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Armor of Calisnor: The Armor of Calisnor is made from a gold colored highly magical metal that possesses incredibly ornate and detailed scrollwork. When the entire suit is worn at once the scrollwork appears green and alive, moving over the armor, giving it an unearthly appearance.

The Armor of Calisnor

In ancient times on the world of Graatel before the ability to create artifacts was forgotten the elves were embroiled in the first Crossing War; a terrible war that stretched for generations and slowly drained the elven kingdoms of resources and people conducted between the elves and demons. One of the great war leaders, an elven Amastiva (General equivelence) commisioned a suit of armor that would allow him greater flexability on the battlefield while fighting the hordes. Calisnor Vimasira was legendary and the elven artisans of old leapt at the chance to showcase their skills with a truly unique and exquisite set of armor to be used in defense of the world.

The twelve elven artisans that worked on this armor toiled night and day for a year, consumed by their passion, to bring this set of armor into existence. As the suit neared completion a runner was sent to Calisnor to attend the birth of the artifact, though he was delayed for a day due to an enormous incursion into the world that occured shortly before the courier arrived. This proved to be the tipping point.

While Calisnor was entrenched repelling the swarms, a small group of assassin demons traveled to where the armor was created and stole it away before the battle ended. Calisnor upon reaching the site openly wept at the artisans sacrifice, melancholy turning to hatred at what the demons had stolen; a suit of armor imbued with eight of the most devoted craftsmen of the elven nation. Returning to the front line Calisnor rallied his troops and through superior tactics forced the demons completely back through the portal. Once the demons were repelled the portal was closed and the Crossing War came to an end.

After the war Calisnor promised to return with the suit and was aided by a wizard who transported him to the Abyss. Years, decades passed without a word until suddenly one day in the same spot that the armor was created it instantly appeared. Calisnor was never seen again.

The Armor of Calisnor

The Armor of Calisnor is a major magical artifact that becomes more powerful as additional pieces of the set are found. In total there are eight pieces: helm, guantlets, vambraces, greaves, breastplate, boots, girdle and the shield. In certain eras other individuals attempted to remake parts or even all of the armor but no one has been capable of producing such feats of skill and finess.

The armor itself is a suit of mithral field plate, designed with mobility as a foremost concern. A breakdown of the pieces are as follows:

Helm of Calisnor: The helm of calisnor is a highly engraved magical helm that grants the individual great intuition in battle situations. Whenever the helm is worn during a large scale combat the individual is granted the ability to see like a hawk, able to clearly make out details up to 2 miles away. Further the helmet imparts the ability to speak to all living things, insight into the workings of others and the ability to pierce illusions.

The Helm of Calisnor grants the following static abilities: True sight, Speak and read all languages and functions like a pair of far seeing while in massed combat.

When combined with additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor each additional piece the individual possesses the wearer receives a bonus of +2 to initiative.

Vambraces of Calisnor: The vambraces of calisnor grants the individual great mastery of arms over anything the individual touches. All weapons that the individual picks up are counted as having the following feats: Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization, Greater Weapon Focus, Greater Weapon Specialization and Weapon Mastery.

When combined with additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor each additional piece grants a bonus of fast healing three and regeneration 3. The regeneration from the Armor of Calisnor may only be overcome with a weapon with the qualities of Epic, Unholy, Anarchic and cold iron.

Gauntlets of Calisnor: The gauntlets of calisnor grant the individual strength, agility and power to the individual for any weapon they possess.

Gauntlets of Calisnor grant the individual +12 strength, +12 dexterity and the collision psionic ability to any weapon that the user possesses. Further any weapon in the hands of someone using this portion of the artifact adds one addition die of damage to their attacks.

When combined with additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor each additional piece increases the bonuses explained above. For each additional piece the individual gains +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +2 to hit and damage. For every two pieces (including this piece) increase all attacks by an additional die (i.e. 2 dice at 2 pieces, 3 dice at 4 pieces, 4 dice at 6 pieces and 5 dice at 8 pieces).

Breastplate of Calisnor:The masterful scrollwork over the breastplate imparts elvish script of protection. The breastplate is impervious to destruction through normal means, and imparts that ability to all other pieces worn. Further the breastplate provides extensive protection to the user as long as it is worn.

The Breastplate of Calisnor' possesses the following qualities: +5 armor bonus enhancement, +5 natural armor enhancement, +5 deflection, +5 insight armor bonus, +5 luck armor bonus. Further the armor itself is considered a base 10 AC no maximum dexterity bonus 10% arcane spell failure suit and enables the wearer to move at his normal movement rate. Sleeping in the breastplate of calisnor does not fatigue the wearer.

When combined with additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor each additional piece increases the bonuses above. For every two additional pieces of armor the armor bonuses (all bonuses) are increased by +1. If the individual manages to collect all the armor pieces all bonuses become +10, and the wearers flat footed and touch attack armor class are the same as his regular armor class. In addition the wearer can no longer be flanked or caught helpless.

Girdle of Calisnor: The girdle of calisnor is a large plate that sits over the waist between the breastplate and greaves. Designed to ensure no openings in the armor exist it also provides a variety of other useful benefits as well.

The Girdle of Calisnor grants the following abilities at all times: +12 constitution, endure elements as the spell, resistance 10 to all damage types, DR 10, and +5 to all saving throws.

When combined with additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor each additional piece improves the armor and grants new abilities. Each piece increases constitution by an additional 2, resistance by 5, DR by 5 and saving throws by 1. At 2 pieces the individual gains evasion; at 4 pieces the individual gains immunity to instant death spells and attacks as well as massive damage; at 6 pieces the wearer gains improved evasion; at 8 pieces spells cease to function on the wearer unless the caster is a deity with a divine rank higher than 5.

Greaves of Calisnor: The greaves of calisnor cover the upper and lower portions of the legs and are covered in the elvish rune text similar to the rest of the armor.

The Greaves of Calisnor provide the following bonuses: +30 to jump checks, safe fall from any distance (note this does not slow the wearer down, he simply doesn't take damage from falls).

When combined with other pieces of the Armor of Calisnor is where the true power for the greaves of calisnor emerges. For each additional piece of armor the greaves increase the distance the wearer moves by 10 feet, increases the run distance by an additional factor (x4 becomes x5 with one piece, x6 with two pieces), at 4 pieces the individual is continually under a freedom of movement spell and at 6 pieces the individual can no longer be subject to maze spells or soul trapping magic.

Boots of Calisnor: The boots are lined with snow leopard fur and fluted with gold.

The Boots of Calisnor provide the following bonuses: the armor functions as though under a silence spell and adds +10 per armor piece to move silently rolls; fly as the spell with 300' movement and excellent mobility, +30 climb and +30 tumble.

When you possess additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor you gain the following bonuses: 2 pieces - spiderclimb, 4 pieces - blur, 6 pieces - displacement, 8 pieces dimension door at will as a swift action CL 20.

Shield of Calisnor: The shield of calisnor is emblazoned with a large griffon head, is covered in runic script and trimmed in gold.

The Shield of Calinor is a +5 extreme mithral shield the eliminates critical strikes, inflicts 10 damage on any attacker and provides the holder with cover.

When additional pieces of the Armor of Calisnor are worn the following additional bonuses are gained. Darkvision, blindight and low light vision out to 300'. For every piece of armor the armor bonus increases by +1 and the damage inflicted on attackers is increased by 10. If eight pieces are collected once per round after an opponent has just attacked the weilder may inflict a harm spell on the enemy dealing 150 hit points with a save DC of Will 47.
Extreme All schools; CL 25th; Weight: 35

If an individual wears the entire suit of calisnor the armor cannot be suppressed in any fashion. Even in anti magic fields it continues to function at full effect.

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