Armor of the Night Walker (3.5e Equipment)

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Created and worn by only the greatest thieves and assassin's in the land, this set is extremely useful for rogue type characters. This set is made of strands of mithral interweaved with magical fibers of silk in order to contain all the tools inside of it. It provides a +4 AC bonus with no penalty. The gloves contain 2 +1 force daggers (1 for each glove) that can come out or in at will. The gloves contain a set of masterwork thieves tools. The gloves also drastically increase your critical chance. Any time you would be allowed sneak attack damage, your critical hit threat range is 10-20 (Sneak attack damage is affected by a critical hit made with these gloves). The boots provide a +5 competence bonus on move silently checks. The tunic provides a +5 competence bonus on hide and open lock checks. The cowl provides low-light vision and darkvision out to 15 ft. (or +15 ft. to existing darkvision). The Cowl can be worn with any mask or face item and costs 5,000 gp. The tunic takes up the body slot and costs 5,000 gp. The Gloves take up the hand slot and cost 10,000 gp. The Boots take up the feet slot and cost 5,000 gp. Worn together, the whole set can turn the wearer invisible for one hour once a day. The whole set costs 25,000 gp. in total.

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