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Astral Lantern Level 4 Uncommon
Even in the deepest darkness, this milky orb shines with the pure white light of the Astral Sea.
Level 4 840 gp

Wondrous Item
Power (Radiant, Zone) ♦ Daily (Standard Action)
By holding this item in your hand and speaking the command word, the orb rises into the air and sheds bright light, creating a zone in a close burst 5 around you. The astral lantern floats just above your head, sharing your square. When you move, both the lantern and zone move with you. The effect lasts until the end of the encounter, until 5 minutes has passed, or until you extinguish the lantern as a minor action.

Creatures within the zone cannot gain concealment. In addition, the damage dealt by the weapon attacks of your allies within the zone gains the Radiant keyword.

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