Armor of the Gray (3.5e Equipment)

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Requirements: Level 20+, Strength 25+

Cost: 2,890,014gp

Weight: 5 lbs

Armor Check Penalty: -0

Max Dex Bonus: 10

Arcane Spell Failure: 5%

Base AC: 8

Enchantments: Grants an enhancement bonus to AC of +6, +2 to all basic abilities and saving throws, spell resistance 30, immunity to all non-lethal damage, immunity to death effects and disease, freedom of movement, and haste. None of these effects may be dispelled. Additionally, critical hits do not affect the wearer and you may choose one form of damage (slashing, piercing, or bludgeoning) and one form of energy (fire, ice, electricity, acid, sonic) and become completely immune to it. You may make this choice as often as once per day, but the effect remains the same unless you change it. The wearer also receives darkvision 60' and +5 to Spot and Search checks. Armor of the Gray cannot be damaged or destroyed by any means, short of intervention by Ao.

Special: Armor of the Gray occupies the torso, body, hands, feet, helm, and eyes magical item slots. While wearing this armor, only the waist, neck, shoulders, ring, and wrist slots are available. Extra slots granted from feats are not affected.

Description: This exceedingly rare armor is made up of three layers: a stiff, smooth, thin, leather-like black suit that covers and conforms to every inch of the wearer's body from the jawline down, a suit of silvery chainmail so fine it seems to be one piece of metal from a distance, and a dull gray heavy breastplate, complete with thick metal shoulder guards. Additionally, heavy gauntlets, lacking the fingers, are affixed, and a pair of leather boots with metal plates bolted on. A segmented metal plate is attached to the upper arms and thighs and links to the breastplate or thick sword belt, respectively. A Helm made of the same dull gray metal is made of several cleverly designed metal pieces that collapse into a rough disk; this, when expanded, encloses the entire head neatly, and places a thick piece of mirrored crystal over the face.

History: The Gray were an order of warrior-sorceresses who once dwelled in the far north. Their order never held more than a dozen members, but at the time they were noted as the most powerful and dangerous individual combatants in the world. This was at least partially due to the armor they made for each other. The armor of the Gray is both distinctive and nearly impenetrable; it cannot be broken by man or monster, and rumor has it that even the gods are incapable of destroying the 12 suits. The making of the armor was kept secret and The Gray disappeared from our world centuries ago, and thus far no one has been able to make a copy of the armor. Each suit is slightly different, with some having a leather backbrace similar to a girdle in shape, and others having distinct shapes to the breastplate, gauntlets, or even the helm. The only feature that is universally the same is the Mirrored crystal that covers the face.

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