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Anti-Magic Weapon: a weapon with this enhancement ability has a permanent Antimagic Field, as the spell, emanating 1 inch from the entirety of the weapon. This effect functions as normal for an antimagic field. All other enchantments and magic previously on this weapon are dispelled and vanish permanently. Additionally a weapon enchanted with this ability will ignore all magic that increases a target's AC or hardness, (e.g if you hit a creature with a +5 enhanced full plate and with Mage armor; only the base full plate bonus and the target's Dexterity bonus will be calculated when rolling to hit it). Artifacts, legendary weapons, and similar items cannot be enhanced with this property, unless such an item is being made expressly for this purpose.

Strong Abjuration;CL 12th; Antimagic Field; Cost 45,000 GP, 2,500 XP; Market Price: 90,000

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