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Astral Sorcery[edit]

Your innate magic comes from the raw, undiluted energies of the Astral Plane. This type of magic usually comes from an extraplanar benefactor--perhaps repaying a favor that your ancestor earned, or recognizing a greater purpose in you, or even just needing entertainment. Your connection to the Astral Plane manifests constantly in your spells and abilities.

Astral Affinity

Your tie to the Astral Plane adds astral projection to your list of Sorcerer spells. Note that this only means you gain the ability to learn the spell and that you do not have it automatically. Astral projection counts as a Sorcerer spell for you.

Magical Mascot

You can cast find familiar once per day as a ritual without using material components. Once you choose the form of your familiar, it cannot be changed later, even if the familiar dies.

Magical Makeup

At first level, you can transform into an alter ego using your action. Your appearance changes as if using the Change Appearance option of alter self into an appearance that you set when you use Magical Makeup for the first time. Additionally, you gain the following benefits:

  • A wand manifests in your hand if you aren’t holding a weapon. The wand is identical in statistics to a quarterstaff that you are automatically proficient with, and it uses your Charisma modifier instead of Strength for attack and damage rolls. It also counts as a magical for the purposes of overcoming damage reduction. If the wand leaves your hand for any reason while you’re transformed, you can recall it to your hand as a bonus action.
  • You gain temporary hit points equal to your hit die at first level. This increases by 5 every time you gain a level in Sorcerer.
  • Your Armor Class increases by 2.

The transformation ends if any of the following conditions are met:

  • You lose all of the temporary HP granted by the transformation.
  • You willingly end the transformation as a bonus action.

You can use this feature once and must complete a long rest before you can use it again. Once you gain the Font of Magic feature, you can spend a Sorcery Point at the end of a turn in which you would revert to your normal form to remain in your alter ego for another turn.

Astral Force

At 6th level, you can channel the energy of the Astral Plane through your spells. If a spell that you cast using a spell slot uses any energy type other than Psychic or Force, you can expend a Sorcery Point to change it to Force damage. If you do this while under the effects of Magical Makeup, you also deal an additional damage die of Force damage with the spell. This additional damage becomes two dice at level 14.

Improved Magical Makeup

At 14th level, you have become quite experienced with your Magical Makeup transformation, improving its potency in many ways:

  • The transformation is faster, now only requiring a bonus action.
  • Your wand gains the magical properties of a Quarterstaff +3. If you wish, you can use one of your attunement slots to imbue your wand with even more power, giving it the magical properties of a Staff of Striking, which starts with five charges and can hold up to ten. You can spend a Sorcery Point at any time to restore one of the wand’s charges as a bonus action. If the wand is rendered nonmagical, it will regain its magical properties the next time you transform.
  • If you make a melee attack with your wand, you can attack twice instead of once when taking the Attack action, regardless of whether or not you've attuned to it.
  • You can transform after a short or long rest.
  • Ending your transformation requires no action. If you do this, you regain hit points equal to 1/4 the amount of temporary hit points that you had remaining from your transformation, rounded down.
  • You have advantage on saving throws against all spells.
Magical Makeup Mastery

At 18th level, your Magical Makeup has reached the most powerful form it can take, causing your powers to overflow when transforming. You sprout magical moth wings during your transformation, giving you a flying speed of 40 feet and allowing you to hover. Additionally, when you first transform, choose one of the following effects:

  • Cocoon: You add your Charisma modifier to your Armor Class during your transformation.
  • Blossom: As part of the bonus action in which you transform, you cast magic missile as a sixth-level spell. This does not consume a spell slot. You cannot apply metamagic to this spell.
  • Renewal: You regain 10 hit points at the beginning of your turn as long as you remain transformed.

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