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Artists are sought after and respected individuals all over the world. No matter their race age or gender, all artists are loved for their talent to place life and emotion into things such as clay, stone and paint. As an Artist you have perfected your art to the point that people pay to see you and pay your for your grand works of art. When choosing this background for your character you must ask yourself these questions: Is your character self taught? Are they a natural at what they do, or must they work as hard as they can everyday? Is your character struggling or successful? If they are indeed good at what they do, are they well known or new to the artist scene? Do they have a high opinion of themselves or are they humble? What has brought them into the world of adventuring? Did they choose to follow a band of warriors for inspiration? Or are they caught in the midst of a mess they cant get out of?

Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand and History

Tool Proficiencies: Artist's Tools

Languages: One language of your choice

Equipment: Artist's Tools, a set of common clothes and a belt pouch with 10gp.


Not every artist is great at everything. Though you may dabble with the different types of artistry, there will always be one thing that places you above the rest. What is that thing? And are you the best?

d6 Specialization
1 Painter
2 Playwright
3 Sculpter
4 Composer
5 Architect
6 Novelist

Feature: Commissioned Artist[edit]

You are a Commissioned Artist. You are known well throughout your local area or maybe even globally by many important figures. On request, you may even be able to gain entry into royal courts and meetings with rich merchants who want a commissioned piece. You get paid ahead of time for your efforts, you must discuss and negotiate the price you will be paid for your art work.

Alternate Feature: The Peoples Poet[edit]

You have made a name for yourself making works of art that point out the flaw in society, making fun of those in charge, of religion, law enforcement. Though Royals and Rich Merchants may not fancy your company the common people love you for your satirical and controversial artwork.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

A life surrounded by artists and critics has molded you into the person you are today. What do you create for?

d8 Personality Trait
1 My art is my life, my works, my soul, and I will defend my creations at all costs.
2 I am my own worst critic. There is nothing you can say about me I haven't already said to myself.
3 I am not worth the time of the common folk. Their gold pouches are simply too light for me.
4 The people deserve to be heard and I am their voice! Viva la revolution!
5 I am like the art I create. I flow, I feel. I do what feels natural, what feels right.
6 Art is like magic or science; there are strict rules to follow, and ignoring those leaves you no better than a three year old with a pile of clay.
7 I create beautiful things to woo beautiful folk.
8 My art is private. Only my commissioned works are for the public eye.
d6 Ideal
1 Cubism. I must do what is commissioned of me, or I wont get payed. (Lawful)
2 Abstract. I flow from place to place, doing what's best for me. (Chaotic)
3 Vandalism. The world is my canvas- I will paint it how I please and no one will tell me otherwise! (Evil)
4 Realism. I deal with whats real, and try and help as many as I can along the way. (Good)
5 Impressionism. I have a great deal to learn from those around me. They are the inspiration for my work. (Any)
6 Minimalism. A little bit of this and a little bit of that is all you need in life. (Neutral)
d6 Bond
1 I am forever indebted to the one who taught me my craft.
2 I am simply trying to provide for my family.
3 I am constantly trying to win the affection of the one whose caught my eye.
4 I am drawn to travel, to see the world and recreate it's wonders in art.
5 I am forever locked in competition with my long time rival. They always seem to be one step ahead.
6 I will not call a task complete until I am certain it is the best I can possibly do.
d6 Flaw
1 I will kill the critic who depreciates my work!
2 If there's no way I'll gain from it, there's no way I'll do it.
3 I get jealous easily, especially around other artists.
4 I will do anything for a slow turn from a nice pair of legs.
5 I am the BEST at what I do, and I laugh at those who suggest they can find one better than I.
6 I spend most of my gold overindulging in life's pleasures.

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