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Arcane Wave, Lesser
Level: Wizard/Sorcerer level 4
Components: V, S (S varies between Cone, Line, or Burst)
Casting time: Instantaneous
Range: Line ( 15ft+ 5 ft/spell slot), cone (10ft +5 ft/ 2 spell slots), or burst (5ft radius +5 ft/2 spell slots).
Targets, Effect, or Area: all caught in area
Duration: instantaneous
Saving Throw: Fortitude (partial)
Spell Resistance: none

A powerful spell, this should be kept in reserve if all else fails. It is dangerous to enemies, allies, the caster, and small fuzzy woodland creatures all the same. When cast, the caster chooses whether they want to cast it as a cone, line, or burst. Each variation has slight differences, but is essentially the same. When casting, the caster takes any number of unused spell slots within his/her spells/day up to spell level 4 and may add them to this spell in order to empower it (the caster cannot use 0-level spells for this purpose). Upon doing so, the spells strength, and range both increase in accordance. Anything that can “die” (including undead) gets a fortitude save vs. death (DC 10+ number of spell slots added+ intelligence modifier). Anything that passes the save takes 1d8 damage/ spell slot added. The caster, in turn, takes damage no matter what equal to 1d4/ spell slot for the line, 1d6/ spell slot for the cone, and 1d8/spell slot for the burst. The caster is not, however, affected by the fortitude save versus death.

There is no reflex save against this spell and creatures with evasion and improved evasion are affected just like anything else. For the purpose of incorporeal creatures, this is counted as a force effect and will break through walls or other kinds of barriers if enough damage is dealt.

When casting, the caster has a choice as to what kind of somatic component to add, such as if they cast as a line, they must use both hands to direct the beam, one hand if they direct the cone, or if they decide to use the burst, they do not need somatic components and instead need only speak the verbal component, but they will be within the center of the burst when it goes off.

If anything is killed by this spell, if killed by the line, there is a nice big hole going through the body, if they were killed by the cone or burst, then a search check (DC 15+ 1/spell slot added) is required in order to collect the powdered remains. This spell does not break the spell Wall of Force since it is not a disintegrate spell and cannot pass through a Sphere of Invulnerability, Greater. If the caster uses the spell while within a Sphere of Invulnerability, Greater the spell still damages them and all others as normal as if there were no Sphere.

Material Component: User must scream out something epic.

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