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Awaken Spell
Level: Sor/Wiz 9, Clr 9
Components: V,S
Casting time: 24 hrs
Range: Touch
Target: Any spell or enchanted item
Saving Throw: No Save
Spell Resistance: No

Over a long period of powerful rituals, the mage brings life to his magic.

Raw magic forms itself into a construct, and gains the Living Magic template. While any magic item becomes intelligent and gains all bonuses thereof. This can be applied to any spell with the exceptions of antimagic, boosting, or counterspell type magic.

The duration or lifespan of this effect follows along the lines of a golem. They will live and serve their master until death or until freedom is granted them.

Sentience of the magic is not ended by an antimagic field or similar effects, however all constructs become under the effect of the slow spell and all intelligent items go into a hibernation state until removed from the field or the spells duration ends. There is no save for this effect.

If this spell is interrupted in its casting a massive burst of energy emits from the center of the spell area. This burst spreads out to 100ft/spell level, with only personal effects for 0th level spells, and all within the area are affected as if by a wild surge(or other random effects as applicable).

XP Cost: 10,000 per spell level (minimum 10,000)

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