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You either work for a large bank or own a small one. You spend your life learning how to make money out of money. Although seen as business only fit for greedy, soulless exploiters, you don't necessarily have to be one yourself. Some banks for example are forbidden by their faith from taking interest, while others participate in social projects, especially since their business is seen as amoral. Lastly, some who are forbidden from practicing an "honest" trade are pushed into the business, holding a risky position of influence and wealth that depends on the good will of the governing body. As soon as they get too rich or the ruler does not need them anymore, they can easily be expelled and their assets confiscated. Work with the DM to establish the nature of the bank you worked for, its size, influence and membership. In addition, you may want to find a justification for your adventuring lifestyle. Did you grow bored with the trade? Maybe you have some debts to collect? Did your bank go bankrupt? If so, is there anyone responsible for the deed? Do you still have friends from your former life?

Skill Proficiencies: Persuasion, Insight

Languages: Two languages of your choices

Equipment: An ink pen, Fine Clothes, a bottle of ink, 10 sheets of parchment, an accounting book, a taxroll and a pouch containing 25 gp

d6 Specialization
1 Accountant
2 Moneylender
3 Clerk
4 Mortgage Specialist
5 Financier
6 Investor

Feature: Struck It Rich[edit]

Your dealings have made you rich before you ever embarked on the life of an adventurer. And although the assets you obtained are not easily convertible into currency, they do allow you to live a life free of material want. As long as a banking house can be found in the city you currently reside in, you can maintain a wealthy lifestyle without expending money.

Alternate Feature: Banking Guild Membership[edit]

Not everyone in the banking business makes a fortune out of it. You, however, have made it your job to be reliable, competent and be held in esteem by the fellow members of your trade. This feature works similar to the "guild membership" feature. (PHB 133)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Those working in the banking business are a varied lot. Some see the way banks accumulate money as a path out of the parochialism of a feudal rule, where war, famine and ignorance are fostered, into a future free from want. Others relish the money and debt give them over others, while a few use the money to do charitable work and use their power to change society for the better. In any case, appearing trustworthy, groomed and educated are very important to all bankers, especially when don't have any of these qualities.

d8 Personality Trait
1 My appearance and grooming are always impeccable, no matter how dire the situation.
2 I use polished and refined language, to showcase my good education.
3 I delight in ordering others around with spiteful and meaningless tasks.
4 Too much work has left me morose and withdrawn.
5 I prefer a cautious and safe approach. Charging ahead seems foolish.
6 I am so much better than these uneducated brutes around me.
7 A stovepipe is the sign of a refined person. As such, i never leave my home without one.
8 I hold myself up to high standards of behavior and others just as much.
d6 Ideal
1 Obedience. If i do how i am told, everything will work out fine. (lawful)
2 Money. Money is the first and foremost thing a banker should have in mind. (neutral)
3 People. Who cares about the money or what the bank wants? It's all the different people i met and talk to that matter in the end. (Any)
4 Power. I relish the power money allows me to hold over others. There is nothing as delightful as legally robbing a person of everything they hold dear. (Evil)
5 Charity. I help the poor by investing in social projects, like housing for the homeless and universal education. All the money of the world isn't worth it if my soul goes to hell. (Good)
6 Change. The dynamic and efficient system i represent will one day do away with overcome traditions and silly believes. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I work to pay off a debt.
2 I plan to extend the influence of my bank to the far reaches of the world.
3 I am loyal to my boss and will enforce their will, whatever it takes.
4 I have only ever loved two things: money and my self.
5 My current job is everything to me.
6 I will take revenge on all who laughed at me while i was younger.
d6 Flaw
1 I don't care for the less fortunate. As far as i am concerned, they should have pulled themselves up by their bootstraps instead of wasting their lives.
2 I utterly believe in the word of whoever governs the bank.
3 I would do anything to get more money.
4 I am unused to rough living, being used to living a life of luxury.
5 I tend to trust the wrong persons too much, leading to unsound investments.
6 Plagued by the fear of failure and i tend to overwork myself.

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