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Arcane Airship
Gargantuan Vehicle, 5 squares by 9 squares vehicle
HP 500
AC 15; Fortitude 32, Reflex 5
Speed fly 14 (hover), overland flight 16
Effect: An arcane airship pilot must channel at the Arcane Airship's central control column in order to drive the Arcane Airship. Without a Pilot, the Arcane Airship continues for 2d20 squares and falls to an altidude of 5 squares above the ground.
Effect: In addition to the pilot, an airship requires a crew of three, all of whom use a standard action each round to help control the vessel. Reduce the ship’s speed by 3 for each missing crew member. If no one is channelling besides the Pilot, make an unmodified saving throw for every round until a crew member begins channelling. Failure causes the ship to go out of control.
Effect: 15 medium creatures, 25 tons of gear.
Out of control
Effect: The Arcane Airship continues for 2d20 squares and falls to an altidude of 5 squares above the ground. If the vehicle touches water, it automatically goes out of control and the pilot takes 1d12 damage. This ship cannot float.
Planeshifter Ring
Effect: This vehicle is equipped with a ring of fire that can be use as a focus for the Planeshift Ritual. Ship must be stationary to Planeshift.
Effect: The arcane airship is equipped with 4 obelisks on the sides and top of the craft, which may be fired from a crystal matrix made from bloodstone in the main control room. The obelisks attack at +20 vs reflex dealing 3d12+user level worth of lightning, fire or cold damage, which is chosen when firing. Firing an obelisk is a standard action, and they take a turn to recharge.
Effect: This vehicle costs 3,750,000 gp, and is usually only available in the elemental chaos or the astral sea.

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