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Assault Bow (Phial:Frost) Level 12+ Rare
With its phials tuned to the elemental power of frost this Assault Bow can deal catastrophic damage up close or at range. Requiring skill and practice to wield Assault Bows are designed with hunting giant beasts in mind. Their complexity leads many to wonder about their origin and construction.
Level 12 +3 13,000gp gp Level 27 +6 1,625,000gp gp
Level 17 +4 65,000gp gp Level 30 +7 5,000,000 gp
Level 22 +5 325,000gp gp

Weapon: Assault Bow
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: x2 + enhancement bonus
♦ This weapon deals Physical & Frost damage.
Spear Mode

When this weapon performs a melee hit that deals damage gain 1 Spear charge.

Bow Mode

When this weapon performs a ranged attack and has charge it loses one charge and gains additional damage equal to its enhancement bonus.

Ranged.png Attack Power (area,ranged,weapon,bow) ♦ Daily (Standard Action)
Devastator Shot

Attack: Ranged burst 2 - Target: 1 Creature - Attack Hits: Creatures within the burst) Dexterity Vrs Reflex
requirement:You must be wielding an Assault Bow in Greatbow mode with at least 5 Arrow Charge
requirement: This must be the first action in your turn.
Effect: You are shifted 1 square away from the target
Hit: Target takes 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. Target is Pushed ([enhancement bonus]-1) squares, dazed for 1 round. The Assault bow loses all charges and you end your turn
Miss: ½ damage Target is dazed for 1 round and Assault bow loses all charges and you end your turn.

Power ♦ At-Will (Minor Action)
Store Charged arrow

Spear only: Store the charged speartip in the quiver. Remove 1 Spear charge
gain 1 Arrow charge

Power ♦ At-Will (Standard Action)
Store all charge

Spear only: Dump the excess Energy into the quiver storeage. Remove all Spear charge
For each Spear charge that is removed gain 1 Arrow charge

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