Baphomet: Prince of Beast (3.5e Demonic Pacts)

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Baphomet: Prince of Beast[edit]

  • Level: 2
  • Binding DC: 19
  • Special requirement: Must place a small portion of blood or entrails on the seal.


Cruel and bestial Baphomet is the patron demon lord of minotaurs, as well as many monstrous humanoids, and some tribal barbarians. He shares control over the a layer in the abyss know as the Endless Maze with the Mother of Demons - Pale Knight, although her influence doesn’t truly extend beyond the vast plateau on which her castle is located. Despite the close quarters the two demon lords have held an unusually neutral relation. Baphomet however regards several other demon lords with particular hatred, especially Graz’zt (who imprisoned Baphomet for some time recently) and Yeenoghu (with whom Baphomet has been at war for eons).


Closely resembling a massive fiendish minotaur, Baphomet appears with a blood dripping glaive in hand and a fiendish wolf, boar, or bear by his side.


You take on a beastly appearances with a pair of rams horns on your head and thick leathery skin across your back and shoulders.


Baphomet makes one reclusive and gruff. He forbids his host from attending any formal social events and from using the diplomacy or gather information skills amongst civilized creatures.

Granted abilities[edit]

Bestial augments[edit]

Baphomet's sign provides you with a natural gore attack appropriate for you size. The damage die for this attack is increased one step on charges. The sign of Baphomet also provides a +1 natural armor bonus.

Fiendish companion[edit]

You are able to summon a fiendish animal companion using 1 hr of concentration, and performing no other actions. You may choose any animal whose HD is equal to or less then your ECL -3(Including advanced animals, minimal 1 HD. The creature receives the fiendish template and serves you a faithful companion but receives no other abilities related to animal companions. You may only summon one creature at a time in this manner. The creature vanishes when it is slain, dismissed or when your pact ends.


You gain scent as described for creatures in the monsters manual(MM).

Wild Empathy[edit]

You gain the wild empathy ability. See wild empathy as a class ability for druid.

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