Battleram Blast (3.5e Invocation)

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Battleram Blast
Least; 3rd; Eldritch Essence

Your eldritch blast becomes a battleram blast.  A battleram blast deals non-lethal subdual damage equal to your normal blast, but also works as a bull rush.  Use your Charisma in place of Strength for the opposed roll, and for each three die of the blast's base damage above 1d6, you increase the effective size category of the bull rush by one, starting by Medium size. Additionally, you are treated as moving with your target for purposes of determining how far you can push them.

Example:  A 5th-level human warlock (medium-sized) with Charisma 17 deals 3d6 subdual damage with his battleram blast.  He engages in an opposed roll pitting his Charisma versus his target's Strength and gains a +8 bonus for being Huge (two virtual size categories due to the two extra dice above 1d6).  If he wins and his result is 11 points higher than his target, his target is pushed back 15 feet (5 feet plus an additional 5 feet for ever 5 points above his target's result).

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