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Armoured Skin [Fighter]

You're so tough that you can walk around naked and people still can't hurt you.
Benefit: See below
Normal: You have no benefits.

This feat is based on your ranks in Autohypnosis

0 Ranks: You receive a +3 competence bonus on autohypnosis checks.

4 Ranks: Your skin is so tough that you receive a +4 armour bonus to AC. This receives a +1 enhancement bonus when you have 6 ranks in Autohypnosis, and an additional +1 for every 3 ranks in Autohypnosis over 6 that you have. You also become proficient with unarmed strikes, and your unarmed strikes are considered magic weapons for all purposes. If you are already proficient with your unarmed strikes, they deal damage as if they were one size category larger.

9 Ranks: Your skin's armour bonus to AC applies to touch AC as well. Your unarmed strikes receive a +1 enhancement bonus, and an additional +1 for every 3 ranks in Autohypnosis over 9 that you have.

14 Ranks: You are considered one size larger when doing so is advantageous to you and your natural weapons are to be considered adamantine weapons for all purposes.

19 Ranks: Your tough, leathery skin is hard to injure with almost anything. You gain DR 10/- and energy resistance 20 against all types of energy damage.

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