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Out of the deepest caverns of the Earth strutted a creature that even baffled the wisest of the wise. The dragons called it Bahsk, as even though it appeared to be a human, they knew it was clearly not. It was something 'false'. It seems to them to be like the changelings and doppelgangers they had seen before but even then, not. It is a shape changer, of that they were very sure but what it was wasn't what they had seen. They knew it was something new, something perhaps created or placed here, that didn't exist before. It could not only take on any humanoid shape it pleased, but any animal as well. It didn't seem yet have the quite complex ability to become like a dragon or celestial being yet they assumed these they saw were just one of the first and much later mutations may have the ability. But for all it's seeming abilities, they sensed no innate evil.


While they like to help others and give when they can, they are wise enough not to get in between rivalries and fights that they have no cause in. They are friendly but quiet and reserved. They don't talk much and prefer to speak only when needed or when they have sometime to say. Bahsk that spend a lot of time with humans or in large cities tend to be more talkative though. They are calm and mediate whenever they are not needed. They are affectionate and like to be able to touch people, especially when there is conflict. They like calm environments but understand the need for conflict and fighting and will partake in it. They are loyal to anyone they consider their ally or comrade. While they are not liked by Druids, they love nature and animals and like to spend their meditation time surrounded by it. They try to always do their best to help others and tend to lean towards classes that imbue this. They dislike lying and do their best to remain honest whenever possible, though they understand the need to lie. They do enjoy jokes and merriment whenever possible.

Physical Description[edit]

While they appear to have a gender, in truth they have none. All physical features about it can change, not limited to the eye color, skin color, weight and height. It takes on the shape and appearance of any humanoid or animal, someone known or self imagined by the Bahsk, to fit in to place, including and not limited to anthropomorphic animals. It can even change into Small to Large humanoids or animals and a few Huge animals as they grow stronger. They tend to spend a lot of time around humans so tend to appear most often like them. Unlike Doppelgangers, they do not have a 'natural' form and true sight will only show them as a blur.


Bahsk get along with most creatures and species, from the lowly bugs to the dragons, from demon to celestial being. They do not judge nor care to be judged. They tend to go towards lawful or good beings but do not mind chaotic or evil beings. Humans are easily fooled by them and even elves are a little taken back. They easily fit in with any look and are accepted most places they go. They only are rejected by doppelgangers and druids. Druids feel they didn't come from nature and are very uncomfortable around them. They greatly dislike their pleasure in being able to change at will and believe it is a manipulation of all that is natural. Doppelgangers dislike that unlike their need to change for survival, that Bahsk will change at will just for the pleasure of it, though they relish in the fact that the Bahsk can not read mind like them.


Bahsk tend to be very neutral, but they generally do not follow a path evil. They do enjoy chaos from time to time but mostly prefer to give to others and live a life of empathy. They are very flexible though and can be found among the company of Drow and Aasimar alike.


Bahsk do not, to anyone's knowledge, have their own lands. They tend to wander and live among anyone that interests them. Due to their ability to shape change into animals and humanoids of any kind, they are suited to all temperatures and climates. They adore cool dry weather the most.


While no one know which deity they pray to, it is clear that they do worship someone for when they die, their deity gives them resurrection someplace else, with most or all of their memories. If a Bahsk were to ever to follow an evil alignment, upon death they would not be resurrected and their deity would send them to the Pandemonium as punishment. It is unknown if their sentence is permit or if they are given a second chance.


They are born with their own language that scholars have come to call Bahskal. They find it extremely easy to learn new languages and will immerse themselves in a new culture as so as possible. With the proper training and time, they can learn all but Druidic. It only takes them days to learn simple languages and weeks to learn complex ones.


As Bahsk don't seem to have children or even parents, they either name themselves or are given a name by their comrades or people they meet. When they choose their own names they tend to automatically lean towards things they find beautiful. Travelers tend to name them by their virtues or deeds. Examples:

  • Chosen: Lily, Cascade, Dusk, Sapphire
  • Given: Angel, Wishing Star, Prophet, Savior, Tyrant Slayer

They do not continue to use previous names upon reincarnation, though they remember them, as they do not feel attached to that name anymore.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • −2 Strength, −1 Constitution, +2 Wisdom, +3 Charisma. As they prefer not to fight they don't have a high constitution or strength, but they are wise and adored by all making them very charismatic.
  • Outsider type with Shapechanger subtype
  • Generally a Medium but due to shape change, modifiers change with size.
  • Bahsk base land speed as a medium humanoid is 30 feet. Swimming is 20 ft. Flying is 40 ft. With shape change is + or − half the base speed relative to size.
  • Bahsk base land speed as a medium animal is 30 ft. Swimming is 20 ft. Flying is 50 ft. With shape change is + or − half the base speed relative to size.
  • Darkvision up to 30 ft, Low-Light Vision up to 60 ft
  • Calm Emotions: Daily limit is equal to character level. The Bahsk can calm 2 people per level in a 60 ft vicinity. Target does not have to be willing. The save DC is 12 + Charisma modifier to willfully resist.
  • Immunity to Sleep
  • Natural Armor is equal to the species they reflect.
  • Automatic Languages: Bahskal, Common Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Sylvan, Abyssal or any language spoken in the region which they originate or live for long.
  • Favored Class: Cleric, Favored Soul
  • Evil Bahsk and those that follow an evil class do not receive instant resurrection, if at all.
  • They have proficiency using their body as a natural weapon, as well as simple weapons
  • They cannot wear heavy armor no matter the size.
  • Can wear light armor
  • Racial Bonus +4 to Disguise and +2 to Diplomacy
  • Racial penalty −2 to Ride due to usually being the animal, and −1 to Bluff
  • 3 Knowledge skills can be selected as racial skills because of their genetic memory
  • Its Race skills are Climb, Diplomacy, Disguise, Heal, Hide, Listen, Sense Motive and Swim
  • Change Shape:A Bahsk can assume the shape of any Small, Medium or Large humanoid or animal. A Bahsk can remain in its form until it chooses to assume a new one. It cannot be forced to change and besides knowledge and gut feelings, there are no way true ways to know them. You could in a way use true sight and detect magic to know them. With detect magic you would only be able to tell that what they did was not magic and so a natural ability. With true sight though, as they do not have a natural form, one would see what looks like a fuzzy blur. Bahsk do not mind reveling themselves but they don't boast about it. Bahsk can change 1 time per day starting at level 1, 2 times starting at level 3, and so on, every 2 levels. This change included changing once into something else, and once back into the original form.
  • Shape change is limited to creatures/species/forms of the same challenge rating and/or hit die or less, and natural non-magical beings only. They are limited to one size smaller and one size larger then they start.
  • Level Adjustment: 3

Vital Statistics[edit]

It is unknown they actually age and stats of a Bahsk as they are always changing. As all known Bahsks seen appear adult it is assumed there are no children. Scholars say they do not age and that their deity is to thank for that.

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