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The baqir (ba-keer) are a race of reptilians created by the shapers of Ferrara. Among the first creations of the southern shapers, they were created by mixing the bloodlines of the native humans with those of the lizards that populated the sands. The baqir are swift-footed warriors and survivors, traveling the ebon sands in small tribal groups.


The baqir are exceedingly proud. Their culture consists of many traditions passed down through generations of baqir, and they have a strong respect for the past and the old ways. Baqir traditions place great importance on physical abilities. Baqir strongly believe that only the strong survive, and their laws encourage the strong to rule, as well. Most baqir resolve conflicts with combat, or other tests of physical ability.

Physical Description:[edit]

The baqir are lithe-bodied reptilians. They have longer necks and relatively small heads, as well as long, balancing tails. A row of thick, armor-like scales runs down their spine, all the way down their tails. Along the top of their head and neck, these scales can be raised into a frill of long, spine-like scales. This frill takes an important place in baqir body language. Baqir have short, blunted snouts lined with sharp teeth, and long, sharp claws that the baqir keep constantly sharp and ready for battle. Baqir have no hair, and golden, slitted eyes. These eyes feature a second, smoky but transparent eyelid to protect the eye from the intense glare of the sun and the blowing sands. Baqir legs have two joints, and end in flat, taloned feet that aid in running over the soft sand. Baqir scales range from dark grey to full black. Baqir are usually between 6’ and 7’ in height, and weigh in at 150-200 pounds. The baqir have virtually no sexual dimporphism, with males and females being almost physically identical. The only differences between the genders is their scent, and their internal genitalia. Both genders wear very little clothing, usually limited to light armor or harnesses to carry equipment or other goods.


Baqir are relatively distrustful of outsiders. While they are willing to trade with and fight alongside other races, they rarely form close bonds with them. This is partially because baqir traditions dictate that close, personal relationships are a sign of weakness, and partially because the baqir rarely share their traditional rules with outsiders, which often leads to the outsiders breaking some taboo or another. The hivelings find them illogical, though they are willing to hire baqir mercenaries from time to time. The draconian races see them as primitives. One of the few races they get along with are the Azza, a similar breed of reptilians.


Baqir tend towards neutrality. Baqir society limits the amount of evil one can do while retaining their honor, but at the same time, baqir are warriors and survivors, capable of doing what is necessary to survive the harsh desert. Baqir tend more towards lawful alignments, strictly following their codes of honor. Some, however, view the codes as a hindrance, and follow them only when they must.


Baqir live in nomadic bands of warriors and hunters that roam through the black sands of Ferrara. The Baqir originated in the very heart of the desert, and some of the more militant baqir desire to see a true baqir homeland. However, facing down the might of the hivelings who now dominate the land is not something that most wish to contemplate.


Baqir speak reptilian, the root language of the draconic tongue. Much of the language is composed of hisses and harsh consonants. Most baqir speak common as well, though they speak it with a heavy, hissing accent.


Baqir names are usually complicated, with multiple hyphenated sections to each of their three names, as well as multiple harsh consonant transitions. Baqir names consist of a first name, a middle name, and last name. The last name is usually a clan name, while the middle name is a clutch-name.


Baqir adventurers are very common. The most common classes are swordsage, scout, and barbarian.


  • +2 strength, +2 constitution, -2 charisma.
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, baqir have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Baqir base land speed is 40 feet.
  • Low-light vision: a baqir can see twice as far as a human in moonlight, torchlight, or other conditions of poor illumination.
  • Light protection: A baqir suddenly exposed to bright light, such as sunlight or a daylight spell, is dazzled for one round before their secondary eyelid comes down to protect their eyes.
  • Baqir have a +4 natural armor bonus
  • Natural Weapons: two claws (1d4) and bite (1d4)
  • Skills: A baqir’s long tail provides a +4 racial bonus to balance checks, and their powerful legs provide a +10 racial bonus to jump checks.
  • Heat acclimated: Baqir gain a +2 bonus to saves to resist fire spells or effects. They can exist comfortably in temperatures up to 120° F without having to make Fortitude saves. they are considered to have heat protection 1.
  • Automatic Languages: Reptilian, Common. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Giant, Hiveling, Undercommon
  • Favored Class: Swordsage. A multiclass baqir’s swordsage levels do not count when determining whether she takes an experience point penalty.
  • +1 LA


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