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Arcanaster appears as a rapier sized for a medium creature. The blade is slightly more slender than the average rapier and is oddly razor sharp regardless of where on the blade one touches. The blade and intricate guard appear to be made of a silvery white metal, not quite silver or mithril but seemingly a composite of the best qualities of both. Inlaid in the pommel is a deep red garnette with the hilt being composed of red velvet and braided gold.


Arcanaster once was a prized possession to a being whom belonged to an unnamed and forgotten race of elves to whom magic was literally their lifeblood. Arcanaster was created by its original wielder with techniques to manipulate the rules of enchantments and magic that undoubtedly disappeared with their kind. As one of the very few things left behind it was adopted as a symbol of status by, what were then, "primitive" descendants of the departed elven race, whom are now the era's modern elves.

Arcanaster was passed back and forth through history as elven families and dynasties rose and fell, belonging to army generals, magistrates, nobility and archmages over the centuries. Its most recent owner as well as its youngest owner for an elf in history, Sapphire de Chancellor, inherited Arcanaster in a time of confusion and strife for the elven race. Inheriting it from its previous owner Wynneth de Chancellor through her mentor Kajin of the Eight Prisms, Sapphire has fallen under overt negative criticism as heiress to both the elven family royalty and Arcanaster, despite having shown her boundless capabilities as an archmage and a royal in no uncertain terms.

"Destroying" Arcanaster has been a long term goal for many enemies of the elven royalty, but not something that appears can be done with certainty. Arcanaster's being is likely tied in some way to magic itself, or perhaps even some god or higher entity of magic. Regardless of which, following through with its destruction would likely mean more effort for its would-be destroyer than it is worth and the fallout of such a task would likely be more harmful than beneficial.


Arcanaster is a +9 defending keen brilliant energy speed rapier. The rapier itself deals 2d8 points of weapon damage and has a natural critical threat range and multiplier of 18-20x3, and it can be used as either a piercing or slashing weapon. If a character wielding Arcanaster has weapon finesse as a feat, they may add their dexterity modifier to melee damage rolls made with Arcanaster. Arcanaster's speed enchantment will stack with other similar abilities, such as haste. If the wielder has the improved critical feat and selected rapier, Arcanaster's keen enchantment will stack with the feat, granting a potential critical threat range of 12-20. Arcanaster pierces through any fortification enchantment regardless of its % chance to negate a critical hit, and thusly deals critical hit damage and effects normally. When scoring a critical hit, a burst of raw arcane energy strikes at the target, dealing an additional 5d10 points of damage. Arcanaster can store up to 30 spell levels worth of spells, to a maximum of six spells, that can be cast by the wielder. Any spell the wielder attempts to cast must be a spell the wielder knows and can cast normally. If it is a spell with a standard action casting time or less, it may be cast as a swift action instead, otherwise it must be cast with its normal casting time. Storing spells into Arcanaster is always a full-round action. If Arcanaster comes into contact with a Sphere of Annihilation, treat it as you would a rod of cancellation with the exception that Arcanaster remains completely unharmed.

Unlike other artifacts, Arcanaster can be improved upon. For this, treat Arcanaster as starting at a +18 weapon for the cost and caster level required to further increase its enhancement bonus or add more enchantments.

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