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Arm Guard[edit]

Covering one shoulder and an entire arm, the arm guard leaves the body free for mobility but still allows for a fair amount of protection where it is needed. Some warriors prefer to use it with their weapon arm, protecting it as they swing at foes, while others prefer it on their off arm, using it more like a shield, for deflecting blows.

The armor piece itself appears as an overlarge plate-mail or scale mail arm with shoulder straps. When donned, the wearer finds that it doesn't restrict movement as greatly as it would appear. Although it is heavy, it's also greatly padded to reduce discomfort and noise.

This is an armor piece, providing an armor bonus to Armor Class. While its armor bonus does not stack with heavy armor, it can be worn in conjunction with medium or light armor. When worn with other armor, apply the highest Armor Bonus and Maximum Dex Bonus, add Armor Check Penalties, and use only the highest Arcane Spell Failure.

The arm guard, due to its plating, does not allow for a shield to be equipped on the arm it adorns. It can be enchanted with three different item slots, of which each component functions separately. It can be enchanted as armor, a bracer, and a gauntlet.

For purposes of proficiency, donning, or removing the arm guard, treat it as light armor. It takes the same amount of time to switch the armor from right-handed to left-handed as it does to don it. The arm guard is constructed so that it can be worn by either arm, with straps that remove and replace plates, adjust fingers in the gauntlet component, and adjust the joints. The bracer and gauntlet components can be replaced with other bracers or gauntlets as need arises.

Table: Arm Guard
Armor Type Cost Armor Bonus Maximum
Dex Bonus
Armor Check
Arcane Spell
Failure Chance
Speed Weight
Light 30 sp +2 - - 0% 5 lb.

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