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Arcane Artist[edit]

“With an artist’s touch arcane energy can be the most beautiful thing in the world.”
—Armour, Elven Glyphologist, During a performance

Prerequisite: Glyphologist

You have always believed in the beauty that can be created through magic, and now you are at last creating truly beautiful art. Every glyph you create is a masterpiece within itself both before and after it is triggered. Although the true beauty of the magic is only realized through spells, it almost seems a shame to expend the glyphs that you create for this very purpose. Even if they outclass you in power, no mere wizard or sorcerer can match the beauty you create with your spells.

Arcane Artist Path Features[edit]

Artist’s Touch (11th Level): You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls when using glyphologist attack powers for each glyph you expend when using the power.
Thoughtless Artistry (11th Level): When you use an action point, you can conjure a glyph on one or both of your hands assuming they do not already have glyphs on them.
Artistic Modification (16th Level): You can spend a minor action to modify a glyph you can touch. The modified glyph grants a +2 bonus to the power it is used for, or gains the attribute of another glyph in addition to its current attribute.

Mystifying Perfomance Arcane Artist Attack 11
Your glyphs dance around you in a truly magical display.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Implement
Standard Action Close Burst 1
Requirement: You must have at least one glyph in your space in order to use this power.
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Charisma Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1D6+charisma modifier damage
Special: Increase the number of damage dice by one for each elemental glyph in your space. You can expend command glyphs as normal when using this power.

Arcane Paint Arcane Artist Utility 12
You create a more solid paint to focus your spells through.
Encounter Star.gif Arcane, Conjuration
Minor Action Personal
Effect: You create a glyph of any type that lasts until the end of an extended rest.

Magical Gallery Arcane Artist Attack 20
“True art should be displayed for all to see.”
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Conjuration
Standard Action Personal
Effect: You create a Magical Gallery in a burst 2 centered around you. The gallery remains centered around you when you move and lasts until the end of the encounter. Additionally you create two glyphs of any type in separate spaces in the gallery. These glyphs are not expended when used as invoke costs or augments for spells, but can only be used once per round. You can create another glyph in a space in the gallery that is not currently occupied by a glyph using a standard action or two minor actions. You can dismiss the gallery as a free action.

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