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Physical Description[edit]

Basitins are a little-known race of bipedal, long-eared, brown-furred, sentient animals. They average between 5'6" and 6'2" in height, though it is not unheard of for one to reach heights of 6'8". Having significantly more muscle mass than humans, Basitin tend to be about 10-15% heavier than a human of the same build. Most Basitin have brown fur, though greys are fairly common as well, especially as they age. Most Basitin have golden eyes, though hazel, blue and grey are not unknown. Basitin with green eyes are extremely rare and tend to be seen as individuals with some form of significant destiny.


Basitin tend to keep to themselves, so relations between them and the other races are rare, but, when they do interact with the outside races, they tend to have higher opinions of the more lawful races, such as dwarves. However, Basitin society is extremely structured and regimented, with most of them obeying orders without question. As such, once someone has a Basitins loyalty, it is unwavering and unquestioning.


Any non-chaotic. Basitins have no preference when it comes to good or evil


Basitins only have one land they truly call home, a small set of islands in the tropics. Basitins found elsewhere are either exiles from their home or they are simply travelling for one reason or another


Basitin have no real gods of their own. Most, if pressed, would answer they worship the concept of law itself, though some choose to worship lawful human gods, such as St. Cuthbert or Heironious


All Basitin speak Basitin and common, while the ones with higher intelligence scores typically learn the languages of humanoids such as elves and dwarves over any others


Racial Traits[edit]

+2 Strength, +4 Constitution, -2 Charisma. Basitin are quite strong and extremely hardy, but tend to be very gruff and blunt


Medium. As medium creatures, Basitin have no special bonuses from their size Basitin have a base movement speed of 30 feet

Low Light Vision (Ex): All Basitin can see twice as far as a human in poor lighting conditions, such as starlight, torchlight, or any form of shadowy illumination

Scent (Ex): All Basitin have the Scent special quality, as described in the Monster Manual

Weapon Proficiency: All Basitin recieve Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Bastard Sword) as a bonus feat

+2 Racial bonus on all saving throws. Basitin are extremely resistant to anything that can be thrown at them, whether it requires dodging, enduring or resisting mental effects.

+2 Racial on Fortitude saves against nonmagical diseases and poisons. The Basitin Isles are tropical islands fraught with diseases, where most of the local flora and fauna are poisonous.

+2 Listen and Spot checks. All Basitin have sharp eyes and ears

Magical Restrictions: Basitin suffer a unique restriction. Most races possess some form of direct connection with magic, which is what allows for the development of sorcerers and similar spellcasters. Basitin, for an unknown reason, lack this connection. This means that Basitin cannot become sorcerers or any other form of purely spontantious spellcaster, and they take a -4 on all Spellcraft checks, as well as a -2 on Knowledge (Arcana), Use Magic Device, and any other skill checks the DM determines as being primarily "Magic-Based". Finally, magic can be taxing on a Basitins psyche, which can cause psychotic episodes of varying degrees of intensity. The DM determines if and when this applies, but it only affects Basitin who are primarily magic users, such as Wizards, Clerics and Druids.

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