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Balor Spawn [Abyssal Heritor][edit]

You have the ancestry of a Balor, the mightiest demon of the Abyss in your veins.
Prerequisite: Con 13
Benefit: You gain 2 points of fire resistance for each Abyssal Heritor feat that you have. Once every 1d6 rounds, you can immolate yourself as a swift action, covering your body in flames that deal 1d6 points of fire damage to everybody grappling you. You also deal this damage on unarmed attacks. For each three Abyssal Heritor feats that you have, the damage is increased by 1d6. You are immune to the flames, but what you wear is not.
Special: As your body becomes more demonic, it is also weaker against the forces of cold. You take an additional 2 points of damage from cold-based attacks.

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