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Arcanosian, Wizard level 1
Size/Type: Medium Outsider (native)
Hit Dice: 1d4+5 (7 hp)
Initiative: +1
Speed: 30 ft.
Armor Class: 15 (+1 Dex, +4 mage armor), touch 11, flat-footed 14
Base Attack/Grapple: +0/-1
Attack: quarterstaff -1 melee (1d6-1) or light crossbow +1 ranged (1d8/19-20)
Full Attack: quarterstaff -1 melee (1d6-1) or light crossbow +1 ranged (1d8/19-20)
Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks: spells
Special Qualities: ageless, Darkvision 60 ft., summon familiar
Saves: Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +3
Abilities: Str 8, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 17, Wis 12, Cha 12
Skills: Concentration +6, Decipher Script +7, Knowledge (arcana) +7, Spellcraft +7, Use Magic Device +5
Feats: Scribe Scroll (b), Toughness
Environment: Any temperate
Organization: Solitary, pair, research group (3-5 plus 1-2 6th level wizards or sorcerers), settlement (20-30 plus 15-25 6th level wizards or sorcerers and 5-6 10th level wizards or sorcerers and one 15th level wizard and one 15th level sorcerer)
Challenge Rating: 1
Treasure: Standard
Alignment: Usually neutral
Advancement: By character class
Level Adjustment: +0
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More information...

A figure dressed in a scholar's robes steps carefully through the woods. Hearing you, the figure spins around, revealing a human-like countenance, but with faintly glowing violet eyes. The figure utters a esoteric phrase, and launches a silvery bolt at you, its eyes briefly intensifying in brightness

Arcanosians are the descendants of human arcanists who accidentally infused their being with arcane magic. Now they wander the world in small, hidden groups, seeking out knowledge and arcane power, as well as those of a like mind. They average at nearly six feet tall, with a relatively slim figure and few physical differences between males and females.

They live in small communities, each of which is part of a larger clan named after the elements: Flame, Stone, Wave, and Wind. They are highly egalitarian within their communities, with males and females performing the same roles and tasks regardless of gender. They can live in excess of ten millennia, and many become unparalleled arcanists.

Most Arcanosians encountered outside of their communities are wizards, with sorcerers being half as common.


Arcanists tend to avoid combat if they can, using spells in place of weapons. If forced to combat, they are wily combatents, fighting in tandem with one another and with summoned creatures to divide and conquer foes. They are quick to use spells to flee if combat is going badly.

Typical Wizard Spells Prepared (3/2): 0th-acid splash, read magic, resistance, 1st-burning hands, mage armor (already cast).

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma: Arcanosians are intelligent and charming individuals, with a talent for arcane magic.
  • Outsider (native): Arcanosians are not affected by spells and abilities that specifically target humanoids, and as native outsiders, Arcanosians may be raised just as material plane denizens may be.
  • Medium: Arcanosians do not receive any benefits nor take any penalties for their size.
  • Arcanosian base land speed is 30 feet.
  • Ageless (Ex): While mortal, arcanosians do not feel the detrimental consequences of age that humanoids do, and maintain a youthful vigor throughout their existence. They gain no penalties from aging.
  • +2 saves against spells and spell-like abilities.
  • Use Magic Device is always a class skill.
  • Automatic Languages: Arcanosian, Common. Bonus Languages: Any (apart from secret languages).
  • Favored Class: Arcane spellcaster (any): The arcane spellcasting class in which an arcanosian has the most levels does not count towards an experience penalty.

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