft-spoken and has a tendency to lull people into a false sense of control, so that by the time they realise she was conning them, she's already gone, her lineage and techniques have earned her the nickname, "the Siren of Casanova". Her real name is unknown, but a favored moniker is, "Sapphire Trelawny". A former member of the royal family of Attmoore (the Aquatic country to the West of Beachblush), changes to be made with this section to keep in line with updated lore Kona Coralheart was heir to the throne in the long standing matriarchal line of rulers, loved by all her subjects for her compassion and kindness. She found that her father, the Prince of the city was plotting to kill both her and her mother, the Queen. While she was barely able to escape by faking her death, her mother wasn't as lucky. Within a short time, her kindness had to take a backseat to survival on the streets of Kirad. For twenty three years she lived in squalor, until she tried to hire an assassin to remove her father from power. When she realized that his fee would be more than she could ever save living on the streets, the assassin instead offered her an option: thirty years of service in his guild in exchange for the murder of the King. She accepted, and the assassin's revealed himself to be the Right Hand of the Casanovan branch of the Underground Guild, who happened to be in need of someone familiar with the Nobles' way of life. Her kindness still shines through on occasion, but it's now shrouded by a desire for revenge, a desire that won't be satiated until she's back on her throne.

In Casanova, the position of Right Hand falls to a red Tiefling named Akmenos, early fifties, with a tight ponytail of purple hair, long, wavy horns, and an eye patch covering his left eye. A master in nearly all forms of both melee and ranged combat, Aldwin recognized his talents and made him a member, where he quickly rose through the ranks. So when a position for Right Hand was made available, it didn't take long for him to claim it as his own. His cold demeanor belies a hot temper that has, on occasion, landed him in trouble, and he specifically holds a sore spot for the royalty and elite guard of the city, although his exact reasoning is unknown to all except his close friend, Aldwin Bostel. Akmenos was the first Tiefling of the royal guard for the former King, Matías Santiago, and he eventually became the head guard, and a close personal friend of the king. A former assassin, Akmenos was hired to kill the King by a group of his dissenters, and he nearly did: when he entered the King's room in the middle of the night, however, Matías was awake, and ended up having a lengthy conversation with his prospective killer. He was able to convince Akmenos to join his elite guard, the Justicia, he worked with the King for five years, until Mathías, in a fit of paranoia, ordered the Justicia to kill him, under suspicion of treason. He made it out alive, but the head guard skewered his eye out before he left, and left a permanent hatred of royalty and the Justicia in its place.

Docacea: Both the Left Hand of Docacea and the latest in a long line of merchants, specifically, merchants under the employ of the Underground Guild. Cederic Griffin, a human in his early 40s, often clad in black, gold and purple clothing, with shoulder length (though always curled like a judge) hair. takes care of his duties in an uncommon way, rather than simply rubbing shoulders with nobles, his work as a merchant often results in him selling items to the upper class, all while luring them into a false sense of security and influencing them on a more subconscious level. It helps that the things he sells to his targets often have tracking/spying enchantments on them. He and his (unknowing) wife, Maribelle, run a shop in Docacea selling all manner of fineries, from jewelry to clothes to accessories to furniture, but because of Cederic's frequent traveling to sell to specific Nobles, it's usually Maribelle who's running the shop proper. Most of Cederic's wares are authentic, and he has very little to do with the Guild by choice, stating that the less he knows, the harder it is to catch him in the act. He prefers to simply get a letter in the mail saying a name, a goal, and a time limit, after that he works his magic. He wasn't happy with his families ties to the underworld, but was able to put his misgivings aside when he realized the coin that one could make in his line of work.

The Right Hand of Docacea is most likely human or elf named Calvin Payne, his age is unknown but most people assume that he's between thirty and fifty years old. In any kind of public setting, Calvin wears a hood and cloth mask, meaning that everything except his eyes is covered, this hood and mask combo fasten together, making them almost impossible to remove before he removes you. He wears a leather chest piece over a burgundy doublet with the sleeves removed, and is a fair middle ground between lean and muscular. Obsessed with perfection, he runs a tight ship, and has specific squads in specific areas, as well as rigid operating locations and hours, and vigorous screening for anyone who tries to enter his branch of the Guild, with recon often being conducted for multiple weeks for final decisions are arrived at. While he seems stone cold on the surface, it's mostly a front, and Calvin is teetering on the edge of total collapse, a result of intense physical and emotional abuse until his early adult life, conducted primarily by his parents, the final straw was when they killed his sister in a drunken rage, prompting him to end their violence, permanently.

Central: The Left Hand of Central is a High Elf by the name of Rydea Aeondwyn (Rid-eah Ay-on-dwinn), born to a the prestigious Aeondwyn Estate 238 years ago as a rambunctious, bold and confident child, their parents were bent on beating out their child's "unladylike" behavior, but their child, always feeling more comfortable being androgynous, was a stubborn one to break. Stubborn enough that even after their parents' deaths, they remained bold and strong. Rydea is known to be an aggressive negotiator, often challenging those who disagree with them to duels, a nickname that has earned them the mantra of "the Duchess of Death". When they aren't doing business with the guild or for the estate, Rydea is an avid fencer, gambler and hunter.

The Right hand is an elderly Gnome who goes by the moniker of Illmaze, a Gnomish Sorcerer who focuses on enchantment and evocation to make up for his small stature, he is a a fisherman by trade. He has a well kept white moustache and beard, with the beard tied around with a bit of cloth. He wears a green, pointed hat and green robes trimmed with gold. He also uses a staff that publicly is just for walking, but doubles as a spell focus. The robes, hat, staff, and cloth are all adorned with small green jewels that light up slightly when he casts spells. When communicating with his underlings, he has a system of complex codes that make it sound like they're talking about the day's catch.

The Guild of the Creatives[edit]

Can be found in Casanova, Central, and Vared. The Guild of the Creatives was started shortly after guilds were made legal again. Artists of all kinds had already been holding creative gatherings, sharing ideas, techniques and more, so all the officiating of the Guild meant was that these creatives were no longer stifled in secrecy.

The Guild of the Businessman[edit]

Placeholder text, what if Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg got together to make a rich boy club? You get the Guild of the businessman, a union of some of the largest businesses in the country, all supporting each other through favors, and with the ever-unifying belief of expanding power to push them forward, this guild has recently been causing some problems for the economy of the country, but that's not what placeholder text is for, this is where we all get to loosen up a bit, let our hair down, I even get to make the occasional tpyo. The real information will come when it's ready to be properly typed up, until then I'm afraid it stays locked in the aether that is my head.

The Guild of the Shapers[edit]

Placholder text, so the deal with these ones is that they're all the nobles of the country, certainly a fair chunk of them, and they're the ones who "shape" the country. Yeah that's right, they've mostly got big egos and even bigger chips on their shoulder. Nobles can be a real pain, just like naming a guild of nobles, just calling them "the Guild of nobles" felt a little too on the nose, but I feel like shapers is massive a little too pretentious, on the other hand, they are pretty pretentious. I don't know dude, it's getting late so I might wake up tomorrow and change it completely, make it "the Guild of hula dancers" or something. I guess we'll find out tomorrow. I think I'm done with guilds for tonight though, I've got to save some for the other cities after all.

Notable Landmarks[edit]

A collection of tourist attractions, monoliths etc found throughout Beachblush. The scale of these landmarks range from joke tourist attractions to monolithic statues that grant godlike power. The abbreviations PK (public knowledge) and UD (undiscovered) can be used to determine what your party would be aware of.

Gonar's Edge PK[edit]

Gonar's Edge is a massive canyon, so deep into the ground that even the Varedian snow can't make it all the way to the bottom. There is one town at the end of Gonar's Edge called Isolation, and this settlement often tricks new adventurers into thinking that the land is hospitable, but only the fiercest and most determined of creatures can survive. Almost entirely empty of food and water, and swarming with Wolves, Balor, Dragons and more. There are even rumours that a Tarrasque has made Gonar's Edge its home. This is certainly no place for the faint of heart.

The Wreckage of the Angel's Cootamunda UD[edit]

The Angel's Cootamunda was the ship of a mercenary group by the same name. They were regarded as a group of honorable thieves, who only took jobs they deemed honorable, and never injured civilians. However, when a pirate gang layed siege to the ship, all but two of the crew were killed, and the ship, along with a fortune of 500 000 gold pieces were sunk to the ocean. Leaving the Docacean port and going Southwest for 2 days, and then West for one more will lead your party to see the flag of the ship floating on the water. A perception/investigation check with a DC 13 will reveal a portion of the mast protruding from the ocean, tethered to the ship by a length of rope. The ship will be surrounded by sharks and the like, but many players will consider the reward worth the risk.

A DC 11 History check will reveal the history of the Angel's Cootamunda as listed here, including rumours of the fortune onboard.

The Tetradon Stone PK[edit]

A Casanovan tourist attraction, found 6 days travel to the Northeast of Turnow's Keep, a carved stone shaped like a mammoth, incorrectly labelled as a Tetradon.

The Stones of Undying UD[edit]

Ten jet black stones each measuring 3 meters in width and depth, and 10 meters in height, arranged in a circle around a pure white, perfectly spherical stone with blue, glowing, arcane symbols surrounding it, with a radius of 12 meters, are sat 12 days travel from the southern base of Vesuvius Point. Constructed Millenia ago, by an ancient, long dead civilization. If a player uses Comprehend Languages to decipher the symbols on the white sphere, they will know the following information:

If a player spends an entire year meditating at these stones, they are to roll 10 constitution checks. For each check they succeed, their lifespan will be increased by one lifetime of their race. Additionally, their intelligence score will be increased by 1 (1 total, not 1 for each successful check) However, unless a party sleeps within a kilometer of the white stone, or happen to meditate of their own free will, at which point the Ancient Goddess Ditremex will come to them and relay the situation, they will not know this.

Meditating on these stones will grant a tremendous boon. However, upon completing this meditation, the player will be hit by such an all-encompassing sense of fatigue and exhaustion, that only a remedy made of thyme, a lock of the players hair, and a fire-daisy (which can only be found at the peak of Vesuvius Point) will be able to bring them out of it. Otherwise their bodies must spend an entire lifetime of their race recovering. Once they have finished meditating and are in this state of unbearable fatigue, the Ancient Goddess Ditremex will contact them and give them the recipe for the cure.

It is strongly recommended that the DM find a way to make sure that at least one member of the party choose not to meditate, otherwise it is likely that everybody they knew will either age considerably or die, which is sad for the characters, and a huge pain for the DM who will have to come up with new NPCs. This is a risky feature and not recommended for players in the middle of a time sensitive campaign.


Certain areas of Beachblush have wild climates, or strange magical properties that make them difficult to explore. This section is to catagorize the large scale climates of the country, and to hone in on some of the more localized environments. Both the safe and the dangerous, the mundane and the magical areas of Beachblush will be outlined here:

Southern Beachblush[edit]

Southern Beachblush has temperatures that border on tropical due to the warm front from the Southwest. The shores of the Southern portion of the country are filled with beaches of red sand, some only 15 feet across and others that take days to walk the length of. These beaches led the people of old (specifically the Qu'Dah) to view it as a physical manifestation of the Goddess Nature giving vitality to the land, as they were like veins of blood coursing throughout the lands, giving strength to the Country and its people (this is the reason for the name "Beachblush"). Since the dictatorship, however, some people view the beaches as emblematic of the blood that was shed in the name of power. Some druidic circles have made the beaches their home, and still tend to the beaches as part of nature's domain.

It is theorized that the famous Blooming Acres forest has grown to be so massive because of a combination of the climate and the native Pixies, who may have accelerated the growth of the area. To the Southeast of the country, in the "Right Prong" of Beachblush, a large Jungle known as the Tiger's Den resides. It stretches from just below Carlyle, curving outwardly to the left of Casanova. Throughout the entire Southern region of the country, Tropical fruits are often grown on the farms, and the prices of fruits like bananas, mangoes, durians, pineapples and pomegranate are often lower in the all towns and cities in the region except Turnow's Keep, where the 'Merchants' will usually just charge whatever they feel like.

The temperature will almost never dip below freezing, with the lower end typically being about 5-10 degrees Celsius, and the hottest days being around 40 degrees. The terrain is broadly categorized into Jungle and Mountain areas, the mountains are sheer, craggy and full of caves, many of which are home to bandits, ogres or other ne'er do wells. While the Jungle is lush, humid and supports a dangerous ecosystem of such terrors as Tigers, Quippers, Giant Crocodiles and hundreds more beasts waiting to pounce on the unwary traveler.

The Tiger's Den[edit]

The Tiger's Den is a massive Jungle that lines the left side of the right prong of Beachblush. It is known for the rumors about its wealth of herbs and plants that are said to be able to cure everything from impotence to missing legs but so far, very few people have been able to get far enough into the jungle to be able to properly harvest them, as mere feet away from the carefully carved out paths through trees, the jungle becomes a hostile environment to battle any tundra or desert. The Tiger's Den is home to a special breed of tigers that only live in that area: the Blood Cat, a fearsome, horned, red and white tiger, with the size of a horse, the stealth of a panther, and the blood-lust of Vampire. While no-one knows exactly how the Blood Cats came to be, the leading theory is that the goddess Disgust caused a vile mutation in the blood of normal tigers, transforming them into the horrific beasts they are today.

The Blooming Acres[edit]

The Blooming Acres are a forest of massive, ancient trees located to the South of the country on the left prong of Beachblush. Each massive tree can be as tall as 75 meters, with most of them standing around 50 meters. The forest has been the center of all manner of rumours and speculation. Many of them surrounding the elusive Pixie civilization of Pixie Hollow. Animals like foxes and bears are commonplace aboveground, but the litany of caves running below the forest house far more dangerous monsters.

Middle Beachblush[edit]

The middle of the country is closest to what the temperature of the region 'should' be, it is fairly temperate, with summers getting to highs of about 25 degrees Celsius, and winters getting to lows of -25. with the exception of a few small forests, the region mostly consists of flat plains or regions with lazy, rolling hills. While the creation of Turnow's Keep has reduced the number of Goblin attacks exponentially, the amount of human raiders is actually slightly above average, and while most of these are small, ragtag groups, a few of the groups have gained a degree of renown, namely:

The Rust Soldiers[edit]

A group of bandits who use domesticated or enslaved monsters to try and give themselves the upper hand, they are known for their training of Rust Monsters, which often rusts their armor as a result. They consist mainly of humans, with 6-8 being sent out in parties at a time, they'll often use any means they can to try and ambush whoever they set their sites on, sometimes stalking them for days to try to get into their opponents' heads.

The Superiors[edit]

The Superiors are a Barbarian group that relies on pure strength and durability, they don't use any weapons and rely on their fists for all physical challenges. They act as a fairly standard bandit group in other aspects, raiding caravans, starting fights, etc. However, they have gained a certain degree of infamy for fighting their way into towns and stealing newborns to induct into their own ranks. This isn't public knowledge until they try to overthrow the crown but the leader of the Superiors is a bastard son of the Former King. He wants to overthrow the crown and become the country's new ruler.

The Fey Woods[edit]

Located slightly to the North-West of central Beachblush, the Fey Woods are sometimes called the Fly Trap of Beachblush. This is due to their near paralyzing beauty, which synchronize with a deeply terrifying array of beasts, fey, Elder Gods, and illusory paths designed to trick the mind and beguile the senses. It was (and still is, although this is only rumor to the public) the habitat of Qu'Raavi, and due to their fascination, and near madness with magic, what was once a normal forest has been irreversibly altered and infused with magic. So much, in fact, that the The Fey Woods are the center of all magical energy in the country, if not the world. It is a realm unto itself, complete with its own unique flora and fauna, it's not uncommon to find sentient animals or plants, eight-legged foxes, falcons with butterfly wings, dinosaurs, and all manner of unnatural creatures. It is a jungle full of everything from vibrant colors in the plants, to caves with such a penetrating darkness that even magical light is rendered useless.

The illusory paths, features and critters, coupled with all their corporeal counterparts, mean that the Fey Woods are almost impossible to navigate, and only one group is rumoured to have entered and left alive. While it is positioned relatively closely to Northern Beachblush, its temperature always reads exactly 32.5 degrees Celsius and can transition from being almost aquatically humid to dryer than the Desert of Hishtoroth. It is encouraged that only the most sturdy and self-assured adventurers venture into it, anyone who wishes to enter is encouraged to talk to the local government of the town they enter from so that they can make sure a Will is prepared, and that any family members and loved ones can be told to expect an untimely death. This service is offered free of charge.

The Center of the Fey Woods[edit]

The center of the Fey Woods are home to the clan of the Qu'Raavi, a mysterious race as old as the universe, altered and deformed by a once dangerous obsession with magic. Their society is both intentionally and involuntarily secret from the rest of the world, trapped, both by shame of the past, and a cage of their own design. Should the party find this society, they will be told to leave, if they decline, a group of 7-10 Qu'Raavi warriors will descend from the trees and attempt to kill them. They can, however, be bargained with, for materials or information.


In their hay day, the Qu'Raavi developed enchanted suits of armor to protect their territory, despite rusting, and hundreds of years having past, these Helmed Horrors (the designs of these ones are far more slender and elegant), patrol the Fey Woods without rest or mercy, and will attack any party that doesn't have at least one Qu'Raavi with it. Additionally, the once normal creatures of the forest have been changed, this is a place of great variety, but some general ideas include: Dire creatures, hybrids, monstosities, and those who have gone mad from spending too much time in the woods.


The enchantments of the Fey Woods are known to play tricks on the mind, there are countless possible hallucinations that could be seen, but below are a few designed for percentile rolling (an intelligence check of 15 reveals the illusions to be fake, but they don't disappear). If your hit points drop to 0, you are made to be unconscious but death saving throws never take place, you cannot outright die from these illusions:

Roll Result
1-15 Fake path, or a real path being obscured.
16-25 Fake food or water.
26-30 A feeling of being watched.
31-35 A feeling of being watched and hearing whispers from an unidentifiable source.
36-45 Illusory angered predator, psychic damage optional.
46-50 Illusory intelligent enemy, psychic damage optional.
51-55 Flashing lights that obscure vision, affecting perception checks or concentration spells optional.
56-60 An intense sensation of drowning for 5d8 minutes, psychic damage optional.
61-65 Illusory fire burning down the woods, psychic damage optional.
66-70 Intense itching/feeling of bugs under the skin.
71-72 Illusory field of flowers that seemingly expands forever in all directions.
73-86 Other party members eyes appear to roll back in their heads, and their mouths curled back in a painful smile, twitching, jittering and maybe shouting.
87-90 All creatures seem to instantly disappear, no visual, tactile or auditory stimuli alert the target for the next 1d4 hours.
91-92 You are slowly turning into a gelatinous cube.
93-94 The trees start rapidly growing infinitely, even going higher than the sun, and the trunks begin to crush the target.
95 A tavern door appears in a tree, once you step in it you find yourself in a vibrant and boisterous inn.
96 Your weapon taunts you and asks you to attack your other party members, secondary intelligence check to overcome.
97 You find yourself in a place of deep personal significance.
98 The skin of all your party members seems to burn and melt off until they are just bones, they do not notice, intelligence saving throw or take the afraid condition for 1d4 hours.
99 A character of deep personal meaning, living or dead, wishes to disparage you (a figment of imagination, message is not real).
100 A character of deep personal meaning, living or dead, wishes to encourage you (gain one inspiration point).

The Shrouded Forest[edit]

In the year 1d, a great rift formed in the south of the Centralian region of Beachblush (bleeding into the northernmost point of the Casanovan region), a canyon of unparalleled size was created, one which swallowed up nearly a third of the border between the two regions set up by the dictator of the time, Raul Pascal. Nobody knows exactly how it was created, but rumors of everything from a battle between nature and disgust to a curse on the land from witches have been thrown around. Regardless of how it was created though, the repressed people of the country saw a possible way of traveling between the two regions. Everyone from freedom fighters to smugglers tried to cross the chasm, and very few were able to succeed.

In the aftermath of this destruction, the canyon became overgrown with plant life, and while the ground remains torn up and segmented, it is now filled with all manner of flora and fauna, and contains many rare medicinal herbs for those brave enough to face the region. While there is no known society that resides in the area, aside from a small amount of hunting cabins and hermits, some historians have noted that the rare Sky Tieflings appeared at approximately the same time, although no official connection has ever been revealed.

The highway over the shrouded forest is called the bridge of faith, it takes a little more than a day and a half to cross the bridge by horse and carriage (there is a simple hostel halfway through run by the government, it costs 2 silver per person, and ID checks are common to try and spot criminals), if someone should choose to cross through the canyon itself, given the terrain, and the lack of pathways, assuming that the party doesn't get lost, it's more likely to take six to seven days by foot (the terrain is too rough to be traveled by horse and carriage, but individual horses are more likely to survive). If for some reason, one were to try and cross from left to right, it would take about fourteen to sixteen days by foot. Most of the forest remains uncharted and unknown, this added layer of uncertainty only makes it more dangerous.

Northern Beachblush[edit]

Northern Beachblush is colder by far than it naturally would be, due to a cold front that comes in from the Northeast, for that reason, the summer temperatures can often only reach 1-2 degrees at the height of summer, and in the northernmost points of the country can be as low as -60 degrees in the winter, those temperatures would only be expected in the Impossible Range however, the coldest place inhabited by people in the region, Crestfall, typically has a winter no closer than -45.

Northern Beachblush is the harshest place in the country both in terms of temperature, and the beasts that roam the district. Hags, Flesh Golems, Ancient Dragons and far more, both wandering the tundras and lurking like troglodytes below the surface of the ice, equally as likely to steal a glare as a soul. The ranges of Northern Beachblush are nothing to scoff at, and only the most battle hardened adventurers should attempt to stray even a few feet from the paths that have been laid out.

The Impossible Range[edit]

The Impossible Range is a harsh and unforgiving frozen wasteland. Nobody who's ever ventured more than a day past Winterview has ever returned, whether because of the near impossible temperatures, the unforgiving and unpredictable avalanches, or the myriad beasts that lurk in caves, and under the ice, waiting for a careless adventurer to make a wrong step. With that said, certain rewards are being offered to those anyone able to charter the region. Since nobody knows what the area is like, these rewards are as steep as 100 000 Platinum Pieces. Only Stumpy O'Cley is rumored to have crossed it, and his story changes each time somebody asks him about it.

In particular, members of the Guild of Expeditionists often see it as the end goal of their adventuring career.

The Wall of Repulsion[edit]

The Wall of Repulsion was the first act of King Luca Santiago, it is an enchanted wall designed to keep anyone out. The bricks and metal supporting it shift and carry any prospective climbers back into a safe zone, it's designed so that only one entrance is accessible throughout the entire country, located on the path to Winterview.

The Wall took 5 years to finish construction and enchantment by a group of internationally renowned mages.

Universe Lore and History[edit]

In the beginning, there were two beings of equal strength. They were known as Sanity and Madness. The two spirits despised each other, and wanted nothing more than to be rid of each other’s company. The spirits decided to create other lifeforms to live among so that they could have company other than each other. Before they could do that,however, they needed a place to live. They wanted to create a planet to live on, but they needed somewhere to put the planet, so they made Space, and made the God of the Void to watch over it, along with the planet, which they later named Uplar. Once the planet was finished, they needed guardians to watch over the forces of said planet, so they made 4 individuals spirits. They became the gods of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Now that the 7 spirits were done with their masterpiece, Sanity and Madness started working on the people of their new planet. Some were simple and straightforward, while others were creative and passionate. Their final act was to forge their bodies and possess them so they could live in their paradise. The 7 spirits picked their bodies to resemble some of the races they were fond of. Now that they settled down and began their new lives, the 4 gods of the planet wanted to experience emotions like the mortals did, so they took the time to wonder Uplar and fall in love. The God of Air found love with a mortal, and gave birth to a new god, known as the God of Lightning. The Goddess of Water did likewise, and birthed the God of Ice. The Goddess of Fire and The God of Earth found love in each other, and gave birth to the God of Magma. When the 4 elemental gods experienced love, The Goddess of Nature was created independently from the overwhelming emotions from the deities.

About The Gods[edit]

The new planet thrived for many years. Sanity and Madness were finally happy, as they lived on opposite ends of Illromov and knew they never had to see each other again. Because Sanity was no longer around to keep Madness in line, Madness had began to cause violence and chaos, and seduced the people of his land to war. He started to rally some of the weaker minded races together and started attacking cities and communities just for the fun of it. Sanity gathered her loyal followers and waged a war against Madness. The war lasted for many years, and got to the point where the other gods had to intervene. After many painful years of conflict, The God of the Void got bored of watching the same war, and desired something new. Knowing quite well that the war was Madness’s fault, He ripped Madness from the planet and sealed him in the Void for as long as he continues to exist. The War of Madness had ended, and the world started to rebuild itself. The races that sided with Madness were outcasted and shamed for their actions, while Sanity’s followers were granted large new kingdoms in their honour. The planet was reborn, the people rejoiced, and Sanity hadn’t laid her eyes on Madness ever since that day. Cult followers of Madness say that before he was sealed, he predicted his downfall, and made a device to help free him from the Void and return his power. These people have never been able to explain how, and it has never been proven by a reliable source.

All of the gods live on Uplar, with the exception of the Void. Sanity is nomadic, as she must keep people in line, so she doesn’t have a house or place of her own. The Void lives in a private chamber that floats above the ozone layer, and Madness is sealed away in the far depths of the void. The 8 elemental gods live in hidden sanctuaries spread throughout the continent. The elemental sanctuaries are protected by their loyal followers, which usually consist of a particular race that have strong similarities to the god’s virtues, alongside the specific type of Genasi (if applicable) that align with the god. While it's definitely not unheard of to see other races living in these sanctuaries, there is always one dominant race living among the gods. All of the Gods have a signature color and beast. They can each transform into their beast at will to give them specific abilities and powers, their beast is mono-toned to match the god’s signature color. The Void has no signature color, so his beast, the beholder, is a different colour depending on who views it. Everyone sees a different color, with it usually having to do with that person’s morals or personality.

There are 4 Ranks of gods. High Rank are for the original 2, Sanity and Madness, along with the Void. These 3 have the most power, influence, and responsibility over the planet, and act accordingly. Their beasts range from feared monsters to harmless flocks. Mid rank gods are the 4 original elemental gods, Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. They watch over the forces of the planet, and split their responsibilities among them. Their beasts are mythical creatures. Low Rank gods are the gods that have been made solely from the need for gods to have mortal feelings, those being Lightning, Ice, Magma, and Nature. Lightning and Ice are both half mortal, and represent exaggerations of their god parent’s morals. Magma is an insecure warlord hybrid of fire and earth, and Nature represent the beauty of the planet, so neither of these two have any big responsibilities. All 4 of these Low gods were born in a time after all the responsibility and influence were divided up, so their power is significantly weaker than their higher ups. Their beasts are symbolic animals. Finally, there are the Renegade Gods. In the height of the War, when the people of the planet were more stressed than ever, more hesitant to follow the wills of the gods knowing that they may be throwing their lives away, their fractured emotions gave birth to a new class of God. These new gods had no ties to any of the others, and were representative of the emotional spectrum of the mind, they were (as far as the records can find) Sleep, Joy, Gluttony, Anger, Sadness, and Disgust. The new gods tried to stop the war, they sided with the people, and valued life above all else, but when their efforts proved to be in vain, they left Illromov, the country of endless battle, and raised a new continent, Y'alathar, or as it would eventually come to be known, Beachblush. The once optimistic Renegade Gods had lost a huge deal of faith in humanity when they were unable to cease the fighting between the races of the world, and when Lucio the Tyrant took over their country, any faith that was left was shattered, and the alliance between the Renegade Gods was broken, as some of them continued trying to help people, some turned to their destruction, and others simply wished to be left alone, there are even theories that some became so far removed from people that there are no surviving records about them at all.

Gods and Deities[edit]

Most of the gods worshiped in Beachblush are those recognized in Greater Illromov, a few however, are recognized more exclusively in Beachblush.

Illromovan Gods
Title Color Virtues Beast Form Rank Alignment
Sanity White Mercy, Guidance White Dove High L/G
Madness Black Destruction, Pain Dire Wolf High C/E
Void Null Emptiness, Despair, Stagnation Beholder High Unaligned
Fire Orange Knowledge, Strategy Dragon Mid C/N
Water Blue Wisdom, Peace Kraken Mid L/N
Air Purple Action, Courage Griffon Mid N/G
Earth Brown Strength, Willpower Minotaur Mid N/N
Lightning Yellow Chaos, Freedom Horse/Centaur Low C/G
Ice Turquoise Order, Loyalty Owl Low L/E
Nature Green Beauty, Life Anaconda Low N/G
Magma Red War, Force Lion Low N/E
Renegade Gods
Title Color Virtues Beast Form Rank Alignment
Sleep Pink Dreams, Vulnerability Bat-Eared Fox Deserter Unaligned
Joy Black Destruction, Pain Dire Wolf High Unaligned
Gluttony Null Emptiness, Despair, Stagnation Beholder High Unaligned
Anger Orange Knowledge, Strategy Dragon Mid Unaligned
Sadness Blue Wisdom, Peace Kraken Mid Unaligned
Disgust Orange Knowledge, Strategy Dragon Mid Unaligned
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