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Aphrodisiac is a clear liquid that is rarely found in nature. It was originally crafted as part of a joke by a mischievous gnome, but later found a lot of attention from the general population. It requires DC 8 Knowledge (nature) and DC 12 Craft (alchemy) to produce, but some foods and normal medical herbs also contains the effects of Aphrodisiac (but at a lower Fortitude Save DC)

There are also the chance of heart failure if too much is ingested. If a victim ingests 10 doses within 2 hours and fails all of their saving throws, their heart rate and temperature will reach critical levels and the heart will fail. If the victim does not receive help (a DC 15 Heal check) within 5 minutes, the victim dies.

If the victim is saved they suffer 1d6 Con damage.

Type: Ingested DC 12
Incubation Time: 1d4 minutes
Ability Damage: none.
Skill Penalty: -5 to -30 Concentration and Knowledge checks. For every hour without cure or "release", the skill penalty rises by -5 to a total of -30 after 5 hours.
Effect: Your heart rate and body temperature rise and your hormone production skyrockets. You feel the increased urge to mate and copulate with whatever your sexual orientation is. You have a hard time concentrating on anything else and your eyes keep focusing on inappropriate things. (Treat this as the person becoming Fascinated)
Curing: Without magic, a successful save stops the effect. Otherwise the effect dissipates after 10 hours. Mating and copulating does not cure the "poison", but merely resets the skill penalty to -5.
Price: 50 gp

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