Armor of the Berserker (3.5e Equipment)

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Armor of the Berserker
Price: 15,000gp
Body Slot: Body
Caster Level: 10th Necromancer
Aura: Self
Activation: Use Activated
Weight: 65 lb.

This Black suit of full plate armor protects the user from most mundane attacks, it was created for the sole purpose of hunting monsters far out of the reach of man. This armor confers an extra +2 armor class bonus, and the effects of the feat "Diehard" passively. Once a day as a full action, the suit can be activated by a phrase to enter a state of bloodlust at the cost of the user's HP. While the armor is active, the user gains DR10 to all physical damage types, and loses 1d4 HP at the end of each of their turns. If the user falls unconscious this effect ends automatically. When the user ends this they suffer one level of exhaustion.

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