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Triclopean Bard Substitution Levels[edit]

Note: Only pureblood Triclopes are eligible for these, not Half-Triclopes. Triclopes have unusual mental powers and an aptitude for powerful magic: their Bards can gain some of the abilities of Sorcerers.

1st level: A Triclopean Bard can choose not to gain the normal weapon, armour and shield proficiencies of the class (at least, not as a Bard: he/she may have these from another class) and the ability to avoid arcane spell failure in light armour, remaining proficient only with all simple weapons. Instead, he/she may gain a familiar, as a Sorcerer or Wizard would (and Bard levels will count towards familiar advancement). Also, he/she will lose the Bard's normal inability to use the Silent Spell feat with Bardic spells.

3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th & 18th level: Evey 3 levels, a Triclopean Bard has the option of not taking an extra daily use of Bardic music at that level and increasing his/her spell repertoire instead. The first time the Bard does this, he/she will gain knowledge of an extra 0th level spell and an extra 1st level spell, both of which will be drawn from the Sorcerer spell list rather than the Bard spell list. The next time, a 2nd level spell will be gained from the Sorcerer spell list, then a 3rd level spell... and so on.

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