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"Tzeentch chosen,by Eric Polak

Archon Platemail is said to be the Gift from The Aspects, Creators of the gods and the universe as we know it, Enforcers of every aspect of reality. An armor that can never be made without the permission of these beings, it is said that The Aspects Harness the energy of the universe and channel it through the flames of creation as this wonderous armor is forged. Only the greatest smiths have a chance to make this item, sometimes not even the gods themselves are bestowed with this honor, needing to weave a miracle itself into the armor.

Armor Cost Armor Bonus Maximum Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Chance Weight Size
Archon Plate Major Artifact +13 infinity −0 0% 25 Lbs. Light

Creating Archon Plate[edit]

In order to forge this wonderous armor, a character must first complete an epic wonderous task, to place the character in the gods' favor, then it's the DM's choice whether the character will actually be allowed to attempt its creation or not. If the DM allows it, after the character is in the gods' favor, the character must roll a D20 2 times, rolling a 20 each time in front of the DM. Apon failure this character must roll a DC 30 will save or he/she will be tattooed with a white and black star with runes inscribed into the star, signifying that this character has failed to create Archon Plate and my never try again. The tattoo is invisible to every form of detection, cannot be visibly seen, and will instantly destroy the soul, body, and existence of that character, should he/she try again. Upon success, that character must spend 1 year of continuous work, only taking a break to eat or sleep; if the character stops work at anytime during year, other than the previously stated times, he/she will be tattooed and may never try again unless a DC 30 will save is made. During that year the character must still make the appropriate Craft (Int) check at DC 40 4 times to signify each season spent working on the armor. Upon its final creation, any insignias/signatures/emblems/artistry's are further perfected by The Aspects. Archon Plate is always considered masterwork for enchanting purposes, it has no max enchantment limit, and only needs half the experience and material sacrifice to enchant. It can be reenchanted whenever, no matter how many times, and is always considered to have the Heavy Fortification enchantment at all times. Archon Plate has no look restrictions, every set is a work of art and perfection. This armor is nearly indestructible and no matter what material it is originally forged of instantly becomes Divine Energy upon completion, taking the form of Mithral, Adamantine, Steel, Iron, Gold, whatever the Smith designed it to be, but energy none the less. This armor can not be affected by any form of strength of magic below that of the aspects.

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