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Anlace of the Maker: At first glance the object appears to be a short, dark, twisted spike. But upon further inspection, you see that is is a double-edged dagger. The short hilt holds a dark, translucent gem. The blade has a small, unreadable scripture etched into it. By the look of it, the dagger is ancient. However, it doesn't look as if it would do very much damage on its own.
No Aura -All Schools; CL 15; Weight: 3


Long before the creation of the material plane there was a lesser god known as The Maker. This god created artifacts of great and immense power. But as the material plane was created, The Maker created an artifact unlike any he had ever made in his existence. Using his very bone, he created a dagger. This dagger was said to have the power to change reality to what one desires. He knew that the gods would not approve of such a tool so he created it so that it was undetectable to any except those who would use it. The Maker created this dagger so that the mortals who inhabited it might be able to change some aspects of their world that they did not like for he believed that a plane such as this should be changed by any who's actions were impossibly resolute. And so, as the material plane was created, he threw the dagger into it.

Throughout history, the dagger has made very subtle appearances, in the hands of an evil king, on the belt of an advocate of peace, or behind the leader of a rebellion. The dagger follows great events in history, but also a trail of corpses for all who use it. The Maker knew that such a weapon was too powerful for any one person, so he made it double edged. Any who would use the Anlace would be met with their own destruction. But The Maker knew that any who were able to find the dagger would be willing to pay it's price.

Using the Dagger[edit]

The dagger has the ability to alter reality. It does this by containing a spell of the users choice and releasing it upon the item that has been pierced by the blade. The spell acts as it normally would except for the fact that it supersedes any protection against the spell. (For example: A Tiefling has immunity to cold. If one was to place the spell "Hypothermia" on the dagger, the Tiefling would still take the damage, regardless of the immunity)

In order to place the spell upon the dagger the user must first learn the spell and create a connection to the dagger by drawing their own blood. Learning this spell includes visualizing the ingredients and incantations, if there are any. If the spell requires a living sacrifice, one is not needed. The spell requires nothing to work but their soul, the source of the daggers power. Drawing the blood creates the bond with their soul. (If the user does not have a soul, then their body will be destroyed instead.) After this, the gem in the hilt will fill with a dull blue light, the light being a piece of their living soul.

To deliver the spell on the target (creature or object) a Use Magic Device check with DC 20 must be made. If the check succeeds, the spell is cast upon the target and the spell resolves. [Note: Due to the dagger's magical properties, the user does not have to be stronger than the item they are piercing. (For example: If the user stabs an iron shield and passes the Use Magic Device check, the blade automatically cuts into the shield, even if the object cannot be cut into.)] Approximately 10 minutes after the Spell has been cast upon the object, the light inside the dagger will burst in a wave of blue light. This symbolizes the destruction of the users soul. Once this has happened, the user will die instantaneously.

It is highly advised the the DM allows very limited use of this item with their players due to it's destructive result.

Soul Destruction[edit]

If the user had placed a spell upon the dagger and passed the Use Magic Device check then ten minutes after the spell has resolved, the user's soul will be destroyed. Once ones soul has been destroyed, they are killed instantly by unpreventable forces. The destruction of ones soul means that they cannot be brought back to life through any means (Necromancy, Holy magic, raise undead, etc.) If the dagger had a life prolonging spell such as "Immortality" placed on it, and the user has stabbed themselves, their soul is still destroyed and they are still rendered dead.


  • If Anlace of the Maker is used on a creature, no Attack roll must be made as long as it is within range
  • If Anlace of the Maker is used, it vanishes, as the spell resolves, to a random location
  • Anlace of the Maker cannot be destroyed
  • Anlace of the Maker cannot leave the Material Plane
  • Anlace of the Maker cannot be kept in a SRD:Bag of Holding
  • Anlace of the Maker deals 1d6 damage as a base object
  • Anlace of the Maker cannot be used by any player that the DM does not allow
  • Anlace of the Maker has a range of 5 feet
  • Anlace of the Maker cannot be thrown
  • Anlace of the Maker will vanish if the user has been killed
  • Anlace of the Maker will vanish if taken from the possession of the user

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