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Assassin of Shar[edit]

When Shar is betrayed and the Shadow Weave is abused by greedy mages, one immortal has taken it upon himself to exact vengeance upon them. While he would gladly rip out their hearts and feed it to them, he finds it much safer to let someone else handle the affair... especially when that someone is capable of destroying minor deities without breaking a sweat.

Assassin of Shar
Build: Elan Wizard5/Red Wizard 10/Shadow Adept 1
CL Class Feats
1 Wizard1 Scribe Scroll, Still Spell
2 Wizard2
3 Wizard3 Shadow Magic
4 Wizard4
5 Wizard5
6 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1 Circle Magic, Insidious Magic, Pernicious Magic, Tenacious Magic
7 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard1
8 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard2
9 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard3 Leadership
10 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard4
11 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard5
12 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard6 Sudden Extend
13 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard7
14 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard8
15 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard9 Undead Leadership
16 Wizard5/Shadow Adept1/Red Wizard10

Step 1): Use Leadership/Undead Leadership to ensure some followers capable of being in your 'circle'.

Step 2): Make sure that all the spellcasting followers are elans or undead.

Step 3): Begin contributing to the Circle Magic.

Step 4): Boost Caster Level to 40 [you can go as low as 26, but lets have our fun].

Step 5): Cast a "Suddenly Extended Gate" to call a Hecatoncheires (HD 52, CR 57).

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