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Avian Ascendant[edit]

I have reached it. The skies... they are MINE!!
—Hurath, birdfolk ranger, Epics of the Elements

Prerequisite: birdfolk

The wish of the birdfolk is to one day become their role models. Raptoran, aarakocra, and the many elementals who reign the sky command their envy. Through their immense faith and admiration, Mielikki had granted them partial command over the powers belonging to beasts of the air. Those who go further, drawing on the powers residing in their own belief and entwining it with the awesome primal air energies, can achieve their long-sought ascension and become a being which soars in the skies, freed from the shackles of earthbound existence.

Avian Ascendant Path Features[edit]

Aerodynamic Feathers (11th Level): When charging, you can move an additional 2 squares and you gain a +2 to your AC against opportunity attacks for the duration of the movement.
Fluid As Air (11th Level): When you shift, you can move up to half your normal movement speed instead of 1 square.
Blessing of Flight (16th Level): You gain a flying speed of 6 squares and can hover with no altitude limit.

Feather Shot Avian Ascendant Attack 11
You shoot three deadly projectiles of seemingly normal, sharp feathers to strike and pierce your enemies.
Encounter Star.gif Martial
Standard Action Ranged 10
Primary Target: One creature within range
Attack: Dexterity + 4 Vs. AC
Hit: 3d4 + Dexterity modifier damage. Make a secondary attack
Miss: Make a secondary attack
Secondary Target: The same or a different target
Secondary Attack: Dexterity + 4 Vs. AC.
Hit: 3d4 + Dexterity modifier damage. Make a tertiary attack
Miss: Make a tertiary attack
Tertiary Target: The same or a different target
Tertiary Attack: Dexterity + 4 Vs. AC.
Hit: 3d4 + Dexterity modifier damage.
Level 21: Dexterity + 6 to hit; increase damage per attack to 4d4 + Dexterity modifier
Special: This power counts as a ranged basic attack. When a power allows you to make a ranged basic attack, you can use this power.

Predator's Instinct Avian Ascendant Utility 12
You channel the amazing hunting skill of the awesome birds of prey.
Minor Action Personal
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, you ignore difficult terrain, can move through enemy spaces, and gain a +2 bonus to all attacks you make as part of a charge.

Gusty Gale Avian Ascendant Attack 20
You flap your wings with newfound power and bluster to render enemies helpless in midair with razor winds.
Daily Star.gif Martial, Zone
Standard Action Area blast 5 within 10
Target: Creatures within blast
Attack: Strength + 4, or Constitution + 4 Vs. Fortitude
Hit: The creatures take 10 magical slashing damage and are immobilized (save ends).
Effect: Any creature that begins their turn in the zone or enters it takes 10 damage.
Level 21: Strength +6 or Constitution +6 to hit
Sustain Minor: Zone persists.

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