Animate Blasting Clay: Bees (3.5e Spell)

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Animate Blasting Clay: Bees
Level: Arcane Pyrotechnician 0
Range: touch
Duration: 1 hour/level of Arcane Pyrotechnician
Saving Throw: Reflex against the explosion

Creates a pair of white bumble bees from a 1 oz. of Arcane Blasting Clay. Each Bee has 1 hp. and is diminutive in size, a flight speed of 10 ft., and a self-destruct attack that deals 1 fire damage to all in a 1 ft. radius, each contains 1/2 oz. of Arcane Blasting Clay. As a standard action the bees may join together becoming a new 1 oz of Arcane Blasting Clay becoming inactive again. This clay can then be detonated by either the original caster of the clay or by any source of fire. Also detonates upon the death of the bee.

The arcane pyrotechnician can detonate any number of bees up to half of their Arcane Suppression per standard action.

Material Component: 1 oz. of Arcane Blasting Clay

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