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Antecs are insect people. Their history is unknown, but sages believe that Antecs are one of the old races. Recently, because of droughts, population growth, and the seeking wealth, Antecs came into humans realms in large numbers. Along with them came the art of making chitin arms.

Physical Description[edit]

Antecs have chitin covered skin, ranging from khaki to rust red, have two large compound eyes with the ability to see into the ultraviolet spectrum, and compound brains. They possess the height of an average human, but weigh less.

Relations / personality[edit]

Most humanoids, who have never seen an Antec, are often surprised by their looks. Upon getting past initial surprise, most find Antecs to be outgoing and positive. Antecs are new to human realms, unaccustomed to their strange practices, but have learned not to judge too quickly. They undertake adventures with open minds, but will remain subdued around people they don’t trust. Nature holds great importance to the Antecs, and those who destroy swamps or show disrespect to good marsh creatures are regarded suspiciously. Antecs are strongly against melioration.


Can have all alignments, but have disposition toward Chaotic, Good, or Neutral. They aren’t very disciplined or concerned about laws, except non written ones, and are quite individualistic and wanderlust but generally good willed.


Antecs homeland is marshes, swamps, bogs and islands in both sea and silt. Where one can found Antec’s terraced pyramid looking fortresses.


True polytheists. An individual in different situations worship different gods and celestial things like stars and clouds. One of major gods includes Chitezcoatl – chitin covered winged snake. They also believe in spirituality of surrounding world, so for example, tree also would have a soul.


Ha'antec, complex language for outsiders sounding like mix between Nauatl and Russian. Langue makes words from combinations of short words and inflections, and have some peculiar sounds like tl. It has written form, an angular script with pictograph letters written on bark.


First names are combination of words like Silverstar or Cloudmist but in Ha'antec. Example: Antzalano, Tlecoco, Ra'avejo, Skifutykho. As second name is used name of place or tribe of origin.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom: Antecs tend to survive.
  • Humanoid
  • Medium size
  • Antec base land speed is 30.
  • +2 Jump, +2 Sense Motive, +2 Survival.
  • Swampwalk: Rough/hindering swamp terrain is treated such as one category less then normal, and are immune to mundane swamp based diseases.
  • Chitin affinity: attack bonus with chitin made weapons and +1 defense bonus with chitin made armor. (bonus applied to arms)
  • Compound Eyes: As a result of compound eyes, they have +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions and blinding.
  • Chitin protection: Resistance to acid 3.
  • Heritage: There exists a legend that, in old times, Dragons shared their blood with Antecs, to aid a fight with aberrations underground. As a result, they can take draconic heritage feats.
  • Automatic Languages: Ha'antec, Common. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Elven, Gnoll, Dwarven, Gith, Aquan, Sylvan.
  • Favored class: Ranger, Druid.
  • Level Adjustment: +2

Vital Statistics[edit]

Table: Aging Effects
Adulthood Middle Age1 Old2 Venerable3 Maximum Age
15 years 60 years 100 years 150 years +2d20 years
Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Hermaphroditic 4'10 inches" +2d10 85 lb. × (2d4)) lb.

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