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Automail Limb [General, Fighter Bonus Feat]

This feat allows you to replace a lost limb
Prerequisite: Missing a limb (arm, leg, or any part of an arm or leg, such as a hand or foot), Constitution 15+
Benefit: Replaces the lost limb
Normal: Still missing a limb
Special: The prosthetic is made of a metal alloy, and as such varies in price greatly (if selected after character creation the DM controls the price and what places you can get one). Due to the limb being metal, when the owner is struck with a poisoned or other chemically altered weapon that requires blood contact to work, roll a d100 and have the owner call a 15% range for each limb (ie one limb 15%, two limbs 30% and so on) if the owner calls correctly, the attack strikes that limb and he/she doesn't receive the poisoning/other ill effect. The metal does not naturally corrode due to an enhancement, but can still be corrode due to magical effects. The metal is still subject to the heat/chill metal spells and the repel metal, but otherwise doesn't inhibit the user due to heat or cold. The limb doesn't feel pain, but can still be destroyed by damage, and cannot be enchanted, but can be enhanced more. It converts non lethal unarmed strikes into lethal unarmed strikes that deal the same amount of damage as the non lethal version, and adds the [bludgeoning] damage type to the strike. The limb is extremely complex and any one attempting to create one must make a DC 45 Craft[construct] check. Any one with this feat gains the construct subtype. Outside of this the limb counts as a normal limb. The feat may only be selected a maximum of four times (two arms, two legs) and cannot replace the torso, or the head.

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