Arms of the Glabrezu (3.5e Feat)

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Arms of the Glabrezu [Abyssal Heritor][edit]

The abyssal blood in your veins cause you to grow one of the glabrezu's two sets of arms.
Prerequisite: none
Benefit: You grow a new set of arms with either the pincers or the claws of a glabrezu. The claws or pincers do damage based on the chart below.
Special: Because the process of growing the extra arms is taxing on your body, you permanatly lose 10 hit points. Additionally, you gain one of the effects based on which set of arms you chose.
  • Claws: All NPCs are suspicious of you.
  • Pincers: All NPCs are hostile towards you.
Size Damage
Claws Pincers
Fine 1d3
Diminutive 1 1d4
Tiny 1d2 1d6
Small 1d3 1d8
Medium 1d4 1d10
Large 1d6 2d8
Huge 1d8 3d8
Gargantuan 2d6 4d8
Colossal 3d6 6d8

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