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Assault Bow (Phial:Force) Level 12+ Rare
Though useing unmodified phials this weapon is still leathal in right hands.
Level 12 +3 13,000gp gp Level 27 +6 1,625,000gp gp
Level 17 +4 65,000gp gp Level 30 +7 5,000,000 gp
Level 22 +5 325,000gp gp

Weapon: Assault Bow
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: x2 + enhancement bonus
♦ This weapon deals Physical damage.
Spear Mode

When this weapon performs a melee hit that deals damage gain 1 Spear charge.

Bow Mode

When this weapon performs a ranged attack and has charge it loses one charge and gains additional damage equal to its enhancement bonus.

Ranged.png Attack Power (area,ranged,weapon,bow) ♦ Daily (Standard Action)
Devastator Shot

Attack: Ranged burst 2 - Target: 1 Creature - Attack Hits: Creatures within the burst) Dexterity Vrs Reflex
requirement:You must be wielding an Assault Bow in Greatbow mode with at least 5 Arrow Charge
requirement: This must be the first action in your turn.
Effect: You are shifted 1 square away from the target
Hit: Target takes 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage. Target is knocked Prone, Pushed ([enhancement bonus]-1) squares ,looses all charges and you end your turn
Miss: ½ damage Target is dazed for 1 round and Assault bow loses all charges and you end your turn.

Power ♦ At-Will (Minor Action)
Store Charged arrow

Spear only: Store the charged speartip in the quiver. Remove 1 Spear charge
gain 1 Arrow charge

Power ♦ At-Will (Standard Action)
Store all charge

Spear only: Dump the excess Energy into the quiver storeage. Remove all Spear charge
For each Spear charge that is removed gain 1 Arrow charge

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