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Arcane Book Titles[edit]

Roll a d20 for each column, pass the resulting book to your arcane student.

Table: Arcane Book Title Generator
d20 This That an Adjective the Other
1 A Voyage Through Natural Class IV World Systems
2 The Origin of Transmutative Aetheric Heavenly Spheres
3 Arcane Principles of Quick Elemental Unknowing
4 The Philosophy of Divining the Phantom Enchantments
5 Dialogue Concerning the Pure Alpha Force
6 On the Revolutions of Radiant Amorphous Castles
7 Examinations of Interior Bound Knowledge
8 The Special Theory of Alchemical Components and Spirits and Souls
9 Revelations of the Parallels in Novel Reality
10 The First of the Ten Uncategorized Rings
11 The Book Of Explosive Iterative Lightning
12 Essays in Summoning Familiars and Crystal Orbs
13 The Practice of Destroying Easy Functional Spellcraft
14 Gems from the Creation of Astral Golems and Animated Objects
15 The Lesser Key of the Master's Nonlinear Dragons and their Eggs
16 The Heart of Elminster's Complex Ley Lines
17 Laws of Detecting and Collating Ancient Teleportation
18 Magick Without the Acolyte's Nonlocal Unseen Servants
19 Rituals of Inverse Rope Tricks and Magic Missiles
20 Six Songs for the Inertia of Underwater Empty Places

4, 8, 16, 16 = The Philosophy of Alchemical Complex Ley Lines

7, 5, 6, 13 = Examinations of Pure Amorphous Functional Spellcraft

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