Animate Blasting Clay: Burrowing Mole (3.5e Spell)

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Animate Blasting Clay: Burrowing Mole
Level: Arcane Pyrotechnician 8
Casting time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Target: 32oz. of Arcane Blasting Clay
Duration: 1 hour/level of Arcane Pyrotechnician
Saving Throw: None on first round, Reflex against the explosion every round after.

Creates a Burrowing Mole using 32oz. of Arcane Blasting Clay. They have 224 hp and can burrow under the ground and can be ignited while within 100ft of the Arcane Pyrotechnician. Since they burrow under the ground, there is no saving throw. The blast obscures vision as fog cloud does. The explosion deals 4d6 to everything in the blast radius (20ft. radius, 20ft. high) which lasts 1 round/level. The mole can be moved up to 50ft. while it is exploding.

Only one can be ignited per round.
It understands all verbal comands given by it's animator and will follow them if capable or attempt to do so until they go inactive. In place of detonation upon the time experation the Mole becomes inactive and will not detonate. It may not be detonated if completly submersed in water unless activated by another source of Arcane Blasting Clay.

Material Component: 32 oz. of Arcane Blasting Clay

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