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Arranged Marriage[edit]

The betrothal ring

From an early age you were betrothed to someone of power and significance. Your whole life has been about preparing you for your marriage vow and married life. You have diligently practiced the skills, protocols, and customs expected of you. But now the marriage is finished! Your life was prescribed for you by others, but now you find yourself in existential limbo.

What was the nature of your marriage? Was it to bond two powerful families or perhaps a regular custom among your people? Was the marriage a religious anointment and you were to be wedded to a supernatural entity? What caused the marriage to prematurely end or did you never reach the altar?

Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Persuasion

Equipment: 10gp, betrothal ring worth 15gp

A Narrow Escape?[edit]

After years of preparation what caused the marriage to fail?

d6 It’s over
1 My betrothed rejected me.
2 I jilted my betrothed.
3 I decide who I’m going to marry.
4 My betrothed died just before we were to be wedded.
5 I was to murder my spouse on our wedding night.
6 It wasn’t a marriage - it was a sacrifice!

Feature: Tragic History[edit]

Your story is parable for the times. When goodly people hear your heart-rending tale (truthful or otherwise) they will be sympathetic towards you. The sympathetic can be counted as short-term friends; they will be inclined to give discounts for their trade and services.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Your arranged marriage did not define who you are. You have hopes, desires and needs beyond what was fated for you.

d6 Personality trait
1 I am headstrong and willful.
2 I can't take the weight of expectation and so I run from my responsibilities.
3 I am a master of the long-game. I am calculating and patient.
4 I do what is expected of me despite how I feel.
5 Duty is part of who I am.
6 I am ambitious. I'm always looking for the next opportunity to further my standing.
d6 Ideal
1 Honor. I failed my family I must find a way to repay them. (Lawful)
2 Liberty. No one should have their lives controlled by another. (Chaotic)
3 Corrupt. This was always the plan, take the dowry and run. (Evil)
4 Penance. I seek redemption for past failings. (Good)
5 Power. The stronger I become the more I can control my own destiny.
6 Self Interest. I’m free to do what I want to do. (Evil)

d6 Bond
1 My betrothed’s family and their agents are pursuing me.
2 My family and their associates are pursuing me.
3 The marriage preparations were costly. I have debts that require repaying.
4 The dowry should rightfully be mine. I will claim what is owed me.
5 Someone I cared about died because the marriage failed. I must redeem myself.
6 I will prove that I am worth more than that stupid marriage.

d6 Flaw
1 I find commitment difficult.
2 I spent my formative years in indentured servitude. I won't take orders from anyone.
3 My life was prescribed for me, now I struggle to make my own choices.
4 Love is pain. I can never feel that way again.
5 I am haunted by what happened to me. I fear betrayal at every turn.
6 The scandal surrounding my marriage prevents me from ever going home again. Trouble seems to follow me around.

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