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CL ; Craft Epic Wondrous Item, Widen Spell, CL 21st, antimagic field.; Cost 532,500 gp + 42,600 XP; Weight: 2 Before going on, I should state that this item exists purely for use in my own personal campaign in which there is a DragonBorn invasion and they outlaw magic. This is one of the ways they enforce their ban as well as much larger stationary Pulsars with a greater Passive Anti-magic Radius. It is crafted with many objects including, but not limited to, adamantine filaments, refined electrum and the bodily fluids of a Great Wyrm Time Dragon. Using these materials, in my campaign) means that it may be crafted at no XP cost by any metal-smith with the correct knowledge, training and skill. Should this not be what you would like in your world there will be an XP cost to create below.

It's magic that make it not magic so'at magic aint magic when there's this other magic but when theresn't this other magic there can be magic round the magic 'till there's too much magic so they turn on the other magic to make it not magic again? Yea' makes sense.
—Dave, Bartender at the Mucky Duck Inn

An Anti-Magic Pulsar is a powerful item usually in the shape of a black, entirely opaque, non-reflective cylinder roughly six inches in length, by two inches in diameter. The object itself is disturbing and unnerving to both see and hold as it clearly exists and yet has an aura of non-existence about it. When seen the object is hard to focus on for any extended period of time and causes exponentially painful head-aches if observed for longer than a minute. When touched the object feels as though it has no mass or weight, texture or temperature and casts no shadow. Because of these properties, they are often disguised as other items, such as a Scroll Case or incorporated into a rod or staff, making them usable but not distracting. The Pulsar has two modes of activation. One of these is a constant spherical antimagic field which may be activated and deactivated at will when touched as a swift action (or move action when appropriate) and via speaking a command word. (Generally the word for Stop, Cease or Stagnate in Draconic.) The second mode of activation is a once per week ability which projects a spherical Pulse of dispel magic with a radius of 10,560 ft. (2 Miles or 3.2 Kilometers). The Pulse itself is incredibly visible as a swirling, expanding sphere of blue filaments and glowing green energy sheets however it travels relatively slowly moving at 175 feet per round, meaning that it takes 6 minutes to affect its entire radius. No spell can be cast into the oncoming wave. This mode of activation requires the Pulsar to be touched and for a different command word to be spoken. (Usually the Draconic word for Destroy, Shatter or Eradicate.)

When the Pulsar is activated it projects a spherical antimagic field with a radius of 50 feet centered on the device itself. Any magical effect that enters the Pulsar's field is suppressed. Summoned creatures and any type of extraplanar entities immediately wink out if they enter the Pulsar's field. If activated when such creatures are in the Pulsar's area of effect it rolls a caster level check of 1d20+25 against each of those creatures' spell resistance to attempt and make them wink out. The Pulsar's Antimagic Field also protects those within it against the effects of a mage's disjunction spell (Feel free to remove this quality if you so wish). The Pulsar's second mode of activation, the long ranged slow-traveling pulse of dispel magic acts as a greater dispel magic targeted dispel but against every magical item the pulse touches. The pulse itself may pass through any barrier, including Anti-magic Fields and can dispel any spell or suppress any enchantment (Except for Anti-magic Field itself) for 2d4 minutes.

The Pulsar has hardness 15, 30 hit points and AC 14 (10 + 4 size) but possesses Regeneration 2 a 50% miss chance as though under the effect of a displacement spell due to its incorporeal nature, natural resistance and regenerative properties. If destroyed, the Pulsar's unstable core is vented into the surrounding area causing many unpredictable effects. To determine these effects roll a 1d100 and consult the table below. (Bare in mind that if you are using the system in which players may make their own Anti-Magic Pulsars destroying them has no adverse effect.) lb.; Market Price: 100,065,000 gp

1d100 Roll Effect
1 to 19 The remnants of the Pulsar's core begin to thrash violently, releasing 1d5 pulses of dispel magic per round for 1d4 rounds. These pulses travel at different speeds and when they overlap they cause massive false readings of magical energy which linger for 2d6 days as well as orbs of light not dissimilar to the dancing lights spell to hover in space for 2d20 hours.
20 to 29 The folded Adamantine filaments tap into and release the pent up energy trapped inside the Pulsar and manifest it as 2d4 lightning bolts to be fired at the nearest living creatures per round for 2d4 rounds. These lightning bolts are cast as caster level 3'rd, inflicting 3d6 points of damage. Only one lighting bolt may strike a target. Should more lightning bolts be created than there are living creatures within range excess bolts strike metal objects or ground themselves.
30 to 39 The Pulsar's inner mechanisms react violently with each other, causing a spherical blast of disintegration to wash over everything within a 3d10+1 foot radius. The Disintegrate spell is at Caster Level 20, causing 40d6 damage to anything in its path which fails a fortitude save against DC 30. This affect leaves a large crater in the ground where it occurred.
40 to 49 The Pulsar's core reacts in such a way that it begins alchemising the surrounding material into gold. This effect has a radius of 10 feet centered on the Pulsar. This effect causes 1d50% of any object to become gold each round for 1d4 rounds. This will not affect gold and if an object or creature is converted fully into gold it is now a statue of equal weight in gold, it also alchemises many of the contents of the air into gold, causing 1d4 lb. of gold dust to settle on the ground. A 10 foot radius around each item affected by this alchemical transmutation becomes so cold that it deals 1d8 frost damage per round for the following 5 rounds and the gold itself is so cold that it causes 4d8 frost damage if touched for up to 24 hours depending on the surrounding environment.
50 to 85 Destroying the Pulsar has no effect. Its effect may have been shifted into another plane or perhaps simply nothing happened. You should consider yourself very lucky.
85 to 94 There is a devastating explosion of aging. The explosion has a radius of 150 feet and causes each and every object to age by 2d100 years (Roll separately for each creature affected.) While the aging effect would damage stonework and artistry, there is no need to roll individually for these items, however, it is safe to assume that some wooden objects in the area would rot and some stone objects would crumble, causing most buildings to become structurally weakened and perhaps unstable.
95 to 97 The intense power behind the Pulsar's abilities are expanded and collapse in on themselves, causing a tear in space and essentially creating a black hole which draws in objects and creatures in a 1000 foot radius towards the center at a rate of 2d100 feet per round and crushes them. This affect automatically kills any creature that is pulled within 50 feet of the initial point.
98 to 99 A catastrophic event occurs and tears a rip in space and time, however, it is somehow contained in a gate; a ring of light which stands vertically and faces either north or east (Roll a d2, or just choose). The ring itself is 3d4 feet in radius and from its non-facing side shows a flat monochrome white plane but its facing side shows an image of some-where at some-time along the timeline. This can be the GM's choice, perhaps it shows a prehistoric forest teeming with Jurassic era creatures, perhaps it shows a city from a millennia ago that no longer exists or perhaps it shows the next town over 20 minutes ago, or maybe it just shows a non-descript tree in the middle of non-descript nowhere. It may or may not be possible to enter these gates and visit the shown area. The gates are, for all intents and purposes, permanent as they remain for 100d100 (or alternatively: 1d100×100) years, and are not magical in nature, meaning that they are not effected by Anti-magic Fields or Dispel Magic.
100 (Warning. The GM may wish to hack this roll should it occur naturally as it is potentially game-changing) Roll another 1d20. On the roll of a 14 or less count the 100 as a 99. On a 15 or more there is a mighty rip in the earth which spreads from shore to shore or circumnavigates the world if there is no shoreline. This crack leads approximately 5 miles down and the catastrophic seismic activity coupled with the very likely possibility that some of the ocean may drain into the new crack in the earth is extremely destructive, most tall buildings to tumble. Earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions occur once every 1d6 days for the next 2 years. An idea for this would be reducing a once great civilization to the stone age or putting civilized society at major threat from wild creatures.

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