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Artillery Cart[edit]

This two-wheeled vehicle can be drawn by a single horse (or other beast of burden). It comes with a harness.

An artillery cart is usually used by technologically advanced militaries to carry artillery. It cannot carry anything that is not an artillery unit. It can carry any one of the following siege engines and the corresponding amount of ammunition at a time, or an approximately equivalent amount for another siege weapon. This allows such siege engines to be easily moved.

An artillery cart may be moved either by being harnessed to a Large creature (such as a horse) or by being pushed on its handles by a Medium creature (such as a human).

An artillery cart must be deployed (stabilized) before its weapon can fire. Deploying or undeploying an artillery cart is a full-round action that provokes attacks of opportunity.

Table: Compatible Siege Engines[edit]

Item Ammunition
Ballista 8 bolts
Gatling gun 3 magazines, or 4 80-round boxes and a hopper

An artillery cart is Large. It requires 10 feet of space to move in. If it is being pushed by a Medium-size creature rather than being pulled by a Large-sized creature,

Cost: 15 gp. An artillery cart may be made from materials costing 5 gp with a successful Craft(Carpentry) check (DC 15).

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