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In all things there is a soul. The animator is one with great knowledge and control over their souls. Also known as Soul Sharpers or Possessors, they are often viewed with distrust and often fear. A good animator will often use his ability to manipulate his soul to control large constructs or beings in the defense of those weaker than him. Evil animators however will often use their ability to manipulate souls to build themselves massive armies or torment victims by forcing the switch of bodies.


One with the ability to manipulate souls.

Making a Animator[edit]

A low level Animator is at its weakest when he is using his soul-shaping, and due to this is best at fighting from a distance. While he does have a few combat skills, his main focus is animation and manipulation.

Abilities: The Animators soul-shaping ability is charisma based, as such a high charisma score is important. A high constitution score allows the Animator to maintain control for prolonged periods of time, as well as control multiple targets at a time. They also profit from a decent intell score when it comes to their soul crafting ability.

Races: Although any race is able to become an Animator, Fey and Plain touched are most likely to take this path as they have a greater knowledge and insight into the 'soul'.

Alignment: Animators can be anywhere from good to evil, but are mostly lawful due to the focus and training required to shape ones soul.

Starting Gold: Starting gold; 1d20->×10 gp (105gp).

Starting Age: Simple.

Table: The Animator

Hit Die: d8

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special Spells per Day Power
Maximum Power
Level Known
Fort Ref Will 0 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
1st 0 0 2 2 Lesser Animation, Lesser Soul-Strike
2nd 1 0 3 3 Improve Soul-Shell +1, Soul-Strike, Soul Swap
3rd 1 1 3 3 Soul Splitting, Animation, Soul Sight
4th 2 1 4 4 Iron will, Improve Soul-Shell +2, Improved Soul-Strike
5th 2 1 4 4 Combat Manipulation
6th 3 2 5 5 Improve Soul-Shell +3, Greater Soul-Strike, Improved Animation,
7th 3 2 5 5 Lesser Soul Walk, Endurance
8th 4 2 6 6 Soul Splitting (Intermediate)
9th 4 3 6 6 Greater Animation
10th 5 3 7 7 Soul Walk, Improve Soul-Shell +4, Masterful Soul-Strike, Improved Soul Sight
11th 5 3 7 7 Indomitable Will
12th 6/1 4 8 8 Masterful Animation
13th 6/1 4 8 8 Soul Splitting (Greater)
14th 7/2 4 9 9 Improve Soul-Shell +5, Legendary Soul-Strike
15th 7/2 5 9 9
16th 8/3 5 10 10
17th 8/3 5 10 10
18th 9/4 6 11 11 Improve Soul-Shell +6, Legendary Animation
19th 9/4 6 11 11
20th 10/5 6 12 12 Masterful Soul Shift, Soul-Shatter

Class Skills (4 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Craft (souls), Diplomacy, Gather Information, Hide, Knowledge(Soul), Listen, Search, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim.

Class Features[edit]

While they are limited in the ability's they are able to use, their strength in specialization out shines their lack of versatility. All of the following are class features of the Animator.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Animators are proficient in all simple weapons as well as light armor. They are also proficient in using soul-shells (items controlled by the Animator) and are not proficient with shields.

Soul Shards: Used in the Animators soul crafting, they are the pieces of the Animators soul. If ever reduced to zero the Animator is unable to use his abilities until he regains his shards.

Soul Shells: Animators weapon of choice is the soul shell, golems that they place their soul into. The soul shell uses weapons and the charisma mod as its attack bonus.

Lesser Animation (Ex):At first level the Animator Is able to possess and control constructs and creature's of no higher than small size. If the Target has an intelligence of 5 or higher it is able to make a will save (DC 10+Wis mod). The target can make additional Will saves every 5-(Int mod) rounds. While controlling a target, the animator is unable to make any action. Range 30ft.

Lesser Soul-Strike: At first level the Animator has learned the ability to use his soul as a weapon. As a melee attack the Animator can force his soul into his opponent doing 1d4 damage (plus his charisma mod). This attack counts as an unarmed strike.

Soul-Strike: At second level the Animator has become even more proficient in using his soul as a weapon. The attack now does 1d6 and can now be used while manipulating a target.

Soul Swap:At second level the Animator is able to switch the souls of any two given targets. This also alows the Animator to take a targets soul and place it in an object. The Will save for this is 5+Charisma mod and increases by two every two levels. Lasts until dispelled.

Soul Splitting:At third level the Animator gains the ability to divide his soul. He is now able to control more than one target at a time at a negative 2 to attack rolls when controlling more than one target.

Animation: At third level the Animator has gained the ability to control targets of up to medium size. Range 50ft.

Soul-Sight:At third level the Animator gains the ability to see the souls of other beings. The Animator is able to see souls of beings not hidden or invisible with in his line of sight. With this ability he is able to distinguish between undead, living, celestial, elemental, and constructs.

Improved Soul-Strike: After intense training the Animator has honed his soul into a sharp, unbreakable blade, the Soul strike can now be treated as either piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning.

Combat Manipulation: Through the trials of battle the Animator has learned that he must be ever vigilant. He can now make one move or standard action while manipulating a target.

Greater Soul-Strike: After much practice and training, the Animator has honed his soul to mimic steel, his soul strike now does 2d4.

Improved Animation: With Improved Animation the will DC raises to 12 plus Charisma mod.

Lesser Soul Walk: With Lesser Soul Walk the Animator gains the ability to travel as his soul up to 60 ft from his body for 1d6+(Con mod) rounds. He is ethereal and invisible in this form.

Soul Splitting (Intermediate):At eighth level the Animator gains the ability to split his soul even further. He can now control up to 3 targets at a time. but takes a -2 penalty when controlling more than two.

Greater Animation: With Greater Animation the Animator is now able to Manipulate a target of up to large size. Range 80 ft.

Soul Walk: With Soul Walk the Animator is now able to stay in this form for 2d6+(Con mod).

Masterful Soul-Strike: Th Animators knowledge of the soul has now become so great that he can now attack an opponents soul directly. His soul strike is now considered a touch attack.

Improved Soul Sight: Through intense practice the animator has become able to distinguish souls of greater difficulty. He is now able to distinguish magically disguised and hidden souls (Knowledge Soul check, DC 13 plus targets class level or disguise skill, whichever is greater).

Masterful Animation: With Masterful Animation the Animator the DC of the will save increases to 14 plus Charisma mod.

Soul Splitting(Greater): At thirteenth level the Animator has mastered the art of soul division. He is now able to control three targets at once, taking a negative 2 to attack rolls while controlling more than two targets.

Legendary Soul-Strike: Through all of his trials and battles the Animators soul has grown to one of giant proportions. His Soul-Strike now deals 1d12.

Legendary Animation: With Legendary Animation the Animator can now control targets of up to Giant size. The save DC also increases to 18 plus Charisma mod.

Masterful Soul Shift: Through all of their training and experience the Animator has gained almost complete mastery over the soul. He can now force the switch of souls between targets (himself included) at an almost Godly level. He can now switch up to 6 souls simultaneously, and takes a negative 2 to every soul over six. The initial Save DC is 20 plus Charisma mod.

Soul Shatter: The Animator's ability to shape souls has also taught him the weaknesses of a soul. As a full round action the Animator may attempt to shatter an opponents soul, leaving him an empty shell. DC 13 plus Charisma mod usable 2/3days.

Campaign Information[edit]

Playing a Animator[edit]

Religion: With their extensive knowledge of the soul, many Animators chose not to follow any specific Deity.

Other Classes: Animators get along with most classes, rogue's and bard's in particular. In general Paladins and Clerics do not care for Animators as they see their use of the soul as sacrilegious.

Combat: In combat, Animators tend to avoid head on confrontations, preferring to hang back and fight through their tools.

Personality: Because of the intensive training training and discipline required to manipulate ones soul most would expect the Animator to be a serious and and focused individual, only interested in the study and mastery of ones soul. This however is not the case. Most Animators are lighthearted, having little worries and brimming with confidence. Animators are also notorious pranksters, often possessing a friend temporarily and making them make a fool of themselves or possessing a child's toy to the horror of the watching parents. Even the more malicious of Animators are likely to partake in mostly harmless, if somewhat cruel, pranks such as forcefully switching the souls of two people.


Characters with ranks in Religion, can research Animators to learn more about them. When a character makes a skill check, read or paraphrase the following, including information from lower DCs.

Knowledge Religion
DC Result
5 There are strange group's of people who carry around unusual constructs.
10 While battle these constructs fight for their owner while he sits and rests.
15 These people are known as Animators and use a strange type of magic to control constructs, creatures and people.
20 Animators do not uses magic at all, but place their souls into their targets to gain control. It is rumored that powerful Animators have the ability to switch souls between people.

Craft Soul[edit]

During their extensive studies the Animator learners how to create simple, and then increasingly complex 'souls'. These 'souls' are made from pieces of the Animators own soul (referred to as soul shards) or from a willing (or sometimes unwilling) donor. A normal human has a total of three soul shards and the Animator has a total of 4+character level. These soul shards regenerate in three days and the healing time increases by two every time the complexity of the target 'soul' increases.

Craft Soul
DC Result
5 Creates a small 'soul' of no intelligence that can be placed into an object a can complete one task before it expires (i.e. attacking an opponent, cleaning clothes, sounding an alarm, scouting a hallway.. Takes 3 days to complete and uses one soul shard.
10 Creates a small 'soul' no intelligence either able to complete up to two simple tasks and then expire, or one permanent soul that can complete one simple task. Costs 3 soul shards and takes one week to create.
15 Creates a permanent 'soul' of no intelligence able to complete one complex task (i.e. finding a know person, delivering a message, guarding an ally) or able to complete three simple tasks. Costs 6 soul shards and takes two weeks to create.
20 Creates a permanent 'soul' of animal intelligence. This soul can follow simple commands but otherwise acts on its own. This is usually the highest level of soul crafting most animators hope to reach. Costs 9 soul shards and takes one month to create.
25 Creates a completely independent soul of human intelligence with its own personality, view, and beliefs. This is the most complex 'soul' that the Animator can create. In fact he has created an actual soul. This soul starts out with the intelligence of a toddler but increases to that of an adult in about a month. This is also the most expensive 'soul' to create and cost 12 soul shards and takes 2 months to create, during this time the animator can do no more than eat, drink, or sleep, and cannot have any outside contact with anyone. |}"

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