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Arcane Lightblade (3.5e)[edit]

Minor Artifact

Minimum Level; 16

Aura; N/A

School; N/A


This weapon is an ancient and powerful artifact, forged by the great war-mages of the first era. This weapon is a solitary hilt, infused with powerful forces that cause a blade of pure magical energy to spring to life at a command word.

1d10 19-20/x2 - Force damage

Exotic Weapon Proficiency

+5 Enhancement Bonus; This weapon gains +5 to attack and damage rolls.

Limbchopper; On a roll of a natural 20 that is confirmed as a critical hit, roll a d6 to determine a limb. The limb is severed on a failed Fortitude saving throw DC 26.

1; DM's choice

2/3; Leg of player's choice (-4 dexterity, enemy becomes Unbalanced, moves half speed)

4/5; Arm of player's choice (-4 strength, drops any item held in that hand)

6; Head (Vorpal effect)

Additionally, the loss of all arms of a creature results in an extra -6 strength, as well as it being Helpless, and can not cast spells with Somatic components. The loss of all legs of an opponent causes it to fall prone. Creatures immune to Vorpal are also immune to these effects(oozes, elementals, etc). Creatures unaffected by the loss of their heads, including all undead except Vampires, are still affected by all of these effects. The loss of a limb adds 1d4 stacking Bleeding damage for 2 rounds.

Lightblade; This weapon's blade is made of pure energy, and bypasses all physical DR. This includes Damage Resistance from certain metals, such as DR x/Adamantine, and also bypasses DR against certain weapon types, such as DR x/Piercing. Untyped damage resistance, such as that granted to Barbarians, still applies. The DR granted by actively blocking with a shield is half as effective versus this weapon, rounded up; a shield that grants DR 7 will only block 4 points of damage from the Lightblade. All attacks with this weapon count as if using the Improved Sunder attack[1]. This weapon is immune to the corrosive effects of Rust Monsters and Oozes.

Nimble; This weapon is very light for its size, and a wielder may use either their strength or dexterity for their attack and damage bonus, whichever is higher. This weapon can be used by monks as a Ki Weapon.

Ghost Touch; This weapon bypasses the incorporeal miss chance of ghostly creatures.

Deflection; Once every 1d4 rounds, this weapon completely ignores a physical ranged attack[2]. This weapon has a 5% chance to reflect magic attacks in a random direction. Passive: +4 Deflection bonus to AC.

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