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Ant-bodied race with a strong sense of loyalty and a drive to expand

Racial Traits
Average Height: 4"10' - on all fours (7"2' - reared up)
Average Weight: 175-220lb
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common
Skill Bonuses: +2 Endurance, +2 Dungeoneering
Telepathatic Communication: You can communicate telepathically with other Ant-Kind and natural or fey ants within 5 squares.
Chitinous Shell: When you take your second wind or a total defense action, you gain a +3 bonus to defenses rather than +2.
Speak with Animals: You can use speak with animals as an encounter power.

Speak with Animals Ant-Kind Racial Power
Your natural senses and relations with animals allow you to speak directly to them.
Encounter Star.gif Psychic
Standard Action Melee 1
Requirement: Must be touching animal entire time whilst talking. Removing contact will end communication.
Target: A willing natural or fey beast
Effect: Speak to the animal. Usually the talk is mundane and basic animals tend to forget details.
Sustain Minor: You may continue to communicate

<!-History. A race of elevated ants, they are quite industrious, focusing on their tasks to support the hive and their community however they can. They have come into conflict with elves on occassion due to being mistaken for regular giant ants->

Physical Qualities[edit]

Black chitin carapace covers all but the belly of the Ant. Arcane spellcasters receive yellow, purple or blue markings on the back, Divine spellcasters receive white, gold or the most favoured colour of your god, and primal spell-casters receive green, red or deep blue markings. These markings are permanent and are similar to tribal tattoos. Regular ants look almost identical, which is confusing to other races, but they can tell each individual apart. Ants tend to live for around 70 years, but only if they can prove their worth to the colony.

Attitudes and Beliefs[edit]

<!-Description. Focused on proving their worth to their group and others around them, they tend to be quite efficient organizers and managers, using their skills to help their group fight and support themselves however they can. They distrust other races, seeing their percieved lack of leadership and organization as a critical weakness->

Ant-Kind Communities[edit]

Ant-Kind are an underground race that work together under a Queen Ant. Each Ant is completely loyal and controllable by the Queen. If brought up without a hive, Ants tend to be very solitary and are easy to harbour grudges. Old Ant-Kind must be useful to the hive as it is not efficient to have ants that don't work, and the Queen Ant will dispose of useless members of the colony. This rigid and dictatorial society forces Ant-Kind to prove their usefulness. As such, they tend to be incredibly competitive.

Ant-Kind Adventurers[edit]

Ant-Kind favor the Fighter and Ranger classes. Three sample Ant-Kind adventurers are described below.

Ch-thok is a hive born fighter, who was promoted quickly through the ranks to Legion Commander. He left the hive on a secret mission to guard a caravan of valuable silks that were to be transported to the 'human city' in return for nuts and spices. His sword is always clean and his intelligence allows him to view all his subservients as pieces in a grand game of chess.

Th-chlock is a city born Ant-Kind rogue. Despised by men and unknown by his own kind, he has killed and betrayed just to stay alive. He does not enjoy the city. He finds it too busy, noisy, and polluted. He cannot find joy in his work and has no dreams of wealth or power. All he wants to do is to just have a family, a hive.

Kl-throk was raised as part of a human barbarian tribe. They viewed him as a demi-god until they were attacked by a goblin tribe. Kl-throk was the only survivor. To this day, he channels the primal energy of the spirits, hoping to avenge his tribe.

Roleplaying an Ant-Kind[edit]

When creating an ant-kind adventurer, here are a few points to consider.

  • To be able to speak to animals..
  • To be part of an industrious race that is driven to expand.
  • To be undyingly loyal to friends and fellows.

Ant-Kind Characteristics: loyal, efficient, industrious, hard-working, competitive

Ant-Kind Male Names: Ch-thok, Ch-chrick, Ch-thriek, Kl-thek, Kl-chen, Kl-throk, Th-chok, Th-chlock, Th-skik

Ant-Kind Female Names: The only female Ant-Kinden that exist are queens.

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