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Archmage Patron[edit]

A warlock beholden to an Archmage either serves an extremely powerful mage who bestows power upon them, or channels the echos of a long dead mage, one who's magical presence while alive still allows them some communication with the living. The Archmage Patron allows the warlock to increase the power of their casting ability.

Archmage Patron Expanded Spell List

1st Spell Level: Identify, Shield

2nd Spell Level: Locate Object, Magic Weapon

3rd Spell Level: Fireball, Haste

4th Spell Level: Fabricate, Locate Creature

5th Spell Level: Commune, Legend Lore

Arcane Power

Starting at 1st level, your patron grants you additional arcane power, giving you one additional spell slot. Additionally you gain a proficiency in arcana checks, if you are already proficient in arcana then you gain expertise.

Arcane Knowlege

At 6th level your patron grants you knowlege of a specific area of magecraft. Pick one one wizard subclass, you gain the benefits of its 2nd level feature and may learn any spells from its associated school of magic. If the subclass has no associated school then pick one.

Arcane Resistance

Starting at 10th level, your may make a charisma saving throw instead of the normal saving throw for any spells that affect you. Additionally, you reduce the amount of damage taken by any spell equal to your charisma modifier.

Arcane Mastery

Starting at 14th level, your link to your patron empowers your spells, making your pact magic spell slots level 6, rather than 5. However, the highest level spell you can learn is still 5th level.

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