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"This huge scythe looms above those who look upon it, seeming to silently mock their faith and principles with the cold certainty of death. Apostasy has a perfectly straight weighted shaft, while the blade itself is almost two metres long, curling in upon itself and seeming almost like a crescent moon. The shaft is made of Kaorti Resin while the blade appears to be a shard of pure entropy, seeming to suck all light and life into its darkness. The blade extends slightly past the shaft forming a halberd-like spike on the opposing side."


Asmodeus was not the first Angel to fall and neither was he the first Lord of the nine hells. This scythe is believed to have belonged to one of those long lost lords, though her names and deeds may be long forgotten, Apostasy remains as a reminder that Hell once stood for more than just mindless evil. The only clue as to its wielders identity lies in an inscription along the shaft, "Lilith". Currently Apostasy is believed to reside in Asmodeus' treasury, being unable to wield it himself he instead seeks to prevent any other from using its fearsome power against him.


This huge scythe is made of Kaorti Resin and a fractured part of the plane of entropy, has an inbuilt weighted shaft, and adjusts its weight to best fit its wielder. The scythe itself does permanent damage and has a -66 enhancement. Any wielder who does not deal a positive amount of damage with this weapon will suffer an amount of permanent damage equal to the negative penalty. This weapon requires only a touch attack to hit, deals permanent damage which ignores all damage reduction and hardness. It also nullifies the most powerful special property possessed by an opponents weapon. It can critical hit any type of opponent and its critical damage multiplier is x15 with a critical threat range of 13-20. The shaft does not do permanent damage but is affected by the scythes other enchantments. it deals crushing damage appropriate to its size and has a critical threat range of 17-20. The scythe will also change size and weight to best fit any wielder, though if any being with an alignment holds Apostasy it bestows 150 negative levels. These cannot be removed by any means but disappear immediately one Apostasy is dropped, any creature killed by this becomes an un-elemental.

Apostasy is opposed to all alignments and beliefs and so bestows 15d10 negative levels to any creature it deals damage to if it has any alignment. Any creature dealt damage by Apostasy is also subject to an entropic effect, this bypasses spell resistance and immunity. Any creature failing their Will save (DC 230) is blinded having all light robbed from them by the plain of entropy. If the creature relies on there eyes or any other appendage that uses the refraction of light to see then they are blinded until all permanent damage dealt to them by Apostasy is healed.

The wielder of Apostasy can also designate one target and summon a copy of their worst (or second worst if wielder is worst) enemy (highest ECL), even from beyond the grave to fight for them. The summoned creature fights until it is destroyed, dismissed or the target is dead. They are summoned in the strongest form that the target has encountered them in with whatever equipment they had at the time, even if the target is wearing some of it. Only one target can be designated at a time and a new one cannot be chosen until the first has died or otherwise ceased to exist. While summoned the enemy will attack the target relentlessly, be incapable of speech and if the target flees will hunt them until destroyed. The wielder automatically knows when their copy has been destroyed regardless of distance or obstruction, entering a dead magic field will destroy the copy instantly and the wielder will not be alerted.

Destroying Apostasy is technically impossible as its blade is non-existance itself, one can however detach the shaft and blade rendering it un-wieldable. To do this one must singlehanded kill an un-elemental with Apostasy, all damage must be dealt solely be Apostasy. When the un-elemental dies instead of imploding it will be sucked into Apostasys blade causing it to fracture and then split from the shaft. This can be reattached by anyone with immunity to entropic effects with a Craft (Blacksmith) skill check (DC 666) a failure results in the creation of 30d10 un-elementals within 50ft. of the blade.

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